Friday, January 13, 2006

Official De-Lurk Week

Bliatz has declared this to be Official De-Lurk Week. I love the idea.

My statistics indicate that there are many hundreds of fine folks who visit MBS each day. Be you a regular contributor, a long term lurker, or someone who is just passing through, I am delighted you found my little corner of cyberspace.

I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, but if you would like to peek out and say "Hi," I would love to hear from you. I suspect many of your fellow readers would enjoy what you have to say as well. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A simple hello will suffice. If you want to make a comment or suggestion about how MBS can be better, that would be even better.

Let the de-lurking begin!



Zoe said...

Hi. Just wanted to stop lurking and say hello. I think your bolg is just great the way it is. I have been reading yours and 3 others for a month or two now I guess and I am beginning to feel that I am normal. I even posted on Domestic Discipline Diary about a recent spanking, only a few lines but that's a start. Well that was a long hello after all. Keep up the good work. Bye.

Bonnie said...


Welcome and thank you! I'm glad to meet you and pleased that you are enjoying this blog. Feel free to comment (or not) as you wish.

Janeen said...

I read that on Bliatz' site a few days ago too, and thought it was a great idea! The week was half over though, so I figured I just missed the boat and didn't say anything about it. I really hope it will help people to feel more comfortable coming out to say hello.

And hello again Zoe, I loved your comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Bonnie you the best.
Grazie (thanks) for your blog.

Bonnie said...


Welcome and thank you. I'm glad you stopped to say Ciao!

ReaderGirl said...

I've already delurked, but I'll say it again - I love your blog! Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie said...

Thank you, Readergirl! I'm glad you're here.

kk said...

hi bonnie,
just wanted to de-lurk and say i enjoy reading your blog. love to hear about your spankings as i enjoy them also.
keep the red ass going.

Heidi said...

Alright I will de-lurk myself, I found you off another sight and started reading a few days ago. Love the site, will be linking you soon actually.


Laura said...

Hi Bonnie! Let the delurking games begin. :)

Bonnie said...

kk - Hi, and welcome! I love your blog. We do have common interests, don't we?

Heidi - Thank you! You have a great blog too. I especially love the art.

Laura - I'm glad you're here. That's a fun portrait! I'll be interested to hear what, if any, reaction you get from vanilla readers who happen to wander in here.

roper said...

OK, I'm delurking. I feel so much better now!

(Only recently found your smart and funny site, but I'm catching up fast with all your spankings.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,
I really enjoy your blog! :) Thanks for sharing with the blog world.

Mike said...

Well I've posted once or twice, so this isn't a true de-lurk, but I'll call it a "will lurk less in the future"


Bonnie said...

Roper - Welcome, and thanks!

I visited your blog. You ask an interesting question about why there are so many more subs on the Web. I don't know the answer, but I have a few ideas.

Anon - You are most welcome.

Mike - That's great. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Levee said...

I wanted to say hi and I enjoy your blog.

Bonnie said...

Melly - Hi and welcome! I visited your blog today. I'm impressed by the sheer eclecticism of it. Oh yes, and I love that Mazzy Star song!

I'm pleased to meet you.

badtom said...

A delurking hello from London! I only recently found your blog, which is very nice. A fun mix of things.

Bonnie said...

Tom - Hi, and welcome! I love your site and I look forward to exploring further.

Barend and Maartje said...

Hi Bonnie,

Just found your fine blog and I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my partner Maartje to all of your visitors and share our wonderful experience. It may be that you´d want to place this post elsewehere on your site because it is not exactly a reply to this particular post of yours. But that is fine with me.

We are in this wonderful D/s DD relationship for nine months now and with a mix a of amazement and gratitude we look at what it has brought us so far.
I have always had a keen interest in spanking and discipline and have had various relationships that always catered for my spanking needs in one way or another. I was never decided on what was deeper rooted in me, the dominant or the submissive side. In some relationship I have been switching, in others I confined myself to the dominant role.
Before I met Maartje I was exclusively dominant in a D/s relationship that lasted 5 years. And it seemed to me that the bottom side in me had completely vanished.
Now I have met my new love and in our first conversation she asked me what the word 'spanking' meant. She had never been into anything of the sort. But she was more than ready to discover the world of spanking and discipline. At first it was me dominating her in what developed as a genuine D/s relationship with spanking being the main theme. But after some 3 months the dominant qualities that Maartje had shown already in other areas began to emerge also in the D/s part of our relationship.
What we have seen growing since then is truly unique I think. I had never thought that it would be possible to have a D/s dynamic between two persons where they can both be dominant. I knew about the phenomenon of switching where two partners alternate between topping and bottoming. But in a D/s context that seemed to be impossible to me as one could not combine submissiveness and dominance in one person.
In what we have going now so strongly I am the overall dominant. That is the basis of our D/s DD relationship. I can always stop (for a good reason) any action that Maartje takes as a dominant. But she can dominate me, spank me, discipline me. She not only enjoys that but also is of the opinion that I can only (continue to) be the strong man that she adores when I am disciplined on a regular basis. And I agree. It enhances my qualities of a true dominant as it makes me a whole person. It now seems impossible to me to be exclusively the dominant in a relationship, to never be able to put my head in her lap, to surrender. I would not be my real self. Maartje feels much more safe with me as a whole person. who can be strong and firm with her and is vigilant in putting boundaries to what she is doing. She also thinks (and I agree) that surrendering is a sign of strong character.

We would be most interested to hear from anyone in the group in reaction to our story and whether anyone is in a relationship wholly or partly similar to ours.

Barend and Maartje

Bonnie said...

Barend and Maartje - Welcome to both of you! You posted this comment in precisely the right spot.

Thank you for sharing your story. I don't personally have any experience with switching roles, but I'm sure some our readers do.

Danielle said...

Word from a switch to Barend and Maartje.

I enjoyed reading your story, especially because it's so recognizable. It looks like our story you've written about. Though we haven't exactly a D/D relation (maybe we're a bit to old) there are some elements we use. But the main reason I liked to react is because of switching roles. At first it was me being spanked, mostly for stress release, fun and erotic. Afterwards I spanked my husband too for discipline. I don't know how it's possible being sometimes the dominant and an other time the submissive one. But it works and we both love it.

Thanks Bonnie for giving the opportunity to talk with same-minded people.

pinkcheeks said...

Is it too late to "de-lurk"? I love your blog Bonnie! So informative- keep up the great work :))

Bonnie said...

Pink - No, it's absolutely not too late. Welcome and thanks. I'm glad you're here.

Anonymous said...

Hi danielle,

Nice to hear form you in reaction to our story; we would love to exchange views and experiences with you and feel free to mail us at Barend and Maartje

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