Monday, December 19, 2005

We Wish You a Very Sore Ass

My silliness cup runneth over...

We wish you a very sore ass
We wish you a very sore ass
We wish you a very sore ass and a glowing red rear

Good spankings we bring to you and your kin
Good spankings for your ass and a glowing red rear

Oh, bring us a stingy paddling
Oh, bring us a stingy paddling
Oh, bring us a stingy paddling, bent over right here

We won't go until we get one
We won't go until we get one
We won't go until we get one, so swat me my dear

We wish you a very sore ass
We wish you a very sore ass
We wish you a very sore ass and a glowing red rear


Anonymous said...

Two Christmas Poems - Author Unknown

Twas the night before Christmas,
And bent over his knee,
Was a redhead quite naughty,
As anyone could see.

Her panties were lowered, her bottom quite bare,
Awaiting the handprints he soon would leave there.
Holding her firmly as she squirmed on his lap,
He rolled up his sleeves and then started to slap.

Slowly to start with, to warm up her cheeks,
For, after all, it had been many weeks.
So many, she laughed when he threatened to spank,
Turned on her heel and called him a crank.

Now there were no chuckles, just the crack of each whack,
As over and over he continued to smack.
She tried to act bored with a pout on her face,
Which lasted until hubby picked up the pace.

Faster and harder as her bottom was jiggling,
Hands and feet flailing, her whole body wiggling.
But he held her quite tightly – he was tired of her games,
She struggled, then hollered, then called him some names.

“Ow! Jackass! Ow! Bastard! You mean, rotten creep!
I’ll get you, I promise – just wait till you’re asleep!
Now stop it this minute! Now stop it I say!
Let me go! Let me up! I’ll make you pay!”

As naughty wives that before an angry husband fly,
When they get their comeuppance, mounds to the sky.
To have a white bottom soon turned cherry red,
But he could tell she hadn’t learned by the things that she said.

And then, thru her yelling, he heard on the roof,
The stamping and stomping of each heavy hoof.
As he drew back his hand to give the next smack,
Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with his sack.

He was clearly not pleased, with his hand on his hip,
The commotion had derailed his homeward bound trip.
A bundle of “toys” he then flung on the floor,
And he glared at the miscreant just asking for more.

His eyes – how they smoldered! His nostrils were flaring!
His eyebrows were knitted – her brattiness was wearing!
His droll little mouth was drawn into a frown,
And he shook his head sadly as he sat himself down.

He dragged the wife over his fur-covered knee,
And held her in place so the husband could see.
The paddle from his bag he held tight in his hand,
And the results it produced were not wholly unplanned.

He was chubby and strong with a powerful swing,
And soon she was screeching from the terrible sting.
But a wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave hubby to know he had nothing to dread.
He spoke not a word, but kept straight to the job,
And paddled her soundly till she started to sob.
Then giving her a tissue to wipe her nose,
And putting her in the corner, up the chimney he rose.

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew while the wife gave a sniffle.
But they heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,
“Spank her like you mean it, and we’ll all have a good night!”

'Twas the night before Christmas..."
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town
The Brat's cries could be heard as her panties came down.
"Sir, don't spank me; oh please, I beseech you!"
His Naughty One begged him, though long overdue.

Resolutely he stayed firm, pulled her over his lap,
and raised her short skirt, to give each cheek a slap.
"Now listen Young Lady, soon I think you will find,
just how that brush feels on your naughty behind."

Gasping as she found herself trapped under his leg,
she stammered and stuttered before starting to beg.
"Oh please, can't you see? I know beyond a doubt,
that fantasy I mentioned? I can live without."

"I do see, Naughty One," was all that he said,
nudging her forward, till the floor grazed her head.
He picked up the brush and without further delay,
he started spanking with gusto; whacking away.

"A discipline spanking is what you asked for,
and that's what you'll get till your crying and sore."
He covered her bottom with hard stinging smacks,
then reddened her thighs with a few solid whacks.

She whimpered and squirmed and tried kicking her feet,
the implement kissing where thighs and cheeks meet.
Blood rushing her brain, her face all a flush,
she asked herself why she purchased that brush.

She needed this spanking, so that's what she got,
a bathbrush, a leg lock, her cheeks growing hot.
he paddled her hard, he fulfilled her deep need,
punishing the bottom that lay over his knee.

Gulping at air, her head spinning with pain,
a whimper through clenched teeth, she couldn't contain.
And the burning just grew, soon too much to take,
her eyes welled with tears, each nerve ending awake.

Soon her quiet whimpers, gave way to loud cries,
as that hateful wooden bathbrush punished her thighs.
Tears slid down her chin, and pooled on the floor,
her body gave a shake, and she begged him, "No more!"

He held onto her waist, while pummeling both cheeks,
as she silently shook, face wet with tear streaks.
She moved to avoid the smacks, but struggled in vain
'cause that wooden bathbrush, found its mark again.

Then when she could take no more, she finally let go,
the spanking seemed forever; she burned from head to toe.
At that's when he relented, allowing her to rise,
wrapped his arms around her, wiping tears from her eyes.

She was smiling at him with a look we all know
her world now put to rights, and her bottom aglow.
"Merry Christmas, Kind Sir," she said and hugged him tight....

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a goodnight!

rivka said...

lmao Bonnie.. that was freaking hilarious. And anonymous, I loved those two as well.

The Pink Wench said...

Great ones, I found another on some other site, I can't remember where, but here it is

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
The paddles were hung in the cupboard with care,
in hopes that her bottom soon would be bare.

