Friday, November 04, 2005

Story: Lynne's Discovery

This is part three of a continuing story. If you're just joining us, you may wish to read from the beginning.

The dawn brought brilliant sunshine and a gentle breeze. The sound of quarreling jays heralded the birth of another alpine morning. Freshly unfurled wildflowers were visible in patches where the snow had receded. Even the lake itself was beginning to reappear from beneath its alabaster blanket. The sound of rushing water came from every compass point. Rivulets to streams, rivers to torrents, liquid life was on the move.

Mark emerged first from the small tent. He greeted the morning with a giant stretch. "Mark! Are you insane?" Lynne exclaimed. "Huh?" mumbled her drowsy husband. "You're naked!" Lynne was incredulous. "Oh, yeah. I guess I am. So are you." And so she was. "It's a good thing there's no one else here." Mark observed with a wry smile.

Moments later, Lynne and Mark shared an embrace as big as the surrounding mountains. The prior evening, it seemed, had forever transformed the dynamic between them. The wind felt cool against their skin, but it wasn't so uncomfortable they felt the need to separate, even for a moment. Lynne stared up into Mark's cornflower blue eyes. In them, she read unquestioning commitment. She too felt their souls more tightly interwoven than she could have believed possible. This standing, wordless expression of loving partnership retrieved vivid memories of the magical hours before.

It was a spanking. Body against body and skin against skin. It was just a spanking. To Lynne, it was completion of a dream. To Mark, it opened the door to his new wife's sensuality. It was a voyage of intimate learning. It was a spanking. How could the mere impact of one person's hand against another person's posterior so dramatically change every emotion that passed between them? Whatever the explanation, this spanking had surely altered the course of their lives.

Mark began tentatively, swatting one upturned cheek and then the other. Between each strike of his strong hand, he paused as if to gauge Lynne's response. Her reaction was a rough blend of exhilaration, surprise, and desire. Her quiet panting gave way to more spirited moaning. As Mark recognized the mounting success of his efforts, he picked up both the pace and intensity. By now, Lynne's excitement had passed all known bounds. Although her bottom stung more than she had anticipated, the pain was worth it. It was so worth it!

No sooner had the spanking reached its inevitable conclusion than Lynne lustily positioned herself before her man. She applied her lips, tongue, and teeth to Mark's pleasure. He lay upon his back and rumbled deep, carnal vocalizations. After several minutes of oral discourse, she straddled Mark. Never had she felt so aggressive or so free. Both partners were exquisitely prepared for the lovemaking festival that followed. Lynne placed her hands atop Mark's shoulders as if in tribute to the strong arms that delivered her stimulation. Mark reached around to cup Lynne's reddened targets. As he squeezed her warm flesh, Lynne was lost in her own sensual detonation. As they rocked in unison amidst the flickering light of a small tent, fulfillment was theirs.

(to be continued)

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Storm Rider said...

"" Ring Ring"
Hello Baby,
Just read Bonnies blog and thought I better tell you your dicks hard!
No I wont be late, hell yes it was good, eh ha alright love you to!

Bonnie, your goooooood!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Storm. I'm glad to help where I can.

Janeen said...

I want to go camping now! LOL

I can't wait for the conclusion.

wind walker said...

hey bonnie,

got a hot call from storm today and i simply had to see what excited him so...

he's gonna be getting a call from me shortly!!

can't wait to read more!!

Bonnie said...

Janeen - The events in this story are loosely based upon a trip Randy and I took back in the eighties. It really was that beautiful.

I don't want to give away too much, but the next installment is not the conclusion.

Wind - I wish you two a wonderful evening. If my words helped to add a little spice (to what is clearly a very spicy recipe already), then so much the better.

Lisa said...

Bravo, I love this installment, I look forward to the next one. Love the way you write.

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