Friday, December 09, 2005

Story: So Far Away

One of my regular readers asked me if I could write a story with a stronger D/s theme. I did so, but included a little twist. I hope you enjoy it.

The chirp of the telephone broke Kim’s concentration. She knew who was calling. She knew what he wanted too.



“Oh. Hi Kent.”

“Hi, hon. How are you?”

“I’m OK. But it was really rainy here today.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. We had a beautiful day. Did you fax those papers we discussed?”

“Um. I’m so sorry, Kent. I got busy with my errands and I didn’t get to it.”

“Kim... You agreed to send them two days ago. Last night, you promised me again. The entire deal is waiting for those memoranda of understanding. How else can I explain the importance of this task?”

“If you were here, you could spank me. But you’re two thousand miles away and you won’t be home for two whole weeks.”

“Yes, I could spank you, and I surely will when next presented with the opportunity.”

“How about if I send it tomorrow?”

An uncomfortable pause preceded Kent's next utterance. His voice was now even, but insistent. “I have a better idea. Go to your PC and watch for an e-mail from me. When you get it, follow the instructions to the letter and then call me back.”

“Uh, OK. See you later.”


Kim gently snapped her phone closed and set it on the glass top coffee table. Unnerved by the sharp exchange, she sat down in front of her keyboard. She reviewed in her mind all the scenes of her day. She wondered how everything could have gone so wrong. Kent sounded upset. She didn’t want to disappoint him, and even more, she didn’t want to lose him. Their new life together had been going so well before this horrible trip tore them apart. He was just so serious.

What could this e-mail contain? Would it be the dreaded Dear Jane? Could it be somehow worse? Kim’s mind raced with dark possibilities.

Kim nervously clicked the Send/Receive button on her mail program. No mail. Five minutes passed and then ten. How could he be so cold? An e-mail?

After twelve minutes, a mail message finally appeared. It was an offer for rock bottom prices on knock-off Rolex watches. Kim banged the delete key with a huff. “Idiots,” she spoke aloud. With the spam properly dispatched, her silent vigil resumed.

At nineteen minutes, Kim at last received an e-mail from Kent. Her fingers were trembling when she clicked on it.

Dearest Kim,

We cannot continue in this manner. Your conduct must change for the better beginning tonight. I don’t believe you will enjoy what is about to happen, but these steps are essential if we are to survive as a couple.

I want you to get the wooden bath brush from our bedroom. Place it on the work table in the study. Next, I want you to remove all of your clothes. Kneel on the floor in front of the work table. Once you have done this, I want you to call me back using the speaker phone.

Please do this right now. Thank you.


It all sounded so formal to Kim. She didn’t know precisely what he had in mind, but it didn’t sound too good for her. She flirted with the idea of waiting or not following the instructions at all. In the end, she decided that this relationship was what mattered most. She collected the bath brush, quickly disrobed, and took her assigned position. Her knees felt uncomfortable against the polished hardwood floor.

Kim felt her breathing become fast and shallow as she fumbled to dial the desk phone. As soon as she heard it ringing, she switched the phone to conference mode. The synthetic ring sound echoed against the tall plaster walls. The phone rang three times without answer. Was he there? Had she taken too long? Was he playing with her head?

Ultimately, Kent picked up the phone before the fourth ring.

“Hello, dear. Did you do as I asked?”

“Yes, honey. I did.” Kim could hardly recognize the girlish squeak that came from her lips.

“All right then. Let’s begin.” Kent paused for several long seconds. “Take the brush in your hand. Do you have it now?”

A feeble “Yes,” was her only reply.

“I want you to slap your right bottom cheek with the brush. Do it now!”

Kim surely knew this was his plan, but still she was unprepared for this brusque command. She had never considered the possibility of spanking herself. It seemed just so unnatural.”


Kim slapped her right buttock with the rounded rectangular head of the brush. The impact made an audible whack. It hurt.

“No, I mean HARD!”

Kim began to sob. “I can’t,” she spoke barely above a whisper. She couldn’t do this. It was all so rough. So mean. So unfeeling.

When she agreed to allow Kent to spank her, Kim envisioned it as something they would do together.

