Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Business Woman's Special

Here's a memory from my greatest hits collection

It's been another hectic week around here. Randy's project is due on Tuesday and his team has been working all kinds of hours trying to beat the clock. Consequently, our playtime has been extremely limited. Worse yet, he has started to return to his nocturnal habits. It seems as though the only time I see him awake during the week is late in the evening. By yesterday, I could tell that I needed to do something to break this cycle.

I planned to drive over to our daughter's school at lunch to pay a fee and sign some papers. It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over. I decided while I was there, why not stop at home and sneak in a lunch with Randy? Thursday night, I told him of my plan. He said that sounded like a good idea and promised to be awake.

After a fairly routine visit to the school, I returned home. True to his word, Randy was awake and dressed. Our daughter, I learned, had actually gotten out of bed and went to visit a friend (she usually takes after Randy when it comes to sleep schedule). Now, here was a golden opportunity. I gathered that Randy recognized this too when he motioned me to follow him upstairs.

"This has to be quick. I need to be back at work by one o’clock" I said. Randy smiled and replied "I don't think it will take too long." With that, he retrieved the sorority paddle from our toy drawer. He just looked at me as if anticipating my next move. Well, I wasn't going to pass up this kind of chance. I started to unzip my dress. As I did, he gently put his hand around mine. "You don't have time for that, Bon. Just pull it up," he said. Good idea. I hiked up my dress and slip. He pulled down my underwear and pantyhose to my mid-thighs. Again in the name of saving time, I positioned myself standing on the floor, bent over, with my forearms on the bed. Randy flipped up the dress and slip so I could support myself with both arms. He told me my bottom looked especially beautiful framed in this way.

As soon as I took my position, he took his, a couple feet to my left. He then let the paddle fly. It slammed into both of my cheeks simultaneously. The swat sounded like a gunshot and stung like crazy. I was so surprised! He usually takes one practice swing to judge distance and aim or whatever. Under ideal conditions, I seldom get much of a warm-up. On this occasion, it was obvious he was giving his best effort from the first stroke. Again the long paddle hit its mark. I was yowling already, but I resisted the temptation to jump up and do the old hop and rub two-step (this particular dance is familiar to anyone who gets paddled). In all, I think I took about ten hard whacks.

When he stopped, I started to get up. "Wait" Randy said, "We're not quite done yet." He tossed the paddle on the bed and grabbed our wooden dogleg hairbrush. Usually, he explained, he selects one implement and completes the entire job with it. In this case, however, we were short on time so special techniques were required. I didn't understand that rationalization, but he didn't give me much time to consider it. If the paddle worked with a methodical pile driver pace, he applied the hairbrush in just the opposite fashion. He worked quickly, alternating between striking all over my bottom in a seemingly random pattern and then delivering eight or ten quick ones all in one place. Coming immediately after an intense paddling, the hairbrush created a sizzling burn each time it forcefully made contact with my skin. Wild carnal thoughts flashed through my mind. I may have been dressed for business, but I was primed for pleasure. When he finally stopped, I was astonished at how sore I was. He had definitely concentrated his efforts on my sit surfaces. Ouch! If nothing else, Randy demonstrated that he can deliver a very efficient spanking.

I wanted to jump him, but Randy reminded me that I was fifteen minutes from work and it was 12:45. Alas, he was right. I had to leave. I took a few minutes to rearrange myself and a moment more for a big kiss from my dear husband. This was the kind of a kiss that was both a celebration of times past and a suggestion of events to come. It reminded me that the best part of our routine would have to wait for later. I asked him to promise me that he'd be home at decent hour. He said he understood that we weren't finished. With that assurance, out the door I went.

Traffic was light and I made it to work only about five minutes late. No one noticed. It had been a long time since I last went to work with my bottom this freshly warmed. It didn't take long to figure out that my office chair was not my friend on this afternoon. On the other hand, I work as a technical writer. It's my job to sit at the computer all day. Let me tell you, I spent most of the afternoon visiting the vending machines, the water fountain, co-workers, and any other destination that didn't involve sitting. Fortunately, I didn't have any meetings scheduled. At long last, the day was over and I left for home.

Randy came home about 8:30 and he was determined to finish what he had started at lunchtime. When he got home, his first question concerned the whereabouts of our daughter. I told him I had given her money and sent her out to a movie with her friend. She wouldn't be home for at least an hour. We ran up the stairs and into our bedroom.

Not wanting to delay the proceedings, I stripped completely naked. Randy sat on the bed and placed me across his lap. I feel so comfortable and at home in that position. I feel as though his upper legs were designed for my torso. Again, he applied the hairbrush, although not so fast or hard as before. Given the condition of my bottom, it didn't need to be. He punctuated his assault with short breaks to attend to my sexual interest (at this point, I was about as interested as I could possibly be). After a while, we finished this diversion in favor of more immediate concerns. I gave him my special kiss and he tickled my fancy. Then with Randy on his back, I straddled him. While we made love, he grabbed my throbbing cheeks and squeezed them. It felt like being spanked all over again, only better. I lost all semblance of control. It was so warm, so tingly, and so intimate.

Later, as we sat and watched some mindless movie on cable, our daughter came home. She said with a concerned tone, "You two look tired. Maybe you're working too hard." I assured her we were fine (we are now anyway!).

I'm still coping with a lot of posterior discomfort today, but I don't mind a bit. Who knows, maybe this weekend holds another adventure. Randy's back at work, but says he'll be home for dinner. Here's hoping the main course is me!

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Janeen said...

Yikes! That paddle looks scary.

It must have been hard going back to work with the job only half finished.

Glad it worked out in the long run.

Love your stories.

Bonnie said...


That old sorority paddle is VERY effective. Mixing it with the brush provides both sting and ache. As the surface burn subsides, that deep ouch takes over. I've not yet taken a cushion to work, but I sure wanted to do so on that afternoon.

trace said...

Just found your blog.. quite nice..

trace said...

oh.. jsut to let you know.. it was your profile photo that drew me here.. :)

Anonymous said...

I luv your spanking stories. I am a spankoholic myself...this is my first post here...soooo just thought I'd ask. Have you ever videotaped a spanking session and watched it later to see his focus and force, etc. and your contorting and weakening, etc.. Its not for everyone but can be exciting to watch.
Secondly, have you ever laid on your back, had your leggs lifted up or even pulled back over your head so you can actually watch the spanker spank you. I recieved a spanking with a ping pong paddle while in this position....omg, you talk about getting wore plum!

Bonnie said...


Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. As for my profile photo, I wanted an image that would capture the essence of my blog. Given the topic (and the name), my choice was an easy one.

Bonnie said...

Hi Anon and welcome.

My answers are (1) Yes, but it was a little weird, and (2) Yes.

fabio said...

I am relatively new to spanking but really love spanking Charlotte and, surprisingly, being spanked by her. I love reading your stories and blog.

Anonymous said...

great site just found it great stories do any of you live in europe ?

Anonymous said...

New to the blog scene but a veteran spankee. My husband warms my butt on regular occasions, mostly due to my independence. I have enjoyed your stories. Thanks for writting them.

Troublenmd said...

Just found this.. Awesome Story!

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