Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 8

Our question of the week was why a spanked bottom feels hot. Here are your responses.

Michael: The scientific answer would be the blood rushes to the surface on the skin in response stimuli. The philosophic answer would be the warmth of love and caring.

Hermione: Its cheeks are warm because it's blushing!

Six of the Best: I believe Michael gave the right answer. Be it scientific or philosophic, of course it makes a wonderful warm pillow, sexually and erotically.

Prefectdt: It's the bottom's attempt to raise its temperature to the point of spontaneous combustion so that it can cause burns to the hand of the spanker and get its revenge. :)

Jenny: Blood flow to the surface is one reason, but on a purely mechanical level, kinetic energy is being transferred from the swinging paddle to the buttocks. Part is transformed into the kinetic energy of the skin and other tissue. Maybe some is transformed into heat. They didn't teach us this in my college physics class! Can you see the teacher drawing an example on the board with a man standing there with a paddle, ready to strike a waiting bottom? (Today, it would be a cartoon in PowerPoint).

Philosophically speaking, a spanked bottom is warm because a warm bottom is good for the person being spanked and the person giving the spanking. A valuable souvenir of a fun time.

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl: Don't know the reason, just know I like it.

Anon: I believe a paddling is warm to the bottom due to friction. Friction is caused when paddle hits a person bottom.

Quiet Sara: SMACK! tingle tingle tingle SMACK! tingle tingle tingle... Oh wait, what was the question? LOL

Um, it gets warm because the warm hand spanks the cool bottom and it heats up and... never mind. :)

Ana: Happiness. :D

Normandie Alleman: I'm not sure I can top these other answers, I just know it ignites a flame and BURNS baby!

Rich Person: It's because someone came along and stimulated all the nerve endings that sense warmth. But I think Michael and Jenny have good points. Perhaps we need more experiments.

Jenny, how many joules does a typical hand impart when it stops moving?

Kenzie: The easy answer? Because it's just been spanked! ;)

The other answer? Because there's a sense of care, love, and protection all wrapped into one. :)

Bonnie: A well spanked bottom doesn't just feel hot, it really is hot to the touch. I imagine the increased blood flow is the body's way of supplying nutrients and oxygen to promote healing in the punished region.

At a whole different level, the warmth of my bottom spreads to fuel passion within my soul. After a good spanking, my love for my husband becomes manifest as a burning flame of desire. C'mon, baby, light my fire!

Thanks, everyone, for participating in our brunch conversation!

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Jenny said...

Hey, Rich - others agree with me that there is some heat generated: http://dd-and-me.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-happens-when-we-spank.html?m=1

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