Saturday, October 08, 2005

Leap of Faith

Late yesterday evening, Randy decided that I needed a stress relief spanking. I could hardly argue. It was a challenging week at work and I was worried about an event we are attending tonight. Unlike many of the spankings at our house, stress relief spankings are definitely not all fun. We both know that to be effective, a stress relief spanking needs to be pretty severe. I have no idea why a few well placed swats doesn’t have the same restorative effect, but that’s just not how it works.

He sent me upstairs to our bedroom with instructions to strip and lie face down on the bed. I followed his commands to the letter. As I was quickly undressing, I both dreaded the pain and hopefully anticipated the spiritual liberation that follows.

No sooner had taken my position than my man appeared in the doorway. When he spoke, his tone was direct, but sympathetic. “Let’s take care of this, honey.” He approached me and began to massage my back. I was so nervous that I jumped at his touch. His hands were reassuring, but I too wanted to get past the hard part.

After a minute or two of rubbing, I felt a very different sensation. His gentle hand became suddenly rigid as it slapped my bottom for the first time. Again it fell upon the other side. The swats were hard, but not unpleasantly so. Soon, Randy adopted a familiar alternating rhythm. It dawned upon me that he was actually giving me a warm-up. I had long suspected the man had never heard of the concept, but here it was.

After about five minutes of these purposeful hand spanks, my bottom felt toasty warm. It had that nice sting too. On another night, this might have been a fine prelude to coital bliss. But I knew that he knew that I needed something more. Fortunately or unfortunately, he didn’t make me wait long.

“We’re going to try something new tonight.” Randy declared. This statement momentarily replaced my concern with curiosity. What could he possibly do to me that we haven’t already tried twice? Before I could formulate a theory, he produced a bungee cord. It wasn’t the kind people use to jump off of cliffs (though I would indeed soon be jumping). This bungee was the short variety used for securing objects in transit. This novel implement, I thought, could be real trouble.

Randy folded the cable in half with the hook-ends in his hand. He placed his left hand upon the center of my lower back, presumably to brace me for the imminent onslaught. Snap! The bungee loop bit into my skin with a ferocious burn. Before I could recover, it hit again. After four or five of these flaming attacks, I became frantic. This was more than I could handle. The pain was intense and escalating. Randy, to his credit, held me down and persevered. I knew I needed a spanking, just not this spanking. Had I been allowed to escape, I might have done so. In all, I probably absorbed twenty blows from the cord before Randy deemed my spanking to be sufficient. Yeow! I don’t doubt neighbors two blocks away heard my wails.

When it was all over, Randy held me close as I buried my face in his chest. He had hurt me, but he fixed me too. My spirit was now light. The weight of the world was gone. I had the overwhelming sensation of relief and freedom. For whatever reason, I started to giggle. I imagine Randy thought I was insane, but it was a natural expression of my delight.

We made tender love under the covers. He was so sweet and gentle with me. It amazes me sometimes this one man can play so many different roles in my life. Everyday, I am grateful for his love, his guidance, his insight, his imagination, his mind, and of course, his body. I am totally his, but he is also mine. It’s a fine arrangement.

When we finished, I got out of bed to use the bathroom. As I walked away, Randy nervously said, “Um, Bon, you probably ought to take a peek in the mirror.” When I did, I saw as nasty a collection of bottom marks as I can remember. I had crescent-shaped welts all over. They were the color of the page you are now reading! As I ran my hand over them, I could feel how the skin was noticeably raised. Even a light touch brought back the intense burning sensation. Ouch!

This morning, those marks have faded some, but they are still quite evident. What’s worse is the fact that they burn, itch, and ache all at once! I really got the works last night. On the positive side of the ledger, I’m smiling today and my cares have been banished to a place far away.

Randy fussed over me a bit this morning. He was afraid that he had overdone it. I will admit my derriere feels a tad overdone, but he knew precisely what I needed and gave it to me. For that, I am most thankful.

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Janeen said...

**wink** Must have been the official spank your wife's stresses away night! (Maybe our husbands secretly belong to the "Wife's Attitude Adjusting" club).

Gotta love the new lease on life after feeling though!

I may just wind up with another session tonight, having technical difficulties over here. Computer quite arrogantly refuses to upload after pictures, that I promised to post on my site today.

Taking a slight reprieve before computer, and camera take an abrupt two story flight out my window! LOL

Loved the story!

dwcmike said...

Was this spanking too intense, in that the number of spanks were less but each of much greater effect? Do you prefer a longer drawn out spanking, or one that gets immediately to the point.
I totally agree that after the spanking, the cares of the world have been released, and any bad moods have been replaced by happy feelings, except maybe for a sore bottom.
Lastly, have you ever considered spanking your husband?
My wife was never interested in being spanked, so we have evolved with my being spanked instead. It is wonderful, except during the actual hard spanks with a bath brush.
bottoms up
PS: i have started my own blog about our experiences. Keep up the great work with your blog.
Lastly, I copied the info of what type of spanko are you, and came out with the same results.

Bonnie said...


I have nothing but praise for the WAAC this evening. I'm glad everything (except the technology) worked out for you as well. I look forward to reading your diary entry.

Best wishes with your computer challenge!

Bonnie said...

While it was happening, this spanking definitely felt as though it was too intense. In reflection, what I received was precisely what I needed.

As for what I prefer, I'm don't know if there is any one simple answer. It depends upon a number of factors - my frame of mind, the situation, what my husband wants, and so forth. He has a knack for taking me where I need to go. In most cases, I am content to follow.

No, we've never seriously considered trading roles. I sometimes wish he had a better understanding of how much my spankings hurt, but that will never happen. I'm satisfied with our current roles. I wouldn't presume to tell anyone else what they should do, but this arrangement works well for us.

Thanks for visiting and take care!

Anonymous said...

I'm a very new spanko-and still surprised how much of a turn on it is. over christmas I got two good spankings, one where I asked for harder spanking and got with lots of bruising and another which hurt more but no marks and not as long-but boy do I beg for sex during!

Red Ted said...

Ooh sounded painfully delicious. I haven't found a good spanker so I mainly self spank and heard of what a cord feels like though I'm too chicken to try it on myself. Silly since I know I can stop it anytime. Love the blog btw.

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