Monday, December 26, 2005

Story: So Close Together

It's time to get back to spanking. This story is the sequel to So Far Away.

It was quarter to one. Kim rolled over restlessly. She always found it difficult to get to sleep when Kent was away. It had been many lonely nights since they had shared this bed.

Tonight, it seemed, was harder still. Kent had said he would be home late if he could get a flight. Kim figured her man hadn’t called because he expected she would be asleep. But she wasn’t asleep. She couldn’t sleep. Worry occupied her mind – worry about his flights, worry about the condition of the house, and most of all, worry about their disagreement from the previous day.

Kent wanted her to fax some papers to him. Kim had at least a dozen chores to complete that day. There was pouring rain and traffic was terrible. She had trouble locating the papers. She didn’t know how late the copy store was open. There were probably ten good reasons why she didn’t fax that document, but all of them together wouldn’t be good enough for Kent.

OK, she messed up. But in Kim’s mind, the previous evening’s ordeal had been punishment enough. There couldn’t be any greater indignity than having to spank one’s own bare bottom until it was bruised and aching. Yet, as she ran these events through her mind, Kim intuitively knew there would have to be a second spanking. Kent would want to handle this situation personally because that’s just the kind of man he is.

Kim jumped when she heard the distinctive sound of a key in the lock on the front door. A moment later, she heard the door swing open. She wondered if it could really be her lover. She heard heavy footsteps, in the entryway, in the kitchen, and then coming up the stairs.

“Honey, is that you?”

“Yes. I’m surprised you are awake,”

“Oh, Kent. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I know, love. It’s been tough for me as well.”

“Are you upset with me?” Kim’s voice was now small and nervous.

“We’re not going to have this discussion tonight. I have to make a report to the board of directors in a little over six hours. I need to get sleep before then.” Kent’s words were sharp and definitive. There could be no debate.

Kim rolled over in frustration. She was now certain that he was displeased with her. Worse yet, Kent was determined to make her wait for her resolution. Kent ignored this gesture and went into the bathroom. Kim heard him showering as slumber overtook her.

When Kim awoke the following morning, sunlight was streaming through the east windows. Kent had clearly been gone for hours. Her first thought was their brief exchange in the middle of the night. She regretted bothering him. She decided that she should not have pressed him when he was tired.

Kim’s second thought concerned the evening to come. What would Kent say? What would he do? She didn’t know. There could well be a long lecture and a severe spanking. Those were not events she relished.

Kim hoped that Kent would call during the day to check in, but he didn’t. This either meant that he was bombarded with work on his first day back in the office or that he was really angry with her. She went about her day as normally as was possible under the circumstances. Her art class failed to capture her interest. She then shopped for groceries, picking out the ingredients for several of Kent’s favorite meals. Kim stopped at the dry cleaner, the bank, and the gas station. All the while, she couldn’t take her mind off of what was to come – whatever it might be.

Once home, Kim busied herself with cleaning, tidying, and vacuuming. The general state of their townhouse had declined during Kent’s absence. Kim found it hard to get motivated to pick up when there was no one there to notice. Many aspects of her life, in fact, had been neglected during recent weeks.

By four o’clock, Kim was reasonably satisfied with the cleanliness and orderliness of their home. Anticipating Kent’s return, she set about doing the same for herself. She showered again and then put on a silky flowered dress she knew her partner liked. She fixed her hair and carefully applied her makeup. She wanted to look her very best for her man.

She wasn’t quite certain when he would arrive. By six, she was more nervous than ever. At the very moment she resolved to call, she heard the telltale sound of her man opening the door lock. Kent was home.

“Hi honey!” Kim exclaimed in the most cheerful voice she could muster.

“Hi.” Kim thought Kent sounded tired and perhaps a little exasperated. She ran to him and placed her arms around his strong neck. Kent was tall enough that this embrace forced her to stand on tiptoes. Kent’s hands reached to grasp Kim’s waist.

“Oh, my dear. I missed you so much.”

“I know.” Kent’s calm baritone voice sounded like music to Kim. He hugged her tightly.

“Would you like me to make some dinner?”

“No need. We can call out for something in a little while.”

“Do we, um, have something we need to, uh, talk about?”

“Yes, we do indeed. I believe it would be best to get it out of the way now.”

Kim was close to sobbing already. It hurt her to disappoint Kent.

Kent took her hand. “C’mon, love.” With that, he led her upstairs to their bedroom.

Once there, Kent sat on the edge of the bed. He gestured for his partner to join him. Kim shook with trepidation as she reluctantly lowered herself over his lap. Kent lightly rubbed his hand over her bottom. The silky material of her dress felt good as it slid over her nylon pantyhose. Kim found this sensation strangely calming.

“Kim, do you know why we’re here?”

