Saturday, December 24, 2005


Besides being Christmas Eve, this is a momentous day here at My Bottom Smarts. I am celebrating three very significant milestones:

100 Days

100 Posts

100 Thousand Hits

On this occasion, I want to sincerely thank each of you, my dear readers. It has been your encouragement, participation, enthusiasm, and inspiration that have made this blog a success. Without your loyal and steadfast support, I believe I would have given up long ago. I feel privileged to be able to write for you.

Many of you I've met. Many of you I haven't. Either way, I'm glad you're here. If there is something you want to see on this blog, I invite you to share your ideas. Write me a comment or an e-mail and help us make My Bottom Smarts a friendlier, sexier, more interesting, more attractive, more fun blog to visit.

I also want to salute my silent partner and best friend, Randy. He doesn't appear here, and that is certainly his right, but his voice is on every page. He manages to concoct amazing spanking scenarios in real life that are more vivid than any fantasy I could conjure. For that precious spark, and his undying love, I am forever grateful.

Finally, I want to especially thank all of the spanko bloggers. You, my spanko siblings, have created a wonderful community of caring and support. I am proud to call myself a member of your group. I've been aided many times and I have been able to offer aid on occasion. That's the very essence of friendship.

As we move forward into 2006, I have a number of plans for the blog. You'll see more real life accounts, more spanking fiction, new Spanking 101 tutorials, plus the usual assortment of top ten lists, polls, quizzes, memes, and poetry. I don't want to give away too much, but there may be a couple of surprises after the first of the year.

Oh, and allow me to offer you this solemn promise: No more holiday song parodies until next December. :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, and Happy Day-Off-From-Work (check all that apply)!

Hugs to All!


Anonymous said...

100 thousand hits... hrm... your bottom must be REALLY smarting.

Oh... you meant your blog. Randy really needs to get back to work. 100 swats for the momentous occasion.


Bonnie said...

Marcus - I really don't think Randy needs any more ideas. I'm already in for it tonight.

Have a great holiday!

Frankly said...

Congratulations, Bonnie.

As a new-comer to the world of spanking-blogs, I'm in yours and a few other people's debt, because in this, indeed, community, I've encountered many good and intelligent people, who just happen to have a soft spot for a hard spanking.

Maybe the spanking-bloggers (and contributors) don't make up what most people would consider a proper community to be like, in the traditional sense... but on the other hand, spanking is one of the best and oldest traditions, and despite the hypocricy of P.C., C.P. has made a convincing come-back, which I find very inspiring.

Janeen said...

Congratulations on the milestones!
100,000 that's great!

What a great Christmas present to know that your blog is loved by so many.

As one of your avid readers I look forward to your wonderful stories, quizzes, and spanking 101's in the new year. I even look forward to next December and the new Christmas parodies! LOL

Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on Your milestones, I do love your blog and look forward 2006. But you never did Rudolph it is my favorite christmas song. I will be looking forward to it next December LOL.

Guy said...

oh my goodness... and thanks for your inspiration... please know our warmest wishes and thoughts and prayers for peace and love and more...

MY little one and g

spankergood said...

100,000....I send my best wishes. Enjoy your Blog...and, the "parodies," poems, short stories, and..well, ALL OF IT! Informative & FUN, for all spanko's!! Happy Anniversary, and Merry Christmas.. I look forward to reading your Blog in the New Year! Love, Spankergood.

rivka said...

Congratulations!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

Merry Christmas!!

Storm Rider said...

Congrats on the milestones and I hope Randy can find 50 MORE things to spank you with for the next year!
Thank God, no more songs till next year! (Now , if I can just get the ringing out of my ears!)
I must also thank you for your support and ideas for my slave and I , you have helped out greatly!
To the nest 100, Bonnie! Cheers!

padme said...

Congrats bonnie! :) Hope you had a good holiday.

CeeCi said...

Whoa Bonnie- 100k hits, in 4 months that's huge! Math tells me that 1000 pairs of eyes have looked at your 100 posts. Does that give you chills? btw, me + math=strange totals;) But I'm still amazed! Congratulations, here's wishing you a million by this time next year!

Bonnie said...

Frankly - You are certainly welcome.

Janeen - It sure was a great Christmas present. Randy figured out about ten days ago that I was on pace to hit these three milestones more or less together. The fact that it happened on Christmas Eve makes the occasion all the better.

Lisa - Sorry about the red-nosed reindeer. Since the song is so well-known, I didn't want to break the established rhythm or rhymes. I wasn't able to come up with a spanko version that I thought worked well. I'll probably give it another try next year.

Guy - You and Little are two of the people who make this effort worthwhile!

Spanker - Thank you!

Rivka - You are most welcome. One of the joys of operating this blog has been meeting new people and learning about their perspectives.

Storm - This guy needs more toys like Bill Gates needs food stamps!

Padme - White is definitely your color! Thank you. We had a wonderful, warm holiday.

CeeCi - You know, I do think about the numbers and they boggle my mind sometimes.

When I write for the blog, I am conscious that it will be read by hundreds or thousands of people from all over the world. I consider it a tremendous privilege and a serious responsibility. As a professional writer, it's also a wonderful opportunity to show off my craft. As a spanko, it's a chance to share this lifestyle and this community with curious folks who are only now becoming aware of the possibilities.

AngelBrat said...

Congratulations, Bonnie! Your blog is always so much fun!


Bonnie said...


Thank you. For me, fun has to be part of the mix. I read some blogs and I wonder whether they take things too seriously. Whatever your beliefs or your lifestyle, if you're not laughing, I think you're missing out on the best part of life. When I'm eighty, I might be too old for spankings or sex, but you can bet I'll still be laughing!

jade said...

Congratulations and thanks for the blog! I enjoy it and share it with my beau--at least the parts that I don't think will hurt too much!!!

I love the picture next to janeen's comments!

Bonnie said...

Jade - Thank you, and welcome to MBS. I'm glad you stopped by.

Janeen has a lovely picture and a great blog.

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