Sunday, March 31, 2019

Keyword Chaos Version 2019-3

Here are even more search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • old fashion hard bare bottom spanking heavy paddling girls – Who you calling heavy?

  • old fashioned hairbrush spanking made my bum red and sore – Really? That happened to me too

  • old ladies like spanking too – Truth

  • otk spanking quizzes – I never seem to have the right answers when OTK

  • otk thigh spank quiz – Just ow

  • over the knee cartoon spanking – Oh, that makes my ink sting

  • paddle used for punishment hung on wall – Paddle if you must, but please don’t hang me on the wall

  • panties pulled down and spanked by disciplinarian fantasy – Fantasy spankings don’t hurt

  • panties show through sheer white slacks – Randy, is this you?

  • Pear shaped babes – My beloved sisters

  • plump spanking – Smile when you say that

  • poem about naughty girls needing a spanking – There once was a gal named Jane...

  • popular spanking implements – Popular with whom?

  • Position to spank gals – Make sure her bottom is accessible

  • princess Kelley may spanking – One of our favorite spankos

  • proper brush spanking southern style – Brush on the barbeque sauce before roasting

  • ritual blowjob blog – This blog sucks

  • roommate gets the slipper spanking – Lucky roomie

  • round rump plump bubble butt butted round – Are we going to start that again?

  • Routine spankings for high heels training – There is nothing routine about standing in heels while being spanked

  • rubber bungee spanking implement – Those things are wicked

  • selecting a whip to punish my wife at the tack store – Believe me, the clerks totally know

  • self spanking inplements – A long handled solid wood bath brush is almost too effective

  • self spanking tumblr – Not any more

  • sent to the corner with a smacked bottom – Another day, another spanking

  • she pulled her panties down and prepared to be plugged and paddled – Good times ahead

  • should i spank my wife – I don’t know. What does she think?

  • smack on the bottom quiz – Does it hurt? Yes, it does

  • smacked bottom over her petticoat blog – This seems like a very specialized site

  • smacked bottom over pink panties blog – See above

  • smacking. bare bottom with a garden hose – Rubber is evil

  • Snow white spanks bad boys ass I am naughty art – She lined up all seven little dudes

  • spank implement as a present – It’s a gift that keeps on giving

  • SPANK ME BOTTOM – Arrrrrrr

  • spanked and embarrassed – Yeah, sometimes

  • spanked bottoms a one handed appreciation – You’re welcome

  • spanked bums in cotton panties – Might as well be comfortable in your discomfort

  • spanked butt bikini public – Just not enough material back there to cover the burn

  • spanked by a cowboy on my birthday – Finally learned what those chaps are really for

  • Spanked by husband for disrespect fictional stories – You will treat those stories with honor

  • spanked naked quiz – Yes. Now what else do you want to know?

  • spanked on her wedding night – Starting out right

  • spanking competition – On your marks…

  • spanking for fun – This is going to be more fun for you than it is for me

  • spanking models first day afternoon – To think, I could have been a dental receptionist

  • Spanking panties – On the seat is printed, “Is that all you’ve got?”

  • Spanking story bare fire dragon – Put some clothes on that dragon

  • Spanking story cracker barrel paddle – A classic butt sizzler

  • spanking thong – Worst implement ever

  • spankingly husband to disobedient wife video – We are witnessing the birth of a new kinky adverb

  • Strict husbands spanking wives for disobeying stories – You will obey your stories or I’ll spank you again.

  • table spank game – Risk has never been so risky

  • the kinky blog maintenance spankings – Truth is that blog maintenance isn’t very kinky

  • tough booty – If that’s your goal, there is no substitute for regular spankings

  • traveling outer space bad woman goes to a plant spanked her self belt – Beware, it’s an alien spanko plant!

  • unusual position embarrassing spanking stories – It’s surprisingly difficult to hold a headstand while being caned

  • what is the best implement for spanking over clothes – Best for whom?

  • what to do with a well spanked red hot bum – Share it with your lover

  • Which pair panties is better to spank your in – The ones you’re wearing

  • Whipping philosophy – I’ll happily trade posterior pain today for a lifetime of joy and peace

  • Why do schoolgirls Grab ankles for spankings rather than touch toes. – Some spankees aren’t that limber

  • Why does anal hurt more for woman after spanked – Perhaps you should test that hypothesis

  • why no spanking over chair over the knee – Yeah, where’s the spanking?

  • wide bottom paddled hard – At least they didn’t mention me by name

  • Wife spanking is good – Depends upon whose wife it is

  • women being spanked over the knee tight silky panty – I doubt you can fit more than one woman at a time in those tight panties

  • women who like to spank blogs – Naughty blogs!

  • WOMEN WITH HAD HANDS FOR SPANKIING – Oh, yes, of course they did
That’s all!


Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, these are so funny, as are your brilliant comments. Thank you for the giggle:)


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I love the image of Snow White spanking all seven dwarfs.

I must look up 'Spankingly' in Merriam Webster; if it isn't there, it should be.


Terpsichore said...

always enjoy reading these :-) Hugs

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