Saturday, August 06, 2016

And... We're Back

Hi everybody!

It's good to see you all again. My apologies to everyone who was concerned for our well being. We're fine. Ditto to anyone surprised or dismayed by this blog's sudden and unexpected disappearance. It was frankly a surprise to me too. Had I planned to leave, please know I would have said something.

So what happened to make me leave? And why am I back now?

In May, I started working on a special project at work where I had to collaborate with people from other organizations. The team lead decided to use some cloud-based tools I had never tried. "OK, fine, whatever," I thought. It wasn't great, but I was able to figure out what to do. When the weekend arrived, Randy was out so I decided to check in from home and work a little ahead. I didn't realize that when I clicked the invitation link, I was already logged into a related service as spanko Bonnie. I shrieked when I saw my backside displayed next to my name as one of the authorized users.

Needless to say, I freaked out. I didn't even wait for Randy. I shuttered my blogs and hid in the basement. If my co-workers found out what we do for recreation, well, I don't even want to think about that.

And then, nothing. If anyone noticed, they didn't let on. Even with MBS closed, all it would have taken was one Google search and my deepest secret would cease to be a secret. So I worried, right up until the day the project concluded. Now, no one has any reason to go back and poke around in that site. That was last week. I still worry, but less so with each passing day.

I wish I had a meaningful lesson to share, but I don't. We just have to be careful.

About that brush above... Randy declared last night that I needed to become reacquainted with it. I assured him that I hadn't forgotten at all. Not even a little. Undeterred, he insisted upon making that introduction both yesterday evening and this morning. Now I have no choice but to remember. Love that man!

The blogroll should be in decent shape, but I'm always on the lookout for spanking blogs. Please send me your discoveries and I will get them linked.

I hope you're enjoying a warm and toasty summer!

Any resemblance of individuals depicted in this blog to persons you may know in real life is purely coincidental.


Anonymous said...

As if almost seamless, I "chanced" entering your URL a few moments ago and there you were, Bonnie--like you never left. Thanks for the private reassuring email you sent after, desperately worried about your abrupt disappearance, I contacted you via a trusted intermediary. So glad nothing came of your horrifying moment. I often think about how the firewall between me and the scores of women I work with at a company I consult must remain imPERVious, so that nobody is ever the wiser about my nearly lifelong obsession. Not even getting caught scoping out the best jean-clad behinds in the mostly casually dressed building! Bonnie, long may you continue to be the true epicenter of our cherished and passionate endeavor! Be well! -JJ

Terpsichore said...

wonderful to have you back. :-) so kind of your husband to reacquaint you with that brush :-) from the looks of it, it probably would not take much. I much prefer leather :-) Hugs to you and best wishes

abby said...

Welcome back! I am very well acquainted with that brush..It is the first item that He bought with spanking in mind, long before I knew Him. He loves it...too much for my liking.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are back. I've followed you for years and your sudden disappearance was a concern.

Minelle Labraun said...

I must say I clicked recently and you were gone and freaked out a bit! I am so glad you are here as usual!
I'm glad Randy saw fit to reacquaint you with that brush!

Emerging Lurker said...

Hooray and welcome back! Your absence left a hole in blogland. I'm glad your secret remained a secret. A little of that brush goes a long ways, I imagine two meetings in 24 hours would leave a lasting memory. :)

Anonymous said...

What a scary thing to have happen! I don't blame you for freaking out. Now you know you should just leave work at the office. :)
I'm very glad you are back and that everything is okay.

Michael M said...

That is the trouble with all the Google linkage and an easy to use mouse. I can't count the number of times I have clicked and regretted. Welcome back.

Roz said...

Welcome back Bonnie, so glad you are back :)

Goodness, that would have been scary! Glad your secret is still safe :)


Wilma Rubble said...

Oh thank goodness all is right in the world again :) Well at least in the blogging world. Welcome back!!!


Stan Camson said...

Welcome must have been so nerve racking for you


Leigh Smith said...

Welcome back. I can only imagine how nervous you were.

SirQsmlb said...

Oh bonnie, I completely understand that terror - and it is terror! I've made one errant comment as my actual self and had some close calls as my online self. It's sad to think that being outed is such an object-able thing, but such is the life we live right now. I'm so glad everything turned out ok. Welcome back!


Red said...

Hi Bonnie: Well, you certainly deserved both of those spankings, and probably a few more. Hermione had told me the reason, so glad you are now back blogging, and all is well.
Looking forward to more postings, and a LOUD and CLEAR WARNING to every spankster out there.
bottoms up

Downunder Don said...

Oh Bonny,
The slippery slope we spankos tread. I can appreciate your worry as a similar thing happened to me a while back.
Hopefully all back to normal including a little adjustment by Randy

PK Corey said...

I'm glad you had no real problem from this and we're really glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy! Welcome back!

Eva said...

Welcome back!

ronnie said...

That would have been scary. Good to see you back Bonnie.


sixofthebest said...

Welcome home Bonnie, Welcome home. Yes Pandora WON her censorship fight. Hip Hip Hurrah for her. and for all of us 'spanko's.

Unknown said...

Welcome back. We missed you. Isn't it dismaying that it comes to this.

Anonymous said...

Note to self, when commentating always make sure to be logged into correct blog and/or identity.

Wouldn't it be so nice not to have to scurry around hiding as a spanko?

Bonnie said...

Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful support! It's great to be back. I definite missed all of you.

JJ - Thank you.

Terps - Yes, he's so kind. :)

Abby - That brush would be way too intense for a first implement. That's sort of like learning to drive in a Lamborghini.

Anon #1 - Sorry about that. I didn't feel as tough I had a better option.

Minelle - I wish there had been a better way to let people know, but anything I did could have brought attention that I didn't need.

EL - A lasting memory indeed. Randy said, "Bad girls get a spanking. Good girls get two spankings."

Ripley - I wish I could!

Michael - I need an "unclick" function on my mouse.

Roz - Thanks. Me too!

Willie - Thank you!

Stan - Yes, it was.

Leigh - I'm getting braver with each passing day.

Fiona - Aw, thanks!

Red - I can tell you that I'm assure a lot more vigilant these days.

DD - I'm adjusted all right. :)

PK - Thank you!

Erica - Thanks!

Eva - It's good to be back.

Ronnie - It's wonderful to see everyone again.

Six - Hooray indeed.

Unknown - Yes, you are so right.

LS - The strange thing is that I feel like I am very careful. Not careful enough on this occasion.


Hermione said...

Welcome back, dear friend. I'm so happy to see your blog alive again.


Bonnie said...

Thank you, Hermione, for the greetings and for sharing my status with concerned friends during my absence. It's good to be back.

Jenn said...

When I am surfing the spanking blogs and other sites, I ALWAYS use "Incognito Mode" (or equivalent). In my regular life, I ALWAYS use "Regular Mode" (for lack of a better term). I had been considering using Incognito more often, but this is a good reminder why I shouldn't do that. Maybe using a different browser for this interest would be a good idea, too. Did you get any good advice for ways to avoid this happening in the future?

River Wild said...

Man, sorry for the scare--that had to have been such a panicky moment! Speaking of back, I am finally back too after almost 2 years on hiatus. If you want to add me to your blog roll, my website is the same as it was,
Looking forward to catching up on the blogland goings-on :)

Lea said...

I'm glad nothing has come of it. I've had the reverse happen, where I reveal my vanilla private self to my kink accounts!

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