Saturday, April 17, 2021

Catching Up

Hello, bloggy friends!

I know I've been absent around here lately, but it's been for a good cause. Randy and I are now fully vaccinated (yay!) so we are very cautiously getting reacquainted with the outside world. We put off at least a dozen major projects and errands over the past year and now we are, as the title says, catching up.

But it's not all been drudgery. I got to spend a long weekend with our daughter and granddaughter! That was worth the wait, but I never want to be apart for so long again. This kid grew up when I wasn't looking. She's so smart and motivated. I know she will do great things.

I recently received an email from "Bradley." He asked, "Can you send me stories about girls getting spanked?" I usually skip right past this sort of message, but I must have been in a generous mood. I told him that my blog contains over 100 such stories and links to many more. He immediately replied to inquire, "Is this you?" Now my simple answer had devolved into a dopey existential dialog. I informed Bradley that I have always been me throughout my entire life. My persona is inextricably linked to my physical being. I haven't heard from him since.

That's all the news I have for now. Happy spring and happy spankings!


Fondles said...

glad to hear that you've both gotten your vaccinations. maybe the world can start becoming normal again, bit by tediously slow bit.

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie,

So glad to hear you have had your vaccinations and that you were able to spend time with your daughter and granddaughter. Having to remain apart from loved ones is the hardest part of this scurge.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Bonnie! I'm so glad you and Randy received your vaccinations. I hope you never have to be apart from your daughter and granddaughter for this long again.
The "Bradley" anecdote was so funny.
Have a wonderful day!



Congratulations on getting the jab and enjoying your freedom


Erica Scott said...

Yayyyy for vaccines! I have had my first and will have the second on May 3. Looks like perhaps we can start living again. :-)

Rich Person said...

Congratulations on vaccinations.

I can certainly affirm that you definitely are you. It makes us all happy, I'd say.

Bonnie said...

Fondles - I hope this is the cautious beginning to a more normal world.

Roz - Yes, that's very true. Thanks for stopping by.

Liza - Thank you!

Prefectdt - Thank you. Best wishes to you.

Erica - Now there's a date to circle on the calendar! I certainly hope so.

RP - That's very sweet. Thank you.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

aren't you both lucky to be fully vaccinated. We've been told that even with the vaccine, we must stick to all the precautions, so no hugging family for us :(


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