Monday, October 24, 2005

The Talk

I have a lot to say about the events of this past weekend, but I don’t possess the energy this evening to record it all. What I will do instead is present one memorable discussion.

Randy and I spent this past weekend at a beautiful chalet in the mountains. This was a getaway we had been awaiting for weeks. We spent three whole days living in luxury and enjoying each other’s company. Every relationship requires rejuvination periodically. This mini-vacation was ours.

One highlight of the trip for me was a talk we had on Saturday afternoon. We were seated together in the tall living room and peering out of the windows that covered the entire back of the chalet. We had a great view of the valley framed by huge pine trees. For ten or fifteen minutes, we sat silently hand in hand and drank in this magnificent sight.

Randy turned his head to look right at me. I knew that look. I returned his gaze. He stood up and walked into the bedroom. When he returned a moment later, my husband was carrying our teardrop paddle. He sat next to me and without a word, patted his thigh. Well familiar with the routine, I positioned my body face down across his lap as he sat on a wide couch in the center of the sunlit living room.

In a well rehearsed choreography, up went my skirt and down came my underwear. The inevitable spanking was approaching quickly. Randy placed the cold wood of the paddle against my bare, pale skin. I prepared my mind for the pain and the thrill that awaited.

Randy delights in exploding my expectations and he did so once again. After a nearly wordless run up, the spanking itself was downright chatty. He punctuated each question with one or more strokes from the paddle.

“So, Bon. You’ve been spending a lot of time fiddling with that blog, haven’t you?”

“Um, yeah.”

“You’re not obsessing on that site, are you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“How much sleep did you get Thursday night?”

“I dunno.”

“Wrong answer!” (at this point he really laid into my bottom).

“I’m sorry.

“I expect you’re about to get a whole lot more sorry. You couldn’t have slept more than four hours.”

“I guess not.”

“Listen to me now. I’m serious. You need to take better care of yourself. I love you and you are important to me. I’m prepared to do what is necessary to keep you healthy and happy.” (the whacks were now falling slowly and heavily)

“I love you too, honey. I appreciate the things you do to help me.”

“That’s better. I want you to limit the time you spend on blogging.”


“No, I mean it. You’ve been blogging when you should have been sleeping.” (I squirmed under a renewed assault upon my throbbing seat)

“OK, I get it.” (boy, was I getting it!)

“I want you to limit your blogging to two hours per day, even when I’m not around.”

All right! All right!” (at this stage, I would have signed anything)

“So it’s agreed?”

“Yes. Please stop now.”

He did stop, but not until after several more minutes of full swing paddling. I danced atop his lap, but made no attempt to escape. I knew he was right. I deserved this spanking and, what’s more, I needed it to re-establish my emotional bearings. I had been overtired during much of the preceding week. When the spanking was over, I felt physically drained, yet spiritually renewed.

We untangled and stood up. We two lovers embraced. At that moment, I realized that I had just been soundly paddled in front of a twenty foot tall picture window. I don’t have any reason to believe there was anyone below us, but it was possible. The thought passed quickly as Randy’s hand came in contact with my stinging derriere. As he hugged me with one hand, he massaged my exposed bottom cheeks with the other. It hurt, but in a different sense, it felt good as well.

Anytime Randy rubs my bottom, it is arousing for both of us. When it happens immediately after a spanking, the effect is magnified. Not surprisingly, I ended up up-ended over the back of the overstuffed couch. My man placed a hand upon each of my hips as he drove deep into my love nest. As he thrust over and over, his thumbs continued to knead my punished orbs. This intoxicating mixture of sensation pushed me to a breathless climax. Moments later, my husband shook as he finished too.

Afterward, Randy helped me to my feet and we retired to the bedroom. There, we shared a well earned afternoon nap.

In retrospect, I realize that he was right. I do need to better manage my time. Now the question I face is, was our little chat a punishment or a reward?

Suddenly, I don’t feel sleepy anymore…

Continued in part two.

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spankergood said...

>> Sounds like you had a great ----mini vacation. Still, I hope you keep the Blogs coming. Enjoy your site..very, very much. Spank you!

little one said...

What a lovely post Bonnie. You get your feelings across so eloquently. Nothing like a weekend getaway to reconnect with the one you love. I'm so happy y'all had that time together. I too love it when Guy rubs my bottom after a good spanking... well, I love it when he rubs it anytime

We had some good reconnect time over the last fews days too. It was wonderful... just not long enough.

I see I have some catch-up reading to do here on your site. *jumpin up and down* GOODY GOODY!! :)

Take care Bonnie and have a great day. :)

dwcmike said...

Absolutely agree with the reasoning for the spanking. I love reading your blog, but your health and your life beyond blogging has to be more important. You could always do a posting every second day, or read a few less blogs per day. Your links list totals 14 blogs that you read. And who knows, you could always have a reward spanking for being below 2 hours a day.
bottoms up

padme said...

Your trip sounds like it was wonderful. I hear you with the blogs. I have had a few nights myself wanting to read them and as you read the one time, also got spanked for being up half the night reading when I should have been sleeping. lol.
Glad you got some time away from it all for a few days...:)

Storm Rider said...

I feel his request is extremely fair and the punishment the same.
I do like the way he puts his point across!
(I'm taking notes, I think I can use this one!)lol

wind walker said...

my warrior hates that i stay up so late....we've tried bedtimes but something always occurs...

although, i notice he doesn't have a problem when i stay up late working on fixing his blog!!

Jayda said...

Love your stories Bonnie. You write and express very well.

Enjoying your blog.

Q hasn't started limiting me on time blogging or reading blogs. But sometimes I wish he would, when I am exhausted the next day.

Bonnie said...

Spankergood - Thanks! I need to try to be moderate in all things (OK, at least most). We did enjoy a very nice mini-vacation. I have a second, very different spanking story to tell when time and energy permit.

Little One - I really appreciate your kind words. I think that reconnection time is essential to keep a relationship fresh and vibrant.

Mike - Believe me, I've heard that argument recently (and in most forceful fashion). I link to fourteen favorite blogs, but in truth, I often read more than that. I'm interested to see what my friends are reading too. My deep, dark secret is that in my slightly twisted mind, all spankings are reward spankings (shhhhhh...).

Shyanne - It's just hard to break away sometimes. Even when I'm tired, I find this cyberworld intriguing.

Storm - I have no complaints. It was fair. As for your notes, I guess you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Wind - That's exactly what I need, an airtight alibi!

Jayda - Thanks. I'm glad you are enjoying your visits to my blog.

I strive to make this blog a place to which old friends and new friends alike will want to return. Accordingly, I want to keep the content reasonably fresh. I like publishing my stories, features, and thoughts, but it does take time. I believe I'll find an equilibrium, but that too may require a bit of time. In any case, I'm glad you're here.

Janeen said...

Bonnie your getaway spot sounds beautiful.

The spanking you got reminded me so much of the reminders I get from Will. LOL

I'm still wondering about this secret club they are in!

As much as we all appreciate and love your blog, your health does have to come first. I know I have no room to talk, I'm addicted too!

naughty_one said...


I read this and smiled and stamped my foot all at the same time :) I relate...I totally relate. I have a hard time doing things "proportionally" as well, and end up spanked, with some sort of limit.

Punishment vs reward? It is both :) I do believe if vanillas could see how lucky we are....there would be more spankos in the world. How often is one faced with the question "Was that punishment or a reward?"

Wonderful recount.

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