Friday, November 22, 2013

Sixteen Million Milestone

Sometime yesterday, MBS passed the sixteen million visit mark. This seems like an appropriate time for reflection about blogging, spanking, and life.

As I was compiling the LOL Day statistics, I wished I could somehow measure the friendships created, enhanced and renewed. I love this blog and I'm proud of what we've accomplished in our community, but I think I am most pleased to have had the honor to bring together lots of great friends. If I accomplish nothing else here, that alone would make the effort worthwhile.

- - - - -

Something weird happened to me today. It's, alas, not a spanking story, but worth retelling I think. These things don't happen to me, at least they haven't for a very long time. I took the day off to do some pre-holiday shopping and miscellaneous running around. I agreed to meet a friend downtown for lunch. We are fortunate in our city to have wonderful public transportation. So I rode the train. It was quick, clean, convenient, and a lot cheaper than parking.

After a tasty lunch and a good conversation, my friend and I went our separate ways. Soon, I was back on the train now carrying the loot I had purchased this morning. There I sat, thinking of nothing in particular and watching the landscape roll past my eyes. Slowly I became aware that the scruffy guy sitting directly across from me was staring. Staring at me, that is. I was wearing a nice jacket and jeans, but nothing exotic or alluring. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, there weren't many other people around. I tried to look occupied.

I pretended not to watch him watching me as he removed pen and what appeared to be a card from his pocket. I was hoping this fellow was not any sort of stalker. He scratched something on the card as the train pulled up to a stop. He got up, handed me the card, and just as quickly popped out the exit door.

The front of the card was a promotion for a carpet cleaning service. I squinted to read the words he had hastily scrawled on the back:
Your beautiful Lets connect (xxx) xxx-xxxx

More than anything, I was surprised. I'm a 56 year old grandmother wearing a wedding ring. Why would this rug-slugging stranger who is probably younger than my daughter think I would be interested in "connecting?" Maybe I should feel flattered, but I don't.

Then I thought about some of my weird e-mail correspondents. For years, I've received e-mails whose content and intent weren't much different from this bizarre note. In each case, the sender was too shy or introverted or afraid of women or secretive to just talk with me. I'm actually nice. I really am. But they'll never know, because, well, I don't know why because. But they won't.

- - - - -

This is still a spanking blog, so I guess I should discuss that subject as well. Randy says he has a new toy he intends to try out tonight during a our regularly scheduled weekly session. It could be anything, but odds are it's something he intends to use to spank my bottom. I'll find out in an hour or so.

- - - - -

I have the mother of all In with the New posts queued up for early next week. It's been a long time and there are a lot of great new blogs.

- - - - -

So, on the occasion of sixteen million visits, please allow me to thank you again for your steadfast support and continuing readership. I write for you.


Meredith Malloy said...

Thank you, Bonnie for being the inspirational "clearinghouse" of all spanking/dd blogs. We all appreciate it.

abby said...

Thank you and Congrats! You have helped so many of us get a start by listing us on your blog roll! Hugs abby

*Bonnie* said...

16 million! That's amazing, congrats!!! Thank you for all you do for us here in blog land. It wouldn't be the same without you.


foothills1981 said...

16 million, that's hard to believe and amazing! But when I consider how your site and the work you do here is a sort of catalyst for increasing the popularity of so many OTHER blogs, those numbers make a lot of sense. Thanks again, your site is always the top referring site to mine. I imagine there are many others like myself who'd say the same.

Daisy Christian said...

Awww thank you Bonnie for having this blog!! You are a fantastic friend and I were talking today...the flirting is fun if its not pushed and just fun..but when the lines are crossed its just creepy and no fun. I hate it

Fondles said...

Congratulations! and I had to laugh at this:

"I'm actually nice. I really am. But they'll never know, because, well, I don't know why because. But they won't."

I hope you had fun with the new toy :)

chickadee said...

LOL at the same thing fondles said.

I wanted to congratulate you and also thank you. I started my blog and no clue how you found me but you threw me out there to the wolves less than a week into it! Now here I am not quite a year later and I am literally blown away by the friendships I've formed. Real friendships. You were the catalyst that changed my life.

Okay enough of the sappy garbage. Hope you had fun with the new toy!

Anonymous said...

That is an unfathomable number- congratulations! Gosh there are a lot of us out there (or, rather, on here). Thanks for all you do to help us connect! I hope you enjoy the new toy. :)

Cat said...

Wow Bonnie...16 million! How awesome is that! Congratulations and thank you for connecting everyone.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

I remember your post for hitting 13 million. :) You've built up quite an institution, and we're lucky to have it.

Some of our connections here in blogland would make no sense to anyone outside, but it's a privilege to get to know so many people here and find out we can get along even if we're different.

Jason Girl said...

That is truly amazing, Bonnie! Thank you so much for what you do for the community!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations & Thanks for being here!!

sarah thorne said...

Congrats!!! What a feat!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, everybody! 16 million is a number too large for me to visualize. All I can say is that there are a whole lot of us spanking enthusiasts out there. No one should ever have to feel alone.

Randy's new toy was not a spanking implement, but it did get used during last night's spanking. It was a new bullet-style vibrator. Very, very effective. The vigorous application of that vibe and a small leather paddle left me in a putty-like condition. Wow.

Foothills - That is precisely what I hope to achieve. There are plenty of readers for everyone.

Fondles - I don't usually write like I talk, but you caught me at it.

I just don't get creepers. I think I'd like just once to have a civil conversation with one of these guys and get them to explain why they feel the need to hurl words like Molotov cocktails. I want to tell them that this tactic doesn't work with women. In fact, we think it's scary and weird. I think sometimes that maybe if I understood, I might feel some sympathy rather than disgust.

Chickie - When I first came here, I was amazed by the power and reach of this medium. I am a journalist by training and I've never before had this kind of steady readership in any medium. I recognized early on that blogging had the potential to bring people out of hiding and into the light. We can find each other, interact, build relationships, share knowledge, support one another, grow together, and create a cohesive community far bigger than any one of us.

Randy and I love what spanking has brought to our lives over the past 35 years. It's too good not to share with like-minded friends. This is the opportunity I aim to pursue.

Ana - Yes, we can get along. We are far more alike than we are different. Those differences that exist give our community a wonderful diversity and richness. We can and do learn from each other every day. If we all thought the same way, that learning would not be possible.

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Congratulations - that is quite a number. Hope you are around for double that number.

George K said...

Bonnie congratulations, and thank you so very much!

Lea said...

Wow, what a milestone! Congrats!

Roz said...

Wow Bonnie, that is an amazing milestone. Congratulations! Thank you so much for all you do for us. Many of us wouldn't be here without you.


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Sorry I'm late to the party. You're probably well on your way to 17 million by now! Congratulations on a very impressive milestone.

The rule I follow for traveling on public transport is "no eye contact". I'm glad the incident was harmless. The new toy sounds yummy! I can't imagine my husband shopping for a vibrator, unless it was online.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on 16mm visitors...
Think of the train event as a great complement, not expressed well.
Have you studied the time interval between each million visitors? It would be interesting to see the if there has been a continual shrinkage as the millions of visitors continue.

Bonnie said...

HS - My stats have been up and down over the years. Note that 2013 isn't complete yet and will probably end up similar to 2012.

Katie said...

Many congrats, Bonnie!!!! :) WOW! 16 Million!!! Amazing!

Thank you very much for all that you do around the land. It is more than appreciated! The connections made are special, and what you do is such a huge facilitator of that. So thanks! :)

Glad that you had two fun with the new toy!!! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

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