Saturday, December 14, 2013

MBS Spanko Brunch #413

Welcome one and all to our weekly celebration of everything spanking. We have three questions that were contributed by Meredith.

When it's time for a spanking, does the spankee become quiet and submissive?

Is there any arguing or fighting when a spanking about to start?

At what point does the spankee fully accept what is happening?

I invite you to answer our questions in the form of a comment below. At the conclusion of the weekend, I will post an edited summary of our conversation.


Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Stopping by for the brunch only.

Anonymous said...

My wife teases that I become very loving right after she orders a spanking, as if I am trying to get out of it or hoping that if I am really nice she will not spank as hard.

Dragon's Rose said... depends on my mood and why I am being spanked

2. Nope. The fun kind I am all for. I consent to punishment or call red. No argument.

3. Years ago. When we first negotiated our new life style. It isn't something that has to happen with each spanking.

Es May said...

1. I would have to say it depends on the mood. It also depends on how the spanking is presented. I just wrote a post about how hard it is for me to accept a spanking if I haven't seen it coming. But generally, I try to be submissive. It is an inner struggle, but I do my best to submit.

2. The only arguing happens if I didn't see the spanking coming, I just need to be told why it's happening for some reason, as soon as I know, I can calm down... the Duke and I are working on this. :)

3. I accept what is happening when I can't struggle free. LOL Or on the days I'm calm, right away.

Hermione said...

I usually become submissive, though not always silent, when a spanking is imminent. There is no arguing, because we spank for enjoyment, not punishment. I fully accept it once my bottom is bared and the spanking is underway.

Janey said...

Again it depends very much on my mood and his. If I see any hesitation in him at all I will try to use it even though that is not how I want myself to be. I would like to say that I become submissive and accepting, but truth is that I don't always. I do try to get out of it or plead for leniency. When the first few strokes have been given and I know he is serious I become compliant and accept. If he changes implements or position after this point I can be very submissive.

sarah thorne said...

When it's determined that a spanking is going to happen, I become fully submissive and accepting of it. There's not really been any fighting beforehand (unless it's a fun spanking, then the wrestling might become part of it) however, there have certainly been intense discussions to determine if it's needed or fair.

JJ Stars said...

We are fairly new to the lifestyle. We have a mixture of both fun and punishment spankings, but there is never any question about which is which. Currently, our circumstances require us to plan ahead for any spanking sessions, and even with planning there are any number of variables that could require us to postpone. We have 6 young children, and our house is very small. Our bedrooms are very close. He works out of town, and for now he only comes home every other day to save on gas. We are working toward moving to a bigger house closer to his work, but we are still recovering from a period of unemployment and it won't happen until spring/summer. So when I break a rule, sometimes it can be several days before it's addressed. We are still working out the kinks that come from putting it off that long. But to answer the question, my circumstances allow me quite a bit of time to wrestle with the knowledge that a spanking is coming. I also have time to remember what my goals are and to pep talk myself into being a big girl and taking it. After all, I'm the one that wanted this lifestyle, and I have to reaffirm my choice to be committed to it. That doesn't mean I don't hold out some hope that one of the babies will wake up and need me or some other interruption, and delay it again. But that relief is only temporary, and more delays end up making me feel frustrated. So when the time comes, even though I still feel dread, I set my jaw and resolve to get past it because I know I will feel so much better getting through to the other side and enjoying the lovely aftercare that awaits.

Jenny said...

1. I am submissive, but reserve the right to verbally protest and beg for leniency (even if what I really want is a spanking - it's all part of the thrill).

2. There's never been any arguing, but I haven't had enough experience to say that will never happen. In fact, I wouldn't mind if I had to take a spanking I didn't fully agree with every now and then.

3. Acceptance is signaled by complying with requests to get into position, bare bottom, and so on, but acceptance of the spanking itself comes when the spankee stays in place even though the sensations are strongly unpleasant.

Roz said...

