Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Two's Wild (Part One)

I love weekends!

Saturday dawned warm and clear. I awoke a little later than usual, even for a weekend. I felt rested and full of energy. The promise of the weekend lay before me. This was going to be a good day. I could feel it!

I sat at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and sipping herbal tea as brilliant sunshine streamed in through the windows. All was quiet. My husband and daughter were both upstairs, each enjoying the sleeping-in gene they obviously shared. This was my time - a time to read, a time to reflect, a time to plan.

Randy's words from earlier in the week echoed through my consciousness. He had promised to paddle my bottom on Saturday. As he said that, his subtle smile betrayed a more elaborate intent. I just knew it. He can't fool me. For more than twenty years, I've been his wife, his confidant, his friend, his lover, and, yes, his willing target. So the question was not so much what or when, but how?

As I relaxed in the kitchen, still clad in my nightgown, I pondered my fate. The feeling was one of those mismatched mixtures I know so well. As an adult, I knew that a spanking meant an erotic feast of fabulous intensity. Yet, deep within me was a child, nervously awaiting the inevitable reality of wood meeting flesh. I resolved to accept this gift, all of it, in the loving spirit in which it would be administered. I would embrace the spirituality, and yes, even the sharp sting that heralded the celebration.

After getting dressed, I ventured out into the morning. As the sun rose in the sky, I planted two flats of flowers. It was dirty work, yet satisfying. I even momentarily took my mind off of the events yet to come. As I neared completion of my task, Randy came out to inspect my work. "Those look nice" he said. Coming from him, that was as fine a compliment as yard work would ever receive (interestingly, he sometimes uses precisely the same phrase and tone when talking about portions of my anatomy). He told me that he needed to stop in at work for about an hour. Away he went. There was not one word about my spanking. Did he forget? Had I gotten myself all excited for nothing? Perhaps so.

When the flowers were all happily planted and watered, I went back inside. Our daughter had now emerged from her slumber and was groggily searching the refrigerator for sustenance. After wishing her good morning and offering a couple of culinary suggestions, I wandered upstairs. Once there, I pealed off my grubby sweats and enjoyed a leisurely shower. Spanking or no, weekends are a time for renewal. After I returned from my flight among the water fairies, I selected a cool flower print skirt with a coordinating cotton top. It thought that choice was appropriate, both to my morning's accomplishment and for the rising temperatures outside. Weekends are also a time to be comfortable.

I decided next to answer a couple of e-mails. No sooner had I begun than Randy came in the door. True to his word, he was only gone for about an hour. He told me that our daughter had asked him for a ride to a friend's house. The wink that followed informed me that playtime was at hand. All of a sudden, the butterflies were back!

Randy was only gone about fifteen minutes. Yet, to me, it was eternity. I jumped when I heard his car door slam. I gathered my courage and again vowed to persevere.

"Hi Bon," Randy said standing in the doorway. In his hand was the teardrop-shaped paddle. His voice was lyrical and almost teasing. "Hi Randy," I replied matching his tone. What happened next is kind of a blur. He helped me up from my chair and then grabbed me around the waist bending me forward. Next thing I knew, my skirt was up and my panties were down. It was spanking time.

There was no warm-up and no let up. Randy brought the wooden paddle crashing down again and again. At first, he alternated sides. Later, he concentrated on two tender spots. Although my seat hurt a lot, I honored my personal pledge. I accepted that fierce paddling as though it were gift-wrapped. By the time he was finished, I was SO hot!

He stood me up and embraced me. Our mouths met. Four lips and two tongues danced to the rhythm of our lust. In no time, we had moved to the bedroom and lost most of our clothes. Our lovemaking now assumed a barely restrained urgency. As I lay on my back, Randy caressed my breasts. His skilled tongue circled each nipple in turn before lapping and flicking them into attention. Next his efforts moved southward. The oral stimulation he delivered was exquisite. I writhed with pleasure and arched my back in ecstasy.

The denouement was deliciously satisfying (in a screaming sort of way). We achieved mutual fulfillment as I gripped him with all my strength. Each rock of his hips shook my world. This man knows what I like!

In the warm, tingly afterglow, I found myself at once both relaxed and energized. I thought we had enjoyed the ideal Saturday afternoon. Little did I know that these events were but a prelude to far wilder nightcap.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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