Saturday, October 31, 2015

Video Killed the Magazine Stars

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate this often more silly than scary holiday. It's a chance to role play for people who claim they don't role play. And should that cute French maid end up over the lap of a handsome astronaut, so much the better!

I've been thinking about video, spanking video to be specific. For many years, a recurring theme in blogs and forums has been that men are more visual and therefore prefer photographs and video. We women are, of course, more verbal and prefer written (or spoken) words. I know that I've perpetuated this theory myself and based my conclusions on the differences between Randy and me.

As a young journalist (may my former profession rest in peace), I was taught that absolute statements are usually wrong. I do enjoy spanking videos, sometimes. Part of it is my lifelong spanko nature. Any mention of someone being spanked, even in a vanilla context, sparks my attention. My mind immediately races ahead to favorite memories and fantasies. In my mind's eye, it's me who is the object of percussive attention. "What would that be like?" I wonder. "How would I feel?" "Would I be willing to submit to a spanking like that?" And so forth, on and on.

But it's more than that. If everything is right, I like to watch a good spanking from perspectives I don't get to see when I am personally involved (is that a stain on the carpet?). Not surprisingly, I tend to focus on the spankee. What sort of spanking is this? How is she responding? What do her reactions say about her frame of mind? Is the spankee defiant, compliant, or apathetic? And, of course, how would I react in an identical predicament? Watching a spanking video can be intriguing, arousing, inspiring, and fun. But only when everything is right.

What does right mean? It's easier to describe what is wrong. While Randy is a spanking video omnivore, I have very specific tastes. For example, I can't stand to watch those old Eastern European lash fests where the unfortunate girls emerge beaten and bloody. Canes were a hard limit for me for years thanks to those videos. Schoolgirls with huge tattoos do nothing for me. I know those stories are entirely fictional, but allow me to entertain the premise however flimsy. No blood. No scat. No targeting beyond the bottom and maybe slightly below that if we must. No intricate bondage. No gags. No genital torture. No tickling. No breath play. These activities don't appeal to me in real life and watching other people on video doesn't enhance their allure. I don't judge anyone else for their kinks. I'm speaking only about my own admittedly quirky tastes.

But what makes a video right for me?
  1. First and always, there must be consent. Non-consent might serve as an occasional dark fantasy, but in practice, it feels like abuse even when I know the model has agreed in advance. That's a quick squick for me.

  2. I prefer M/F scenes involving romantic partners. This is our situation and the one with which I can most closely identify.

  3. For historic reasons, the spankees are called models, but they are really actors and their skills can make or break a scene. As a theater enthusiast, I appreciate strong performances from both characters. It doesn't have to be dramatic, though, just believable. For example, if the woman is receiving a moderate hand spanking over a thick wool skirt, she shouldn't shriek like she's in agony. At the other end of the spectrum, the oblivious spankee is equally annoying. Reactions should be proportionate and appear genuine.

  4. I love to see my friends and sister bloggers on video. Knowing a little about their personalities away from the set helps me to better appreciate their acting. I like knowing that they are real life spankos like me.

  5. I don't expect fancy sets, but it shouldn't look like a warehouse that was rented for the afternoon. Ditto hotel rooms.

  6. I like when all of the pieces fit together well. If the characters are presented as teachers, they should dress as teachers, not like an exotic dancer and a bouncer. If the setting is supposed to be someone's home, it should look like a place where people could live.

  7. Then there's the matter of dialog. At this juncture, Randy and I part company. He wants to fast forward to the action, but I want to know the premise first. Every spanking should have a reason, even if it's play. Who are these people? Someone is about to get a spanking. I want to feel that she deserves it. Better still, I like when the spankee understands that she deserves it and in some fashion accepts her punishment. That's hot.

  8. I don't care for brutality or scary welts. At the same time, a spanking needs to be more than paddy-cake. It needs to hurt and the recipient should visibly and audibly acknowledge her rising posterior discomfort.

  9. I may be alone in this preference, or lack thereof, but I don't need the actors to be amazingly attractive. Average people enjoy spankings just as much as those gorgeous models. In fact, our added padding probably enhances the experience for all concerned.

  10. A certain degree of embarrassment is probably inherent in the spanking experience. It's quite natural that a spankee might feel and act humbled. But when a video takes humiliation to the level of debasement, my interest evaporates. Every human deserves basic respect regardless of gender, orientation, or role.

  11. Finally, I prefer that the spanker be more than a swatting robot. I want to see his humanity as well. He spanks for a good reason and he believes that it's necessary. Also, he must not look or act creepy. By this, I mean that the spanker should be someone I could conceivably imagine spanking me.
That's why I do like videos, at least sometimes.


Minelle Labraun said...

What a great post! I find I enjoy watching spanking videos if there is an appearance of reality as well. The young woman just laying there who seems not bothered....I find it formulaic and boring. It is like reading a spanking story. I become vested in a story or video when there is substance. If the video or story appears harsh I want resolution. Lots of food for thought here!

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, great post! For me there has to be a connection between both parties and a sense of realism. I also like dialogue and set up to the spanking.