1. It depends on the mood and type of spanking but generally I am submissive when it is determined a spanking is in order.
2. Again, depending on the type of spanking. If it is correction/discipline there is no argument. It it is for fun or role affirmation I will usually 'try' a mini verbal protest (that never works!)
3. He usually places me in position and I am usually accepting of the spanking as soon as I'm in position. Sometimes during the discussion beforehand.

Meredith Malloy said...

It really amazes me that I quietly submit to Jack for a spanking each time. I might question before we are actually in the bedroom, but once we are there and he tells me to be still, I am quiet and submit every single time.

*Bonnie* said...

I always submit when theres going to be a spanking. For any reason, anytime, anywhere. If he feels I need one, there's no reason for me to fight it. I asked him for this.


abby said...

It depends. I do not think i am ever immediately submissive, Sometimes it happens as He spanks me...or when i do my kneeling time before the spanking. There are times that i do not 'accept' the spanking immediately. When i struggle with the pain and the acceptance.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

I submit to the spanking pretty quickly.
Most of the time, I agree that I need it. And since we are still somewhat new in our spanking side of our relationship, I have to be really careful not to confuse him with quick 180's.

I can't argue with him too much beforehand, because we have young children who are usually watching. As much as I would like to stomp and throw a tantrum (I am quite good at them :) ), I have to hold myself in check until we get behind closed doors.

And LOL, it's really hard to pretend to be angry and pouty after losing momentum. (But I do try, sometimes :))

As for acceptance- I asked him (well, practically begged him) to do this. Even the few times when I am not sure I want to accept it, I really can't afford not to. It would be too many steps backwards for us.
Luckily, most of the time, I accept it right away. I know pretty quickly when I have done wrong. and I would feel worse if he didn't hold me accountable.

Great questions!

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Stopping by, like Leigh, for brunch only. :) Great questions, though.

Needy T said...

How do you get your non-dominant husband to move toward this lifestyle? I am sure that I would struggle as well but I am certain that I need this type of submission, discipline I just do not know how to get it to happen?

*Bonnie* said...

I think we have our question for next week's brunch.^^^ That's a loaded question that I think many would love to chime in on.


Terpsichore said...

For me this is something we do for enjoyment and so I am always ready to play...though sometimes I protest internally if I am not in the mood - usually it only takes my body a moment to accept, submit, and enjoy. No arguments though occasional vocalizations of "ouch" followed by "don't stop." Often there is a lot of laughter...and since spankings do not happen enough in my opinion...begging, too. :-) Great questions.

ronnie said...

1. Depends on the mood and the type of spanking I'm going to get.

2. No arguing even when I'm going to get a punishment spanking. Would be no point.

3. When I'm over his knee and the spanking starts.



1/ Physically yes but verbally no. I'm too much of a brat.

2/ No arguing or fighting but I can often pass off a cutting quip or two (bratty again).

3/ When I reach the point, where I can talk to the fairies :)


Ni Na said...

1. I have to undress for spankings and when I am naked, I usually have accepted that I will be spanked and I stop discussing.
2. Before I undress, I might try to argue, and have difficulties stopping myself if I felt it was unfair.
3. Over his knees, and if not then, always once the crying starts, because then I can let go all frustration and anger.

kims kinky korner said...

When the announcement is made Submissiveness is like a warm blanket completely engulfing me for some reason even thou i usually already know when its about to happen,
At our house there is no arguing no discussion (unless i have a mulligan left, i only get three a year) at that point everything is extra swats corner time .
For me the Accepting usually happens after the warm up when completely laid out naked my behind begins to burn!

Anonymous said...

I want to be quiet and submissive right before the spanking, but Master always starts spanking me on the way to the place I bend over, which throws off the "mood" for me. There are no arguments beforehand that lead to the spanking. Master just likes to spank me, and always has an excuse ready. It always takes a few minutes for me to "accept" it while it's happening, but that's usually because my mood for it was thrown off earlier, but once the crying starts I seem to find that place of acceptance, where I stop lifting up and telling him it hurts too much. At that point he seems to usually stop too quickly.

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