Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Rub in the Tub

Here’s part two of our recent weekend adventure

After our talk, we shared a very pleasant afternoon nap. I don’t think we were sleepy so much as we were feeling warm, snuggly, and connected.

When we awoke, it was the golden late afternoon. Randy suggested a walk in the forest and I quickly agreed. The resort where we stayed had access to miles of well maintained trails. We left our chalet and headed out into the woods. The sky was a deep blue with just the occasional fluffy white cloud. The air was cool and crisp. We could smell smoke from a log fire. I almost suggested that we build our own fire, but quickly bit my tongue as my hands moved involuntarily toward my recently paddled derriere. I might well get another spanking, but I sure wasn’t ready for it to be my idea.

We chose a short loop trail that offered some excellent vistas and plenty of impressive old trees. We held hands as we walked, looking for all the world like a pair of newlyweds. These moments of quiet sharing are the raison d'être for our mini-vacations. They provide us with an opportunity to escape the world of stress in favor of re-coupling and reinforcing the bond between us. About halfway, we came to a bench at a cliff top overlook. We sat there for quite a while taking in the view.

The next thing I knew, we were necking like teenagers. As Randy’s lips aggressively kissed me, his hands fondled my breasts. I had no objection, of course, but I was concerned about being observed. After all, we had seen another couple on the trail. He told me not to worry. It was late in the day and that trail didn’t get too much traffic. How he knew this, I have no idea. Nevertheless, I accepted his explanation.

As Randy nibbled my earlobe and caressed my chest, my resistance dropped. When he whispered in my ear, “Let’s do something crazy,” I had a pretty good idea what he meant. I knelt on the ground in front of the wooden bench. I then unzipped my man’s jeans and liberated his love tool. I took the wand in my fingers before guiding gently it into my mouth. I could feel him grow as I slid his manhood between my tongue and palate. He released a guttural groan as I gradually increased the speed and pressure. I could hear his breathing quicken when I lightly clamped with my teeth and tickled with the tip of my tongue. Finally, I felt the awaited contractions as he unloaded his ejaculate into my throat. It was thick and slightly bitter. I savored his gift.

When I looked up, I saw my dear husband seated on the bench. His limbs were splayed to the four compass points. His head was back and his face bore an expression of ecstatic fatigue. “Nice work,” I thought to myself as I stood up and brushed the dirt from my knees. We rearranged our clothing and headed slowly back toward the chalet. Sundown was approaching and the forest was remarkably dark. About halfway to our destination, Randy stopped and embraced me. “Bon, you are everything I could desire in a lover,” he said. “Tonight, I want to make you happy.” I started to object, but he stopped me by raising his open hand and placing it lightly against my lips. “Shhhhh, this is your night and that’s how it must be.”

After we returned and changed our clothes, we enjoyed a fine dinner at the resort’s best restaurant. We started with a fine field greens salad. The house dressing was an unusual Asian sesame vinaigrette. For the entrée, Randy ordered filet mignon and I had crab-stuffed sole. Both were excellent. For dessert, we both selected the house specialty, a thick, semi-sweet dark chocolate mousse. You’ll never hear me complain about anything chocolate, but this was especially scrumptious.

After dinner, we retired to our chalet. I didn’t know what Randy meant when he talked about making me happy, but I had little doubt he would accomplish the feat. He told me to get naked and wait for him in bed. That plan sounded good. I complied. The next sound I heard was water running. The bathroom had an oversized tub with water jets. He was filling it, presumably in preparation for some aquatic play. Now I was intrigued.

About ten minutes later, Randy called me to join him in the bathroom. As I suspected, he had filled the tub with warm water and turned on the jets. As I entered the room, I couldn’t help but notice an assortment of toys lined upon on the vanity. No one can accuse my dear husband of traveling light. Randy, now as bare as I was, motioned for me to get into the tub. The water was warm and undulating. I settled into a comfortable spot at one end of the tub.

When my Prince Charming entered the water, he repositioned me on all fours such that one of the jets was blasting water right onto a most sensitive locale. It didn’t take long for me to gain a fondness for that sensation. Randy turned up my pleasure a notch by applying our waterproof vibrator. Between the pulsating water jet and the buzzing plastic probe, my hips were soon rocking.

While his left hand operated the toy, Randy’s right hand engaged in superlative rubbing. He rubbed the tender buttocks he had paddled earlier in the day. He rubbed my thighs, my hips, my lower back, and all over. He used a rotary, kneading technique. When blended with the jets and the toy, this exquisite rubbing sent me over the moon with carnal desire.

After several minutes of this stimulation, the inevitable spanking began in earnest. Randy’s hard right palm struck slowly and repeatedly against my already sore bottom. I might have objected, were I not so distracted by the overwhelming pleasure nearby. Besides, the wet flesh on flesh impact made a tremendous smacking sound as it reverberated off the tile walls. This wasn’t a hard spanking, but it didn’t need to be.

When he decided that I was properly prepared, he turned me around and joined with me from behind. As he thrust, he grabbed two handfuls of my ample posterior. The first time he squeezed hard, I screamed in explosive orgasmic release. Wave after wave of bliss flowed through my body. By the time it was over, I was gasping and hoarse. I felt so wobbly that Randy had to help me get out of the tub.

That night, I enjoyed a sleep as deep and sound as any I can remember. Perhaps the clean, fresh air played a role. More likely, though, the key factor was the incredible lovemaking. It left me feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and forever intimately linked with my sweet husband.

This mini-vacation might have been one of our best weekends ever (and that’s saying a lot). It was difficult to go back to our regular lives on Monday morning. These memories make me anticipate our next outing even more. Guess what I want for Christmas…

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wind walker said...

that sounds like the bestest bath ever!!!!

little one said...

Beautiful Bonnie... such a beautiful account. Sounds like the best way to get some much needed sleep to me. :) I love how you two are still so much in love. It shows in all you write.

Storm Rider said...

Great weekend you two, and I am quite sure that I will have to match it with my woman as she loves baths and rub downs!
How ever, Randy should have waited until someone DID come along to start anything!! It always hot when someone is watching!

padme said...

Great story bonnie! :)
Happy halloween...

Bonnie said...

Wind - I hope it will soon be the *second* bestest! In any case, it was great fun.

Little - Thanks. Sleep doesn't make for as good a story as some of the other activities, but it's definitely an important part of the vacation experience. We really are still in love after all these years. If we have a secret, I believe it is regular renewal.

Storm - I'm sure she would appreciate that kind of pampering. I have a love/hate thing with the whole exhibitionist trip. As a fantasy, it's very exciting to consider being observed. In reality, though, I recognize there could be some very unpleasant consequences.

Shyanne - Thanks, and happy Halloween to you too.

Janeen said...

An amazing getaway Bonnie, thanks for sharing it with us. I love playing in the tub, LOL

Our last getaway had a tub similar to the one you described and I think we spent the majority of our time in it. ;)

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