Monday, December 12, 2005

Top Ten: Suggestions for Newbie Spankos

  1. Take your time - There's no need to rush. Enjoy each step of your journey.

  2. Be safe - Know your partner, your toys, and your limits.

  3. Be yourself - Roleplay is good, but anchor your relationship in reality.

  4. Make it fun - There's no need to be serious all the time. Laugh, joke, and be silly sometimes.

  5. Show the love - Tell your partner often how you feel about them.

  6. Be patient - It can take a while to get things just right.

  7. Experiment freely - You grow as a couple by expanding your experiences.

  8. Learn from your mistakes - Even a failed experiment can help you to define what you want.

  9. Don't compare - Avoid modeling your relationship after other couples or fictional characters. Find your own best way.

  10. Make it a bonding experience - Spankings can increase intimacy, communication, and that feeling of connection. Seek and embrace those emotions.



Lisa said...

Wonderfu advice Bonnie, As a fairly new person to the world of spanking and I must admit that is the top ten priorities that We take at when we play.

me said...

Yes, very succinct advice!

Making parts of your blog a resource is an admirable exercise; I can still recall fumbling my way through things as a *newbie* and frustrated at the lack of good resources available -- as well as the plethora of bad advice that was all too readily available! LOL


poiesia :)

Storm Rider said...

I have to chuckle Sweety cause if I didnt know better you are acting like a mother goose about her chicks that she just gave birth to!
However you have made some very good points, MOM! LOL

wind walker said...

an excellent list!!

it's funny, i was reading it thinking, "oh yes, a newbie HAS to do that..."

then i remembered that by all accounts...i'm still a newbie....

ah well....

CeeCi said...

An ode to Mr. Sinatra ;0

"Newbie, newbie,, newbie, newbie"

---Stranger by the night
We're taking chances
Wondering if its right
Finding new stances
Sharing this new waaaaay
Of saying 'I love yooooouu."

Couldn't resist...great post Bonnie, thank you for being the voice of experience.

word verification=songoxhi...too uncanny

stretch td said...

Nice bottom. Thanx for sharing. ;)

dwcmike said...

good advice for everyone no matter what stage inthe journey they are on.

Bonnie said...

Lisa - Thanks!

Poiesia - When Randy and I began, there were no resources at all. We made a lot of mistakes that could have been easily avoided. If I can ease the journey for those coming behind me, I'm delighted to do so.

Storm - Goose? Get it right. I'm a mother hen.

Wind - If you're a newbie, you've come a long way.

CeeCi - That is so funny. I just posted my own silly song parody.

Stretch - Thank you, and welcome to MBS!

Mike - Thank you!

Janeen said...

Some great advise Bonnie!

R. ED BUTZ said...

How do you approach someone who has shown interest in you? I would like to feel her out for a possible get-a-way spank, I feel she wants a take charge guy to dominate her but I'm at odds as how to verbalize the connection. Any hints?

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