Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ten Reasons to Spank Your Lover
(with her consent, of course)

  1. Spankings relax her

  2. Spankings help her focus

  3. Spankings turn her on

  4. Spankings make for a peaceful home

  5. Spankings enhance communication

  6. Spankings give her that nice healthy glow

  7. It’s fun

  8. It makes a cool sound

  9. She likes it!

  10. Do the initials B.J. mean anything to you?


padme said...

lol. Very cute blog post bonnie...
This is one I'll be showing to Master Anakin...*laughing*

lolalane said...

I know the meaning!! Oo, oo. Pick me!! Grin.

Bonnie said...

Shyanne - Thanks, though Master Anakin appears to have a several of his own reasons!

Lola - (smile) Welcome to MBS. I can't think of a better way to demonstrate my gratitude.

urbanstud said...

hehe - nice one! Is it you who's making that cool sound - or is it the paddle?


Janeen said...

Too cute Bonnie.

I agree there is something about a thorough spanking that makes a girl want to get on her knees and thank her man properly! :)

padme said...

bonnie...smiles...yup, Master Anakin always finds a reason to spank my bottom. I'm hoping he'll find one tonight. :)

Bonnie said...

Urbanstud - I meant the paddle, but under the right circumstances, it probably applies to me too. (Smile)

Janeen - Thanks. Our latest survey indicates that the spankos that visit MBS feel aeroused and submissive immediately after a spanking. Yep, that could definitely lead to some kneeling time. One licking deserves another!

Shyanne - In the unlikely event that he doesn't find a reason, feel free to employ any or all of these!

Storm Rider said...

It makes a COOL sound! LMAO
Alright, I'll except that one!

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