Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fantasy versus Reality

In an exchange with one of my correspondents, she told me that she enjoys spankings only in the realm of fantasy. "How sad," was my first reaction. Then it occurred to me that if that arrangement meets her needs, who am I to lament or wish for her something more?

After all, fantasy without reality seems a whole lot better than reality without fantasy. For me, both are essential. Fantasy and reality play very different roles. Here's what I mean.

Turns me onFinishes me off
In my mind all the timeHappens at best twice per week
May or may not be sexualAlways sexual
Disciplinary themesMany themes
Merciless spankerPlayacting deserves an Oscar
I'm naughtyI've done nothing wrong
I deserve thisI enjoy this
Severe spankingsOnly what is needed
I need a masterI can take care of myself
I need to submitI want to submit
I like marksI like marks no one can see
Pain is secondarySpankings really hurt!
Aware, awake, alert throughoutSometimes drift into "subspace"
Follows my story lineI never know what's next
Stern and seriousFun and laughter
Makes for a good storyMakes for a great story
Over when it's overAfter-effects last a while
I love my spankingsSame here

Interestingly, Randy has his own spanking fantasies. They seem to be remarkably similar to my reality.

In summary, the most important sexual organ is the one we all share - the mind. Imagination enriches our relationships and stretches our boundaries. Without fantasy, we're just going through the motions.


padme said...

Really good post bonnie!

Storm Rider said...

I learned a long time ago Bonnie that fantasies MUST be lived out. Life here is way to short and can be snuffed out in the blink of an eye!
I always say, try everything TWICE, just to make sure its real!
Good Post!

padme said...

I must say I agree with storm's comments. You really should live your fantasies out. I know I enjoy living mine out very much.

Bonnie said...

Storm and Shyanne,

I agree. But what if someone's fantasy is to submit to a partner whose own fantasies are different? Now there's a brain-twister.

Randy's tastes are slightly different than mine. Fortunately, we find plenty of common ground.

Anonymous said...

…and then there was the submissive who’s master was a masochist. In order to be submissive to him she had to beat his butt three times a week.

Janeen said...

Bonnie I agree with you that there is a place for fantasy and reality.

Some fantasies will always have a place in my mind, but would not fit into my reality, nor would I want them to.

It's wonderful to have the fantasy realm you can visit it as often as you like, and you don't have to worry about the sore bottom afterwards. ;)

closetfreak said...

I love spankings in fantasy and reality. Glad I ran across your blog.

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