Friday, October 21, 2005

The Boat Story

When my future husband and I had been dating for about a year, we took a springtime trip to sunny Florida. We stayed in a very fancy condo owned by his boss. It had just about everything we could want (and a few features I wouldn't have thought to want). One morning, Randy left early saying he had a chore to perform. He told me to meet him at noon at a seafood restaurant located about a mile down the main road. As he departed, he told me to be ready for a "surprise." When he uses that word and tone of voice to me, it usually involves some sort of sexual adventure. At least that was my interpretation.

All morning I wondered what he was planning. I thought he had taken the car, but it was still in the driveway. Could he still be around? I even searched the condo, but to no avail. Finally, I decided I was just going to prepare for anything. I put on my lime green bikini (you know, the one with the triangle tops and the teeny bottom - oh, if only I had the body to wear that today!) with a little white shirt over the top. I got in the car and drove to the restaurant.

It was about noon when I arrived, but there was no sign of Prince Charming. I waited for a few minutes in the front still wondering what was about to happen. Just then, he appeared with a broad smile across his face. Playing it cool, I suggested we get a table. Randy said, "That won't be necessary. I've already got our lunch." With that he motioned me to follow him. We walked through the restaurant, out the back door, and onto the restaurant's private dock. Parked at the dock was a beautiful cabin cruiser.

When he jumped on board, I thought he was kidding around. A few moments later, it dawned on me that he really expected me to follow. I asked, "Whose boat is this?" At this point he explained the boat belonged to his boss. It had been in the shop (or wherever you take a sick boat) for some maintenance. Randy had been picked at the condo by the mechanic and taken to the shop. After settling the boss's account, he then drove the boat to the restaurant. Now he proposed we go for "a little ride." OK, I thought I was ready for anything, but he surprised me anyway. "What the hell?" I figured. Sex on the water sounded like fun.

We cruised out for about a half-hour. While we ate some lunch, I questioned Randy about whether he actually knew how to pilot a boat and not get lost. He assured me he did. Finally, he stopped the engines. There was no one else in sight except for a big cargo ship far in the distance. A little smooching gave way to a little caressing followed by some more serious play. All at once, without a word, Randy got up and went down into the cabin. When he returned, he was carrying a large blue plastic bath brush. "Look what I found," he said. It was shaped somewhat like a hairbrush, but with a bigger head and longer handle. I instantly knew I needed to be spanked by my lover with that brush right now.

I silently removed my bikini bottom and situated myself across his lap. The first swat came almost immediately. It was very intense. I jumped from the impact. The ones that followed were no less impressive. I just couldn't believe that brush could generate so much heat so quickly. The spanking went on and on. For my part, I didn't care if he ever stopped. I was so turned on, I felt I could take anything. Eventually, it did end as all spankings do. I was panting from the pain, from the excitement, from the desire. Randy put down the brush, picked me up, and carried me into the cabin. He put me down on the bed and entered me from behind. My psyche exploded. Love and lust, pain and ecstasy, woman and man all blurred into a soft haze.

We must have fallen asleep. When we awoke, it was obviously late afternoon. We figured we had better get back before nightfall. As Randy fired up the engines, I went into the small bathroom. I shouldn't have been shocked at the appearance of my backside, but I was. Where there weren't welts, there were bruises. Ouch, now it hurt! When I went to put my clothes back on, I realized I had a bigger problem than just an aching bottom. My cute little bikini couldn't possibly be expected to cover the damage. I hadn't thought to bring a cover-up. I thought I was going to lunch! Since I didn't know how to drive the boat, the only way to get both the boat and car home would be for me to walk the entire length of the restaurant at dinnertime with my crimson derriere on full display. What a predicament!

When I explained the problem to Randy, he agreed that there was no other way. He seemed far too pleased with the scenario for my liking. However, no amount of bitching and complaining could change my fate. Just then Randy had another idea (just what I needed). He said "if you run through the place with your hands over your ass, everyone is sure to stare at you. If you want to get out without any hassle, you need to act nonchalant. Let's just wander in, get a table, have a nice dinner, and relax." As I am so often in these situations, I was simultaneously horrified and intrigued.

Ultimately, I did go to dinner. I don't know if everyone in the whole place was gawking at me, but it sure seemed that way. I wanted to get up and yell "Yes! I did get spanked today! So what? Get over it!" I didn't. Randy may have had a relaxing dinner, but not me. Glowing bare cheeks on a vinyl seat is an itchy, squirmy, uncomfortable experience. Worst of all, halfway through dinner, I decided I had to pee. I just couldn't wait any longer. I didn't run, but I walked *very* fast. When I returned, it felt as though the whole restaurant really was looking at me. The guys appeared amused. The women looked concerned.

At that moment, I decided this game might hold some fun after all. With that I sat down (yow!), and planted a huge kiss on the lips of my slightly surprised boyfriend. Looking around, I saw a number of couples who appeared to be quietly discussing what they had just observed. Perhaps we won a convert or two! When it was time to leave, we just got up and left - Randy in the boat and me in the car. Needless to say, there were more festivities when we were reunited at the condo.

Of all my spanking stories, this is my absolute favorite. We've discussed repeating it, but we've never gotten the nerve. I doubt we could ever reproduce the sheer spontaneity of the situation. In any case, the boat story will forever inhabit a place of honor in my hall of memories.

We're going away for a mini-vacation. I wanted to leave you, my dear readers, with a little treat. This story was one of the first I ever recorded. It's still a favorite. Have a wonderful weekend!

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padme said...

Oh bonnie. That is such a cute story. lol. I can just imagine how you felt in the restraunt. lol. I hope you have a wonderful mini vacation. You deserve it. Have a wonderful time!

Storm Rider said...

Now that was a cute story!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Shyanne and Storm Rider!

We had a great weekend. We're pretty tired now, but you can expect a full report later this week.

padme said...

Hi bonnie,
Glad you had a great weekend. Can't wait for some details! :)

Jayda said...

That was adorable. No wonder it is still one of your favorites.

Hmmm, after that kiss, I wonder how many coverts turned converts (hehe).

Bonnie said...


Thanks. :)

I want to hope that those who weren't converted at least gained some insight. There are many kinds of successful relationships. If we're strange, it's only in the eyes of a stranger.

little one said...

OMG Bonnie, I loved this... so cute!! Thanks for sharing it. I'm enjoying catching up on your blog. As I said before, you're such an eloquent writer and leave me wanting more. Keep up the good work, please. :)

Anonymous said...


Wonderful story. I wish I could have seen your red bottom barely covered by your bikini. I'm sure it was a thing of beauty.

There is so much love in your stories. Congratulations to you and your husband.

alan said...

My comments are 5 years after your interesting tale.I wonder if you still look as great in denim today as you did then. One thing for sure is that the enlarged photo of you looks really nice as my desktop.There are some fantastic rear ends around but your is the best of all.May you retain it for many years!!

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