The children were nestled at Grandma’s in bed,
while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.
And ma in her nightie, and I in my cap had just settled down for a long discipline chat.
When out of her mouth there arose such a clatter,
I sat on the bed as she sassed “What’s the matter?”

I pulled her up over my knee in a flash,
then pulled up her nightie, to bare her sweet ass.
Her bottom, as white as the new-fallen snow would soon have the luster of a healthy red glow.

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a large wooden paddle, to redden her rear!

With long hard swings, both lively and quick,
She knew in a moment it won’t be a picnic.
In rapid succession the paddling came, I shouted, and called out her no-nos by name:
I paddled her hard and continued her fate.

She begged and she pleaded and I knew she would bawl!
Her bottom, her thighs — I covered them all!
As I held her down tight, I could hear her loud cries — When the paddle met her rear, there were tears in her eyes.
So I spanked and I spanked and the paddle it flew,
And the lecture of love that came with it too.

To the wiggling and kicking of each little foot
The paddle would soon make her little ass cook.
As I drew back the paddle, again it would sound: Down on her bottom it came with a bound.
She was pretty and sexy, from her head to her foot,
But her soul was all tarnished like ashes and soot;

A bundle of guilt she had had on her back,
I took them away with each firm paddle whack.
Her eyes — how they twinkled! With tears that weren’t merry!
Her cheeks — red as roses, her thighs like a cherry!
Her beautiful hair was drawn up in a bow, And her bottom was now not so white as the snow.
I let her get up and put paddle on shelf,
Then kissed her to show her my love for herself.

With a wink of my eye and a twist of my head,
Soon let her know it was now time for bed;
I spoke not a word, but went straight to my work,
I tucked her in bed; then turned with a jerk,
And laying my finger aside of my nose,
I said to myself, “Her ass is as red as a rose”.

Although spanking for love can be quick as a whistle,
It won’t blow away like the down of a thistle.
So to all of you folks who love spankings so dear,

E., aka CrankyCat said...

VERY funny!

Here's a little gem someone wrote just for me, since I am a notorious Scroogette at the holidays (they don't call me Cranky Cat for nothin')

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
E. was screaming, I hate Santa Louse
The paddles were hung by the chimney with care
E. just wished a spanky pal were there

She tried to get comfy and snug in her bed
While visions of hairbrushes danced in her head
As she lay dreaming about a strong lap
She settled in for what she hoped was a pre-spanking nap

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
She sprang from her bed to see what was the matter
Away to the window she flew like a flash
Her short little nightie lifting off her cute (well, you know)

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Reminded E. so much of how her bottom could glow
When what to her wondering eyes should appear?
But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

With a red-suited driver so lively and quick
She knew in an instant it was that lout St. Nick
More rapid than Snoop Dogg she cursed as they came
She banged on the window and called them vile names

Now $%$^! Now *(&+! Now @#$%! And @#$!
Go ^&%! Go %$#! Go ^&^! Now @#$!
Get off of my porch and stay off of my wall
Now $%$%$! Away! $%$%$! $%$%$ all!

As the dry leaves that before her wild fury fly
They never heard her…just took to the sky
So up to the rooftop the coursers they flew
Carrying upward that Santa Louse too

And then in a twinkle she heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of those damn reindeer hooves
As she drew in her head and was turning around
Down the chimney St. Nicholas Louse came with a bound

He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot
And surprisingly, looked pretty hot covered in soot
A bundle of spank toys he slung over his back
And his jacket was open….hey, was that a six-pack?

His eyes---how they twinkled, and dimples so merry
His chin was well chiseled---E. thought yummy, very
His mouth was inviting and that smile how it glowed
And the stubble appeared to be a sexy two-day growth

A short length of licorice stick he clenched in his teeth
And the highlights in his hair shone like a wreath
He had a movie-star face and oh, that taut belly
And when he turned, she thought, it ain’t shaking like jelly

No Chubby Hubby on this dude’s shelf
E. was drooling in spite of herself
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
Soon gave her thoughts that her humbug was dead

He spoke not a word but went right to work
Flipping E. over his firm lap with a gentle jerk
And lifting the hem of her short terry robe
Her pert bionic bottom he happily exposed

He patted her lightly and gave a low whistle
And away he spanked with a hairbrush but not with the bristles
E. could be heard to exclaim with a sigh
Merry Christmas after all…just don’t spank my thighs!

Storm Rider said...

You know Im going to be humming this the rest of the fucking day!
Thanks Bonnie!LOL

me said...

Yes, I echo Storm Rider's sentiment! LOL

I just stopped by on my way out (to the dreaded mall again) and I'm laughing on my way out the door!

This is going to stay inside my head....


poiesia :)

Janeen said...

Ok here's an idea... You know the carolers at the mall, what do you say all us spankos meet up at a mall and do Bonnie's rendition of the Christmas Carols! LOL

Now that would be a moment to remember!

Bonnie said...

Everybody - Four different and very fun spanko versions of the Night Before Christmas, all in one comment box! Add to that the excellent variations from Spanko Girl and Janeen, and I have to exclaim that it's a mighty spanko Christmas!

For once, I just don't quite know what to say. :D

Janeen - Count me in!

ZED & ginger said...

These are great, Bonnie! What a talent you have for rhyme! Wish I did!

I second janeen's suggestion. Wonder if that mall police would kick us all out??

Merry spank-mas!


Bonnie said...

Ginger - Thank you!

Just tell me which mall and what time. I'll be there.

BTW, I love your blog. It's on my regular reading list.

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