“Yes, you need to punish me because of the document I didn’t fax.” Kim had prepared herself for this moment. Her smallish voice revealed her willing vulnerability, her acceptance of this corporal justice.

“No. That’s not it at all.” Kent’s tone was even, but firm.

“What then?” Now Kim was confused.

“The purpose of the spanking I am about to give you is reconnection. I feel the need to re-establish my place in your life and our respective roles in this relationship. I regret having been absent from you for so long. I know the time apart has been difficult for both of us.”

Before Kim could utter a word, Kent continued. “I am not displeased with you. Rather, I desperately want to bring us as close emotionally as we are now physically. Therefore, I will forego the paddle this evening and just use my hand. It seems more personal and more appropriate for this reconnection spanking.”

As soon as that final word left Kent’s lips, his circular rubs became crisp swats. His rigid palm repeatedly struck Kim’s upturned bottom, still wrapped in her stylish dress. His pace was slow and deliberate. His aim was impeccable. Over and over, Kim felt the stinging impact as he found his mark.

She didn’t move. She didn’t cry. She didn’t rebel or protest. This was a spanking she needed. Despite the undeniable pain, the sensation, the sound, and the submission blended to provide a catharsis unlike any other. Kim drank in the scene like water from an oasis.

When Kent lifted her dress and lowered her pantyhose, Kim arched her back as if to invite further fiery attention. He did not deny her. His heavy hand fell again. The tiny pink bikini Kim had chosen for their reunion offered no real protection. Kent labored on, pacing the sharp blows now about ten seconds apart. Between swats, he caressed her punished globes. He could feel a tremendous warmth emanating from the surface of her crimson skin. He knew his lover well enough to be certain that this heat extended down between her thighs. One touch of his finger confirmed it.

Kim shivered with lust when Kent’s finger explored her dampness. She inhaled swiftly, fighting back a gasp, when his powerful hands slid down her delicate panties. Now his middle finger plunged deep inside her. No longer silent, Kim involuntarily moaned with passion. Kent continued to spank, now using his left hand, but these strokes barely registered with Kim. Her mind and her lust were tightly wrapped around the probing digit. Kent expertly manipulated her love nub as only an experienced lover can do. He watched as her hips began to undulate upon his lap in synchronization with his rubbing.

After several minutes of this passionate prelude, Kent rolled his partner off of his lap and onto the bed. Once there, he quickly stripped off the remainder of her clothes. Kim was aching, but not from the spanking. She needed her man, all of him, within her and soon. Happily, he was quickly undressed and on top of her. Kim spread her legs to bid him welcome. She let out a small coo as the lovemaking began in earnest.

As Kent pounded home his message of reconnection, Kim found herself lost in a swirl of carnal energy. She screamed her approval as his efforts pushed her beyond the brink of passionate release. She grabbed his muscular back and hung on as both lovers shook with momentous completion.

Kent and Kim felt so drained by their forceful reacquaintance and the events of the past three days that sleep overcame them, but not before they traded heartfelt, “I love you’s.” As they peered into each other’s tired eyes, both were now more certain than ever that their relationship would never be quite the same.

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Marcus said...

What a warm welcome she got in Kent's arms. Nice story Bonnie. And yes, it's because of YOUR blog I went so far as getting a blogger ID. Evil woman. Or is that just naughty?

Anonymous said...

My lover expects as good as if not better spanking than the one Kent gave his girlfriend. I hope I do as well and meet her expectations

Storm Rider said...

Do you know I bit one of my nails off while reading this! I dont bite my nails!
Damned you really are good Bonnie!
Now what should I do with this finger that looks like hamburger?
(Never mind! Sorry I asked!) LOL

Janeen said...

Very nice Bonnie, I was really glad to hear more from Kim and Kent, I really enjoy these two characters.

Bonnie said...

Marcus - Now, see. That wasn't so bad. Just a few more steps down this slippery slope and...

Anon - I'm sure you'll do just great.

Storm - Thank you. I certainly hope that was a rhetorical question!

Janeen - Thank you. I've been fiddling with this tale for a week, in between the silly Christmas ditties.

In both this story and the previous one, I wanted to create a certain psychological landscape. At several points, Kim is presented with ambiguous facts. She can interpret them in any of several ways, as can the reader. She fears the worst, as many of us often do. The world she paints for herself in bleak and unforgiving. Her reality, though, when she finally encounters it, is quite the opposite.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

rivka said...

I loved it... I was surprised with the whole reconnection thing, but so very intrigued.

You're so right about fearing the worst most of the time.

Marcus said...

Well, I'm a bit shy, but if you have time to look, I have a couple of entries (ok, 1 real one, 1 obligatory "I just started a blog" entry). I'm at

Bonnie said...

Rivka - Thanks. I was hoping to surprise a few readers with that little plot twist.

Marcus - Congratulations. I'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

Great story, loving couple, deliberate build up and can almost taste the moistness.

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