Monday, September 02, 2019

Keyword Chaos: Autumn Edition

These are search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • "head down bottom up" – There are many worse things than getting a spanking

  • "mommy gets a spanking" – Good thing she’s totally into it

  • "my bottom" paddle "thwack" – Oh, did you hear that?

  • "where i sit down" – That’s just where he spanked me

  • 70 year old husband putts his wife over his knee – A golf club spanking sounds pretty extreme

  • a husbands sudden desire to put his wife otk and spank her bottom – Sorry, Honey, it just came over me

  • adding embarrassment to spanking stories – Don’t proofread your grammatical errors

  • adult bare bottom belt spanking poll – 17% of the adult population finds a belt spanking relaxing

  • anal intercourse after hairbrush spankings – Just another Saturday night at home

  • authentic trditional spanking scrnarios – Lurker strapped for spelling errors

  • bare traps sandals roanna – Maybe if you hum the tune…?

  • BDSM belt spank caspasian punishment story – That’s hot

  • Bending over da arm of the Couch – Getting swats on da Butt

  • big wide bottom bonnie spanked again – That’s actually not part of my legal name

  • black and blue paddle marks on bare butt – I like to think of those as merit badges

  • bonanza fanfiction best of the west spanking – Why, Hoss, I had no idea...

  • bubble butt big bottom story – That’s all of my stories

  • caned wearing her knickers – Now can I have my panties back?

  • chairleader caned and paddled – The head chair was very uncomfortable

  • Change implements during spanking – Damn cheap drug store hairbrush

  • cheerleader getting paddled – Everyone wants to paddle the cheerleaders

  • chritian spanking booth – When a bake sale isn’t enough

  • Competitive spanking ass video – These women are legitimate athletes

  • consensual spanking loopy johnny – Is it too late to reconsider my consent?

  • Craves a really hard spanking – Yeah, I’ve been there

  • Curvy girls spanked stories – The book is shaped like an hourglass

  • diaper trap – Open with care

  • diy spanking machine – Looking for a test pilot?

  • Domestic discipline with bare bottom spanking and sodomy – Ah, marital bliss

  • F/F funny spanking – How come you always get to be the rude schoolgirl?

  • favorite spanking – My favorite is the next one

  • female foot devotion captions – Her bunion is so sexy

  • flowery panties spanking – I smell roses

  • hairbrush spanking bedtime plug – Good times in the bedroom

  • hot mom big ass bur is hear – Say what?

  • how to prepare to get a spanking – Take a shower and put on clean panties

  • husband can't believe his luck for a reason to spank his wife's bottom – She said yes

  • I have to admit I deserved that spanking – I was good all week

  • i let another man spank my wife – With her consent I hope

  • i spank my wife with a paddle – What a coincidence, so does my husband

  • in the corner after a spanking – We like to call that contemplation time

  • kiri Kelly spanking – I hope she is enjoying a wonderful kinky retirement

  • mark of the caned butt – Sounds like a secret spanko society

  • most embarrassing bare bottom spanking stories – There are some people who simply shouldn’t be writers

  • necessary spankings for an uncooperative wife – Or better yet, unnecessary spankings for a cooperative wife

  • needed headmaster secretary witness bare bottom caning – Apply in person at St. Swattins Institute

  • needing a dam good spanking videos – Be sure to get a shot of Lake Mead in the background

  • princess kelley spanking videos – We love our spanko royalty

  • proud of my welts – Aren’t they beautiful?

  • reason I spank my wife – Because she loves it

  • roleplay naughty schoolgirl spank – Where’s my pleated plaid skirt?

  • self spanking implements – Try a long handled bath brush

  • so proud of her new spanking paddle – And couldn’t wait to try it out

  • spank diagrams – What do you want, a blueprint?

  • spanking is fun – Yes, if done well (or well done)

  • spanking quiz – If I flunk, do I get a spanking? Or do I need to pass?

  • spanking rituals – Can we play marauding buccaneer and saucy wench tonight?

  • spanking therapy stories – It changed my life

  • spanky dance – The old “hop and rub”

  • thong pulled down for spanking – Up or down, bare is bare

  • Western spanking woman – She rode a blazing saddle

  • wet towel spanking – Towel snaps hurt more than most people realize

  • what position for spanking is most painful – Either than ankle grab or the diaper

  • what should a good spanked bottom look like – Raised red marks that are hot to the touch

  • Woman spanked while wearing skimpy bikini – Not enough material back there to cover those marks
Keep those queries coming!


Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, love your comments lol. Thank you for the giggle :)


Hermione said...

So funny! Some of those people need to have their keyboards confiscated.

Bonnie, does Randy still help you with the clever interpretations?


Bonnie said...

Roz - Thanks.

Hermione - Yes, he does. :)

Erica Scott said...

I love these so much. ♥

Bonnie said...

Erica -

Thanks. Some just scream for a response!

Windy said...

Thanks for the laughs, Bonnie! My favorite was the church bake sale...... !!! Hugs, Windy

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