Cat said...

Excellent points Bonnie. I also don't like seeing a spanking where the spankee is yelling ow and grinning...definitely not believable. I also prefer dialog...if I know what the spanking is for, then I have better expectations. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Janey said...

My goodness Bonnie, I could have written every word here from preference for M/F, the tattoo, the unbelievable hotel room, the too much or too little reaction and the dialogue and context needed.
A really great post, thank you

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We whole heartily agree with you. Hope to see you name your all time top three spanking videos.

jimc said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your preference. I look at the spankee for a variety of things that are pleasing to me. I prefer otk only and while I do want the spanking to be felt I do not want bruising, excessive marks, over crying, or abusive treatment.
I too would prefer it to be consensual as I do not want a person to be forced to be spanked (although I would say as discipline goes having that control taken away is a part of the spanking). I think we all have body types that we prefer to see spanked and some of them are not our preference and have a negative impact on us.
in many of the videos, blogs, photos, etc. I find nothing is taboo and I am a spanking only seeker, so these other images are distasteful and abhorrent to me yet I have very little recourse but to go through them while i seek the perfect spanking pose (they are out there and I really enjoy it when I find them.) and wonder how others enjoy these other images or for that matter wonder how they think these other fetishes are in a spanking blog. Spanking is my passion, but anything else is porn and I do not want to see porn. I guess I would say I am at the mild end of the spectrum about spanking and enjoy when I find those mild images, but I have to endure the others in my quest for what I enjoy in a spanking. Thanks for all the access to all the blogs I enjoy some of them and others I do not and can now ignore those that I know do not appeal to me. Have a great day.

Rich Person said...

I agree with you, Bonnie, on the dialog. I want to know the premise. I guess I want to know what emotional impact it's having, not just the physical impact. Thanks for opening up the discussion. I think you're right on!

Anonymous said...

So many videos are just bottoms getting spanked, no why or wherefore; the lead up, and the aftermath are essential.
One of the best ever is a French DVD dating from 1976, part of "Les Grandes Succes du Cinema Francais" - "Les Memoires de Monsieur Leon, Maitre Fesseur". We expect yu might well find this at Amazon !

Hermione said...

Bonnie, those are all very good requirements for a good spanking video. I don't watch many, probably because it's too time-consuming to weed out the bad ones. Good ones, like the ones you describe, are not easy to find. I want videos that are believable so that I can see myself in the action.


sixofthebest said...

I agree with you Bonnie, I do like a spanking to be as realistic as possible, when it is a video. Be it a hand spanking or a good caning. Also I would like the acting in these spanking videos to be as academy award perfections as possible. That goes for dialogue, as well as for the actual spanking.

Erica said...

Bonnie -- we're pretty much on the same page with a lot of these preferences. I like some lead-up too, some sort of back story, a reason for the spanking. I know a lot of people like the immediate gratification and action (there even used to be a video company called "Shut Up and Spank"), but I'm not one of 'em.

But I will admit I like to watch a top I find attractive. :-)

Bonnie said...

Minelle - Vested is a great word. If we are going to invest our time and money on any video, it needs to touch my imagination and cause me to think as well as feel.

Roz - I definitely agree.

Cat - Thanks!

Janey - You're welcome.

Bogey - I don't think I could list just three videos without snubbing someone. We started with Shadow Lane after reading their ad in a magazine. Their work is still first quality. Punished Brats is also strong. Real Spankings videos don't always appeal to me, but their skill and professionalism are very apparent. I like Chelsea and Clare as well. Oh, yes, and Pandora too,

There are more, especially if my favorite models are involved, but that's a good start.

Jim - Thank you for sharing your insight. When I evaluate blogs for inclusion in the blogroll, I ask several questions. Is this content primarily spanking-oriented? I can tolerate a few BDSM or sexual posts if the vast majority depict spanking. Will this content be of interest to MBS readers? Spankos fall along a broad spectrum of interests. I realize that I cannot touch on all of these topics without alienating some readers, but that's the compromise I seek. Is the content unique or original? There are a lot of me-too Tumblr blogs today. I try to link spanking blogs that are new and different, even if they don't fit my particular tastes. It's a balancing act.

RP - Thank you.

Anon - That's a new one. Thanks. I too dislike the disembodied bottom getting whacked mindlessly.

Hermione - Me too!

Six - Thank you.

Bonnie said...

Erica - When I mention favorite models, you are at the top of the list. I own a number of your videos and I highly recommend them. Few models can make me laugh during a scene, but you often do. Your wit shines through as you convince both the spanker and the audience that you richly deserve everything you receive.

Thank you for your wonderful work.

Erica said...

Bonnie, you're so sweet. ♥

Terpsichore said...

I admit I like watching videos, too...sometimes. I have only ever really watched video clips, but even then I agree with all these points. Their really needs to be a connection between the two people, it needs to seem real, The spanker needs to be firm and use key words that spark for me and the spankee needs to react realistically to the spanking being received. And for me there needs to be some tenderness as well in a discipline scene. Great post, Bonnie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hugs

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