“Now listen to me, Kim. We can do this quickly and get it over or we can stretch it out. Either way, the result will be the same.

“OK,” Kim allowed, “let’s finish it then.”

“That’s better. Now, strike the right cheek.”

Kim’s response thundered through the room like a cannon shot.

“Very good. Again!”

Kim repeated the swat with similar results.

“Now, let’s go for five just like that on the other side.”

Kim sniffled and started to open her mouth to complain, but stopped short. She raised the long handled brush and complied.

“Now five back on the right.”

This was difficult. Very difficult. Kim had been spanked dozens of times before. She was quite familiar with the intense burning sensation now emanating from her posterior. But there had always been someone else to swing the implement. She didn’t want to be the spanker, especially not her own spanker.

“Try ten more hard and fast. Alternate sides as you go.” Kent’s deep voice had a commanding tone.

Kim took large breath of air and then held it. She then delivered the blistering blows just as Kent had instructed. Each one brought another wave of scorching pain. This wasn’t any fun at all.

“Five strong ones on each cheek.”

Kim longed for the recreational spankings that she and Kent practiced regularly. They weren’t cold and lonely like this. No, those spankings had a warm, human touch. She needed that contact, that connection. She needed the gentle expressions of love that always followed.

In that moment, kneeling on the cold bare floor, Kim realized what their relationship meant to her. It was something special. It was something worth preserving. She vowed to complete this session no matter what. She again raised the brush behind her and repeatedly stung her own bottom. When she finished the set, she silently awaited further instructions.

“OK, I think we’re done.”

With those words, Kim broke down and wept freely. This experience was more draining than any spanking she had ever endured. She told Kent over and over how sorry she was for messing up his negotiations.

“You didn’t mess up my negotiations. We just need those documents so we can finalize the deal.”

“What? Finalize?” Kim asked.

“Yes. As soon as we get those memoranda, we can seal this thing up, sign it, and I’ll come home tomorrow night.”

“I thought you’d be gone two more…”

“That was our worst case estimate. In fact, the process has gone very well.”

“Oh, Kent. I’ve missed you so much that I can’t even tell you.”

“I know, my sweet. Speaking of which, I am very pleased by how compliant you were this evening. I believe you’ve taken another step toward your goal of becoming more submissive.”

Kim knew he was correct. Unpleasant as the actual spanking had been, now basking in the afterglow, she felt proud of her accomplishment. She had not only taken a spanking, she had given one as well. She had completed an act which, at the start, she didn’t believe she could perform. Best of all, she had regained the favor of her man. When he returned, life would be forever different. Kim felt stronger, braver, and more open to the feelings that dwell deep inside her.

“I’d better go. See you late tomorrow night. ...and don’t forget to fax those documents.”

“Don’t worry,” said Kim, still massaging her bottom. “I won’t.”

(Don't miss the sequel, So Close Together).

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wind walker said...

damn, that is an amazing story.....

i never thought of that side of the D/s relationship, cause sometimes our masters leave and we have to keep up the if they were there.

very well written!!

little one said...

Very nice twist indeed, Bonnie. I enjoyed this read very much. :)

Bonnie said...

Wind and Little - Thank you! I set out to write something a bit different. When I create fictional characters, they are often loosely based upon Randy and me. Kent and Kim were not. They had their own dynamic that just sort of developed as I wrote the story.

I left the door open for a sequel. I'm not sure when I will have time, but I've got some more ideas.

Edward said...

Very interesting idea,I can't wait to seee where this goes.

Lisa said...

Awesome the grand adventure of Kent and Kim. I Will be looking forward to the next istallment.

padme said...

Very well written story bonnie. :) Your a great writer.

Bonnie said...

Edward and Lisa - Thanks. When I get time (an iffy proposition at the moment), I will look into the further adventures of Kent and Kim.

Shyanne - Thank you. As I said, I wanted to create a different scenario with a bit more of an edge. I'm glad you liked it.

Janeen said...

Now that was an interesting spanking story with a twist! I loved it, I think it's one of your best, but then again each new one of yours I read is always my favorite! LOL

Bonnie said...


Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Now I'll have to try to top myself...

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