Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Two's Wild (Conclusion)

Following our afternoon romp, Randy was quite content remaining in bed. I wasn't. I felt compelled, for whatever the reason, to get up and get going. As I emerged from the bed, he told me that this was just a down payment. I would receive my "real" spanking later. From my perspective, on the wide side of the paddle, what we had just finished certainly felt like the genuine article. As my hands involuntarily gravitated toward the punished region, the residual ache vividly reminded me of recent events. I considered taunting him, but my last remaining shred of rationality squelched the idea.

Later in the afternoon, I answered some e-mail and made an attempt at some housework. Just before dinner, our daughter returned home. She told me about her day. She and two friends planned to go to the movie theater after dinner. When I asked her when she planned to return, she said about eleven. I now knew that my dear spouse would not possess merely the means and the motive on this magical night, but also the opportunity! My glowing derriere would soon absorb another round of painful swats.

After dinner was done and our dear daughter was happily on her way, I was tidying up in the kitchen. All at once, that sixth sense told me that someone was watching me. I turned slowly to discover I was correct. Peering from around a corner was my Prince Charming, beaming from ear to ear. He said not a word but beckoned me closer with a crooked forefinger. Never let it be said that I don't appreciate a good surprise. I answered his voiceless call.

Randy led me up the stairs to our bedroom. Still no word was spoken. He knelt down and removed first one sandal and then the other. Standing up, my top was the next article of clothing to disappear. Silently and adeptly, he slid my skirt to the floor. He reached behind me to unfasten my bra. He looped his fingers under each strap and gently moved his hands across my shoulders and down each arm. I felt as though this was a strip show where I was both the star and the audience.

Randy then kissed me in the center of my chest. He worked his way downward, smooching all the while. When he reached the waistband of my underwear, he opened his mouth and took the cotton fabric in his teeth. I gasped with delight as he applied his unconventional tactic to liberate this last garment. As my panties fell, so did the last of my inhibitions.

Next, he collected all of our bedroom pillows and piled them in the center of the bed. Without prompting, I positioned myself atop this tower of tanning. As is customary, I lay face down with the pillows beneath my hips. My bottom was perfectly arranged as the center of attention that it was about to become.

As I waited in that incredibly receptive position, I could hear Randy gathering the toys. I tried in vain to discern which items he was assembling. I would just have to wait and learn. My first revelation didn't take long. He took hold of my wrist and carefully wrapped a pair of my old pantyhose around it. He tied a knot thus securing it. The other end he tied to the headboard. I knew this game! When he came to the second wrist, I offered it willingly. After completing his work at the head of the bed, he immobilized my legs in similar fashion. I wasn't going anywhere!

For me, part of the thrill of a spanking is the idea of loaning my control to the man I love. On those occasions we play with restraint, it carries this emotion to another level. There I was, situated in the most vulnerable position imaginable, unable to move, and completely at the whim of my husband. Did I despair? Not a chance. I knew I could trust Randy to protect me.

Now, at last, he spoke. "Well, well, well. Look at this. A king could ask for no better reward." His voice held a swagger. "I believe you're in for the full treatment tonight, Missy. Yes, indeed." The next sound I heard was the telltale buzzing of a vibrator. Soon, I was greeted by the sensation of that throbbing phallus upon a very sensitive spot. Randy teased me with the toy for several minutes before finally finding a home for it. It was as though my whole body was now buzzing.

Just when I started to float into that magical land of bliss, a sharp crack brought me back down onto the bed. It was the slapper. The slapper is a small, semi-rigid leather paddle. It works right at the skin level to generate a bright crimson glow and a marvelous sting. Randy applied it with gusto. All the while, his free hand continued to control the piston-like toy. It took very little of this combination to trigger a breathless climax.

As I struggled to regain my wits, the slapper continued its relentless assault on my burning seat. Randy has said many times that a spanking isn't worthwhile if the recipient can sit comfortably a day later. He aced his own test on Saturday night. As he bore down and spanked harder, I pulled and tugged against my bonds. There could be no escape for me.

"Stick it up, Bon!" Randy commanded. Obediently, I thrust my bottom upward to accept its fate. My twin targets received another full measure of the stinging leather implement. "You love your spankings, don't you?" His tone demanded an answer. A feeble "yes" was all I could muster. "You deserve every single whack, don't you?" Again I quietly responded in the affirmative. As if spurred by my agreement, he renewed his efforts, concentrating on my unfortunate lower slopes.

When he finished, I felt relieved. This game was fun, but it was a lot more than I expected. Randy tossed the slapper and freed my legs. He then lowered himself on top of me. By this time, we were both truly aroused. The way I was lying over the pillows brought him in direct contact with my stinging behind each time he moved forward. The two contrasting sensations blended in a delicious corporeal parfait. He too obviously enjoyed the proceedings. Our trip to the pinnacle was very intense!

Afterward, we snuggled in bed. He gently stroked my hair as we embraced. I felt so warm, so safe, and so loved there in his arms. I also felt grateful for having met a man who can so completely satisfy my soul. I nestled my head into his strong chest. Who needs a plane to visit paradise? In truth, it lives within each of us. Our partners possess a special gift for bringing it to the surface. I told Randy that I was ready to take that trip anytime!

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Anonymous said...


sounds like you have a very loving husband that cares for you. i like the descriptions you wrote. Very nice blog. Loved number 1 and 2. Keep writing!

Autumn said...

Your blog is by far the best I have come across. My husband and I seem to have a similar relationship that you and your husband share. I may just leave it up on the computer screen for him to curiously wander over and read :)

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