Sunday, December 11, 2005

Return to Rationality

Here's a nugget from the treasury.

These last two days, I've been so tense. I'm not even certain why. Little things upset me and I worry about problems that aren't even mine. There's a signpost ahead. I have entered the PMS Zone.

Yesterday, I really, truly wanted Randy to give me a therapeutic spanking. That kind of medicine always seems to set my mind right, at least for a while. Unfortunately, he stayed at work so late that our daughter was home. My paddling didn't happen.

This morning, I asked him to please come home at a decent hour (8pm). Our daughter was scheduled to attend a school function and wouldn't be home until at least 9pm. He promised he would return in plenty of time for what I had in mind. At work today, I was miserable. I felt as though I couldn't concentrate long enough to accomplish anything. I knew what I needed.

Randy did come home on schedule. I was waiting for him in the kitchen, holding the teardrop paddle. He didn't come up from the garage as he usually does. Instead, he parked in front and walked through the front door. As he opened the door, I got up and walked into the front hall. I met him with an enthusiastic embrace just inside the door. He closed the door and then turned his attention to me.

"Well, what have we here?" he said as he took the paddle from my hand. He removed my top right there in the hallway. Next, he lowered but did not remove my slacks. This exposed my bottom framed by a tiny pink thong. Randy stopped for a moment to caress my cheeks. He then grabbed the back of my bra in his left fist. He bent me forward from the waist holding me up by my bra. With his right hand, he began swatting my bottom with the paddle. The strokes came at a rapid but regular pace. Each successive whack exploded with a shocking wave of pain. He knew how much I needed a serious paddling. He didn't let me down. This was all business.

After about five minutes worth of rapid fire paddling, Randy decided this portion of his mission was accomplished. I certainly couldn't argue. He lifted me up and took me in his strong arms. I was panting. There I was, in the front hall of all places, wearing nothing but a bra and a thong. My cheeks were unquestionably brilliant crimson. What a scene!

After an extended lover's kiss, we gathered my clothes and headed up to our bedroom. Once there, I decided to take over for a while. I unzipped his fly and demonstrated my gratitude with my mouth. His response suggested satisfaction with my efforts. Soon after, we found ourselves beneath the sheets wrestling like newlyweds. It was just wonderful. Better yet, it was just what I needed.

It's now about three hours later. My hindquarters are definitely aching. I don't mind in the least. That feeling serves as a measure of how much my husband loves me. My mind is now clear and my concentration has returned. It's a short-term solution, but that paddling did the trick. It pretty much works every time! Thank you, Randy!

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rivka said...

I'm glad you got what you needed and your head is clearer now... :) Thanks for sharing that.

Storm Rider said...

Always have to admire the love the two of you have for each other, I am glad there are more couples out there that are so much Like my Wind and I! By the way Bonnie, I never tire of that picture of your ass in those tight jeans! (I still think you should show a red moon sometime, but you know how I am so youll ignore it!)lol

padme said...

I'm so glad you got what you needed bonnie. Loved your blog post. :) I know how you tend to crave those spankings sometimes...especially when it's a stressful time of year...

wind walker said...

i love that randy knows you so well.....that's awesome.

glad you got your much needed therapy...

CeeCi said...

Is there a connection between PMS and a good OTK? Endorphins vs. Estrogen.....Endorphins WIN!!! Yeah Randy for knowing how to cure what ails you!

me said...

Therapeutic spankings...lovely. I've never heard it said like that, but it is that, isn't it?

Lovely recounting -- thank you for sharing. I am grinning as I leave...


poiesia :)

Bonnie said...

Rivka - Thanks! It really hit the spot.

Storm - Love is the most addicting drug of all (and I'm a total junkie).

I'm glad you like my pictures. I don't ignore your comments. I carefully consider all of your suggestions.

Shyanne - Thanks. I do crave a good paddling sometimes.

Wind - He does know me well. It's fantastic when everything works right.

CeeCi - I've thought for a long time that spankings help with PMS. The trick is for me to get my head into a place where I can willingly accept the spanking. When I am PMSing hard, I tend to think I don't need a spanking. Ironically, that's when it's most beneficial.

Poiesia - Absolutely. I am a big believer in theraputic spankings. There's no discipline, no guilt, and relatively little erotic play. The focus is clearly upon freeing my mind from the constraints that prevent me from moving forward. It really hurts, but it also really works.

Lisa said...

There are times were a really good paddling followed by the joy of playful sex can be such a wonderful stress reliever. Thanks for sharing.

Storm Rider said...

Oh you tease!

Janeen said...

Great story, I find that spankings tend to help me regain my focus also.

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