Sunday, March 13, 2016

Your Questions Answered

Thank you to everyone who posed questions. Here are your questions and my answers.

Cat asked, "If money and time were not an issue, where would you travel?"

I've always wanted to visit New Zealand with Iceland as a second choice.

Lindy asked, "How long have you been practicing TTWD?" and "Do you and your partner have any fantasies?"

(deep breath) Randy and I have been together for 39 years. Spanking has always been a part of our relationship.

Yes, we each have lots of fantasies that we live when we can. My fantasies tend to involve corporal punishment themes. Randy likes dressing me for role play spankings. We only occasionally get sufficient time and energy to pursue our fantasies these days, but we enjoy them when we do.

Six of the Best asked, "Have you ever discussed with your ever loving husband, that the day will come, when either one of you or the other, will not be able to spank or be spanked, because of aging disabilities?"

Yes, very definitely. As we age, we both experience aches and pains that impede our play. We've been fortunate to avoid major disabilities thus far, but we are very aware it will happen. We will find less strenuous ways to express our love.

Ronnie asked. "What's Randy's favourite implement to spank you with? Do any of your vanilla friends know you get spanked?"

What day is this? Seriously, he goes through cycles. A few months ago, it was the punishment cane. Now, he seems to favor a small, stiff, leather paddle. And there are a few wooden toys that never get buried very deep in the toy box.

There are a few who are aware, but it's not something we really discuss.

John asked, "Did you ever tell your daughter you're in spanking or does she suspect you're in some kind of kinky play?"

We never told her and she never asked. I think she knows, but does not want to know. And that's fine with us.

Gary (via e-mail) asked, "I heard a hard spanking described as burning like fire. is that how it feels for you?"

I feel heat and pain to be sure, but I have to think that having your flesh seared by a fire is worse than any spanking I have experienced.

Anon (via comment) said, "it seems like you have the perfect life are you happy at your day job... maybe you can reply and give me some tips on how to approach my wife I think we need some spice in our bedroom"

We don't have the perfect life. We work through the same challenges that many couples experience as they walk through life. I choose not to highlight broken grocery bags and appliances that need maintenance. At the same time, we are very blessed to have each other and a reasonably comfortable life.

I also try not to unload the burdens of my job. It is often stressful and saps my energy. I want this blog to be a positive place where we can discuss spanking in a consensual relationship. Gripes about work don't support this purpose.

Here are a couple of tutorials that you may find helpful as you seek to include your wife in your search for spice:

          Your First Spanking

          Talking with Your Partner

Thanks, everyone!


Terpsichore said...

wonderful answers...hope all is well with you...hugs

Anonymous said...

high bonnie I just read your posts it seems like you have the perfect life are you happy at your day job.someday I would like to try the spanking thing out.I wish my wife would be as open as you and randys.maybe you can reply and give me some tips on how to approach my wife I think we need some spice in our bedroom thanks

Cat said...

Loved your answers, Bonnie...thanks for sharing. I love the fact that your relationship has always involved spanking.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

lindy thomas said...

Thanks for your answers Bonnie. You've been in your spanky relationship just a tad long than us. We have known each other for nearly 38 years now. Been a wonderful journey with my man and I'm sure you feel the same.
Hugs Lindy

Hermione said...

Loved your answers, Bonnie. Iceland does sound like an interesting place to visit.


Bonnie said...

Thanks, everybody! I added Anon's questions and my answers to the post.

Leigh Smith said...

Loved reading your answers and even seeing a post from you on my blog roll.

ronnie said...

Enjoyed reading your answers Bonnie. Thank you.


Enzo said...

Hi Bonnie,
Sorry I missed the opportunity for questions, but so glad to see you posting again!
Best always,

Anonymous said...

Where in the world did the DD community go? I cant find a single dd blog on your blog list anymore

Bonnie said...

Anon #2 - For DD blogs, I suggest the pink links at the right. There are actually quite a few active now.

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