Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Beat Goes On

This tale is a relic, but it's a fun relic!

Randy and I had some real fun last weekend. While I was out, he assembled what he calls the "Spanko Soundtrack." It's a CD that contains classic rock songs that all have a good spanking beat.

Yesterday afternoon, as we began a romantic session in our bedroom, he pulled out our baby boom box. He had me lie on the bed on my tummy and pulled off my shorts and underwear. From the toy drawer, he removed two little paint paddles. These are the same shape as those at the hardware store, but they are made of hardwood and are a bit more substantial.

He pushed the play button and the fun began. He probably couldn’t find work as a drummer, but he was up to this job. He didn't hit hard at all. He just tapped out the beat on my bottom while kneeling above my legs.

I don't remember all of the songs, but I recall him playing:

Tusk by Fleetwood Mac
Face the Face by Pete Townshend
Give Me All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top
Centerfold by J Geils
Birthday by the Beatles
Radar Love by Golden Earring
You Might Think by the Cars
Wipeout by the Safaris

There were a couple of others, but I forget what they were. All of the selections had a real strong spanko beat. This went on for what seemed like a half-hour. While it was happening, I felt very warm, but my bottom didn't hurt that much. It was fun. I didn't realize the full impact of all that drumming until I got up. Ouch! Those little taps really add up!

He left the CD playing during the ensuing lovemaking. It turns out that beat works great for sex as well. All in all, it was a delightful afternoon. There's something special about making the spanking last for a long time without doing a huge amount of damage. I know I sure I had a fine time.

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Frankly said...

Was "Ding-A-Dong" by Tea Set, on the CD too? Seeing your list I imagine it'd fit yours and Randy's purpose rather well, depending on yours and his spanking-rythm preferences.

I'm proud that Radar Love is on your list, because Golden Earring is a Dutch band, and I am of the same persuation... I am Dutch myself I mean...

Strangely, the Bolero by Ravel, that has been high on the bedroom charts ever since 1979's "10", with Bo Derek only getting her skin tanned by the sun, could also prove to be spankably useful.

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

That's how I could love it... ;-) Easy, enjoyable... even to laugh at... and the music putting me in the mood... I see any other way for me to enjoy a spanking... ;-)) You are a lucky girl!!!

Bonnie said...

Frankly - I don't believe I know that song. I recall "Ma Belle Amie." Was this the same group?

Until that day, I had no idea Radar Love was such a long song (or maybe it just seemed that way!). ;D

We hadn't thought of Bolero, but after you-know-who reads this, we probably will...

Sea - Yes, I am lucky. The prolonged playful spanking is definitely my favorite as well.

Frankly said...

Oh, Bonnie, you're in for it when you-know-who decides to accompany the Bolero on your upturned behind... I shoud've warned you maybe, 'cause the Bolero is rather longer than Radar Love, you see... afterwards you'll feel what I mean... oh dear, I do feel responsible for bringing it up... but I don't feel guilty (can't suppress a grin at this point - damn, I'm so obvious!).

The Pink Wench said...


Hope Randy is not a fan of dance/clubbing music, cause the beat is much faster and definitly has the drum back-beat. And some of those re-mixes are really, really long You could be "dancing" for awhile

little one said...

Sounds like my way of having a good time. You are indeed a lucky gal to have such an innovative guy. :) Of course Randy is just as lucky to have such a willing and fun loving gal. :)

Storm Rider said...

I have to be honest Bonnie, I have been thinking of giving Wind that exact same treatment! Just a slow continuous spanking with laughter and maybe a little squirrming!
(TUSK!! If I heard THAT song I would have to throw down the paddle, I would get too carried away!)LOL
I dont mean to sound corny , but thanks for the suggestion! Even though I was thinking about it, I was not sure in my head how it might turn out! Thanks Again!

Storm Rider said...

I have to be honest Bonnie, I have been thinking of giving Wind that exact same treatment! Just a slow continuous spanking with laughter and maybe a little squirrming!
(TUSK!! If I heard THAT song I would have to throw down the paddle, I would get too carried away!)LOL
I dont mean to sound corny , but thanks for the suggestion! Even though I was thinking about it, I was not sure in my head how it might turn out! Thanks Again!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...spanking to music. I've never thought of that. I'm think that my hubby & I will have to give it a try!

