Saturday, January 03, 2015

In with the New: Annual Edition

Happy New Year, dear friends!

I didn't post an In with the New post during 2014, but that doesn't mean we stopped discovering and linking new blogs. Hermione suggested that it might be fun to share the list of blogs added during the past year. I agree.

I omitted from this list all of the blogs that disappeared or became private before year's end. The months listed indicate when the blog was added to the blogroll rather than when it began.


Reason or Rhyme
Spank Me Daddy
LA Cloutier
Daddy and Me
The Young Lady Across My Knee
Barely Pink Report
Spank Her 4 Real Videos
Just What We Do
Atomic Briton
Spanky's Spank Joint
The Disciplined Husbands' Forum - User Stories
Lissa Trevor
A Spanking Story
A Perfect Olive


Helen Karol Writes
Annie Bee Books
Spanked Naughty Girls
Subgirl's Spanking Dreamzz
If You Spank Them, They will Cum
Her Sore Behind
Sincerely Yours
A Few Stern Words
Mallory's Corner
David S. Holly: Author
Red Top, Pink Bottom


Author Bella Bryce
Spank Me Hard, I've Been Bad
Discipline and Desire
Overbarrel's Spanking Toons
In the Den
Kinky Senator
Official Site of a Crazy Idea
Care and Training of a Rose
Black Spanko Girl
Dirty Fabrications
Happily Surrendered and Submissive
Pleats n Plaid
Spank Me Mommy
A Happy Submissive Wife
This Week in Spanking
The Disciplinary Wives Club


Spanking Sailor
Domestic Top Angel Video Blog
Dee for Desire Photoblog
Relativity: Everything in Life is Relative
Submissive Husband in Phoenix
Camilla's Spankee
I'll Always Be a Daddy's Girl
Spanked Wife 0625
Rayanna Jamison
Virginia Rue
Cinnamon and Sparkles
My Yellow Brick RoaDD
For Love of Spanking
Spanked Girls
What Abi Did
Chris Johnson
Sir has a Firm Hand
Spankees with Typewriters
Dreams of Spanking Tumblr
Discipline Time My Dearest Wife
Hot Bottoms
Cleo Taurus
Fesees et Fantasmes
Spanking Positions
Please Spank Me
Auntie Agony's Spanking Blog
Spanking and DD in a Loving Relationship


Midlife Awakening
His Sierra
Spanking Toons
Unspanked, Not Untitled
Etta Stark
Cheeky's World
Spanking and Nudity Appreciation
Naughty Girl Writes
Lenna's Journey into Submission
A Blushing Boy's Love for Spanking
Spanking Spanketing Spank
Sadie's Secret
Uniquely Libby
Shelly Douglas... Our Space
Leigh Smith, Writer of Fiction
His Cheeky Sub
Red Riding Bottom
Der Rutenspiegel
Ronan's Place
Over the Knee Spankings
Spanking of the Day
Spanked and Spanks


Blistered Butts
Internet Photos I Really Like
Beautifully Brightened
Spanking Made Easy
Jarhead 1984
Chloe Carpenter: Ageplay Author
A Spanko Garden
Spanking Insight
Katie Mae Blues
Lillyanna Rose Submits
Shades of Scarlet
Fonzi & Erika
Humbled Pink
Rayne Scott's Blog
Scarlet and Clark's World
A Writer's Naughty Thoughts
Alias' Place
Where My Trust is Without Borders
Love and Marriage in New England
Spank 2 U
Bree Cariad


Spank BC
Little Miss Spanked
Pictures by Abide9J
The Road of Domestic Discipline
All This and Spanking Too
Tess the Brat
Spanko Heaven
Spanking Girls
North Shore Spanko
Every Day is Spanking
Mimi in Panty Wonderland
Slipper Spanking
Heidi Hurts
Virginia Rue
Perfectly Punished - DD Style
Technicolor and Plaid
Eros and Psyche, Reinterpreted
A Stronger Love
Confessions of a Newbie Spanko
Blair Farinholt's World of Disciplined Domesticity
Loving Me Always
This DD Life
Desiring Discipline
Another Country


Big Girl Spanker
Pull Down Your Pants
Sam's Diaries
Lizzie Huckleberry
A View from the Top
Needy T's Blog
My Spanking World
Lingerie Spanker


Melody Parks
A Naughty Princess and Her Magic Bottom
The Allure of Corporal Punishment
Honeybun Cafe
Mistystar2602's Blog
The Discipline Society
On a Magic Carpet Ride
Schoolgirl Uniforms and Other Sexual Kinks
Cane Dane
50 Shades of Play
For Better or For Worse


Corbin's Bend Blog
Eve Howard's Blog
A Spanking Soon
Spanked in Jeans
All About Spanking
Marina Martin's Hot Bottoms
Old School Discipline
MaMa Blue Disciplinarian
Disciplined Sixth Form Girls
Spanking Artist, Spanking Writer
Andersine's Album
Need a Spank and Want a Dom
Saving Sadie Sawyer


Inside a Spankee
Tweeky's Tail
Spanking Kitty
Curious Pleasures
Spanked Women
The Captain Spanks
Our DD Journey
Special Chastisements
Musings from a Submissive Mind
OTK Spanking Bottoms
DD: The Way We Are
Discipline is Always Needed
Carpet Beater and... Spanking
Spanking Reviews
A Strict Confidant
The CDD Marriage of Ben and Jill
Sunday Spankings
Retired Gentleman Spanking as Many Ladies as I Can
Craig Aych
Domestic Discipline Too
Devoted to Smacked Bottoms
Bright Girl OTK
The Secret Spanko
Layla's Blog



Cat said...

Good gravy...didn't realize we had so many new blogs around blogland! Will have to start visiting more. Thanks for sharing Bonnie!

Hugs and Blessings...

Roz said...

Wow Bonnie, that is quite a list! I'm going to have to do some more visiting too :) Thank you :)


Hermione said...

That's an amazing list, Bonnie. It's great to see another IwtN post here.


ronnie said...


An impressive list. Thank you. Will have to do some visiting.


Emerging Lurker said...

Wow! That must be a lot of work to maintain. Thank you to you and Hermione.

MrBBSpanker said...

OH MY GOSH! I have my reading list set for the next MONTH! lol

In particular I like to look for the DD relationship blogs. We did seem to lose quite a few over the past year and I only found a handful that began. I'm sure I'll find several more within these lists :)

Thanks for all you and Hermione do Bonnie!

I'm Spankee said...

Hello, i will like appear in your next update of blogs. I have a tumblr spanking blog with some of my pics and videos. Thanks for this great list. Chears.

Florida Dom said...

Always good to hear from you and it's a delight to know you are still finding new blog.


Pearl Necklace said...

I surely don't have enough time in the day to visit them all but I am so excited to find some new blogs!!! Thank you for the list and THANK you for giving me an April nod =)
XOXO Pearl

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the list. Also, thanks for the dedication of your views on my blog. I appreciate it and making a goal to post more, so keep check on it :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you very much for featuring my blog and your ongoing support of spanking blogs which is certainly helping to connect those of us who share this interest.

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