Thanks for the suggestion!!! And I agree about making the spanking last. I like that, too!!!


Bonnie said...

Frankly - My husband needs inspiration like Alaska needs ice cubes.

I'm just glad no one brought up Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (oops!).

Pink - You folks are beginning to worry me! He does like techno / dance music. That's all I need. :)

Little - We have a good time. Let there be no doubt.

Storm - I believe it will turn out just fine (as long as you steer clear of musical selections from Frankly and Pink!).

Tigger - I've always believed that a fun spanking is by far the best kind. I hope you have a wonderful time.

wind walker said...

i'd start laughing/giggling (out of fun, not disrespect) sounds like a lot of fun!!

Marcus said...

Rosinni's overture would work though. Most people know it as the Lone Ranger Theme.

padme said...

I am a huge Fleetwood mac fan. Saw them in concert last night. Tusk is a awesome song but I've never been spanked to it. I'll have that suggestion to Master Anakin. We have our own spanking music that we like to spank too also. Great to spank to the beat!

Bonnie said...

Wind - I'm sure you'll let us know how it goes! :D

Marcus - Yes, that would certainly work. Wagner might be ever more intense. We'd probably have to get into costume for that one!

Padme - That's great! I love Fleetwood Mac. We've seen them three times, but not in several years. Most of their music is very rhythmic and well suited to spankings (not to mention certain other adult activities).

Janeen said...

Hope Randy gets a lot more practice for his drumming career. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Bonnie said...


Yes, it sure is, for both of us!

Lisa said...

What a fun Idea, I do know that I have been spanked while we have played our aerosmith cds but never thought about using our fleetwood cd. Randy might think about marketing his spanking cd to all who are interested in a fun night of play. glad to hear you had fun.

Frankly said...

After I brought the Bolero's spanking-potential to your attention, and you brought up that of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, I think it's only fair, Bonnie, that you bring both to your husband's attention, to see if he'll give them his stamps, or spanks, of approval too... and for that he'll have to give them both a trial running... ahm... spanking...

Bonnie said...

Lisa - Aerosmith would definitely be a fine choice. The beginning of "Rag Doll" comes to mind immediately.

Fleetwood Mac is quite appropriate as well because almost everything they do is highly rhythmic.

Frankly - Randy reads this blog, but not always the comments. As much as he enjoys experimenting with me, I think it might be fun to wait and see whether he finds this little tidbit.

Edward said...

I was thinking Metallica's black cd would be good for an energetic spank!

Bonnie said...

Edward - Yes, that would certainly be energetic all right. Randy was thinking along similar lines the other day when he suggested Appetite for Destruction by Guns and Roses. I don't know whether my poor bottom is up for either of those choices.

Wood and leather I can handle, but metal might be a bit much! :D

Crystal said...

This is to Randy as well as Bonnie.

Here are some fast beats with lots of drumming.

Iron Man by Ozzy Osbourne
Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
Thanks For The Venom by My Chemical Romance
Dead! by My Chemical Romance
Bury Me In Black by My Chemical Romance
House Of Wolves by My Chemical Romance
Helena by My Chemical Romance
Teenagers by My Chemical Romance
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns and Roses
Dance This World Away by Rick Springfield
Motel Eyes by Rick Springfield
Celebrate Youth by Rick Springfield
Affair Of The Heart by Rick Springfield
Welcome To The Rodeo by Rick Springfield
Eleanor Rigby by Rick Springfield
Calling All Girls by Rick Springfield
Living In Oz by Rick Springfield
Bop Till You Drop by Rick Springfield

And that's just a few! Pretty much anything by My Chemical Romance, Ozzy Osbourne, or Rick Springfield will have a fast beat. Of course, he could always play some heavy metal or some ACDC.... ;) BTW, for your sake, you should hope that Randy doesn't try any classical music or try to imatate the cannon from 1812 Overture.....

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