Saturday, September 14, 2013

MBS Spanko Brunch #400

Here we are at our four hundredth weekly brunch. That's a lot of coffee! In honor of this occasion, many of you suggested a retrospective. So here you are...

Have you a favorite spanko brunch topic, participant or comment? If so, I invite you to share those memories.

As we celebrate, I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who helped to keep this forum engaging and civil through all these years. This has always been your brunch as much as it is mine, and so it is with this milestone. Thank you!


sunnygirl said...

Very elegant. I'm excited to receive an invitation.

Thank you.

Hermione said...

It's hard to pick just one, but my favourite brunches have been the ones that require a little imagination and creativity on the part of the participants, such as Spanko Museum,
Spanking Olympics,
Spanking Festival,
Spanking Interview Show,
Spanking Room, and
Fantasy Spanking Apparel.

I also enjoyed all the brunches that I had the pleasure and honour of hosting over the years.

Indy said...

The thanks should go to you, Bonnie, for setting the tone for these brunches and for providing the space for over seven and a half years. That's astonishing longevity in the spanko blogosphere, and your gift for bringing together spanking enthusiasts with such a wide range of desires and opinions is remarkable. So thank you!

The blog comment that leaps out to me in response to this week's question is one that Mija made a number of years ago. The question was about managing a spanking relationship with children in the house. Much of the conversation was about strategies for making sure the kids didn't find out. Then Mija jumped into the conversation with a gleeful and reassuring observation: her parents had been spankos. And she'd never had a clue until her mother confided in her much later.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, your 400th Brunch setting is most elegant. Which 'Which 'SIX OF THE BEST' spanking bloggers, deserve to sit around it, when honored to 'SPANKERS HALL OF FAME'. Be they past or present bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've lurked since nearly the beginning, commented anonymously on rare occasions and learned a good bit about myself. It's been a huge relief to know I'm not the only one with this kink. My favorite brunches have been the practical ones, such as the discussion of why the sting feels worse on a wet bottom. It's been a pleasure to find Hermione, Ronnie & Carly and to be edited by Bonnie. Thanks to all of you for sharing the stories and links! Happy 400th!

Starla Kaye said...

I enjoy this blog, but don't get here too often. The mixture of people leaving comments is great.

Maybe this is wrong to do (if so, please forgive me)...but if any of you are interested, I'm taking part in the Saturday Spankings sharing of snippets with other spanking authors. You're welcome to drop by and share in the fun. You can get there through my website:

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Congratulations, Bonnie! I have missed more brunches than not lately, but I do try to peek in even if I can't leave a comment. I don't think I have a favorite brunch topic, although I love the one that made Bas leave his comment about men being sissies and wanting to find women who will be spanked. :)

In the spirit of inclusivity, I also like the topics on a general/theoretical/hypothetical level that allow everyone to respond (rather than ones that people can only answer if they are in a spanking relationship).

MrBBSpanker said...

All the topics are wonderful and that's not a cop-out, it's the truth. The varied opinions based on the questions you pose here are enlightening to read and share. I have always enjoyed that everyone has an equal say and no one is ever judged for their opinions here.
You have built an inclusive and welcoming place for all to share. Thank you Bonnie!
# MrBBSpanker

Roz said...

I love the brunch setting Bonnie, very elegant. Wow, 400 brunches, congratulations! Many thanks to you for hosting and raising such interesting topics.

It's so hard to pick a favourite bruch :)


Anonymous said...

Our favourite is 'Select a Spanking', which relates the most memorable, but we're sure by no means all, spankings which have landed on Bonnie's famous bottom, and she seems to have enjoyed every one of them ! However the list dose not seem to have been added to recently; we hope her superb bottom has not retired from active service ?.. D & S.

CurtisG said...

Congratulations and thank you for providing a thoughtful place commune and share and for keeping us up-to-date of happenings in the blogosphere. I want to second what Anastasia said -- that you need more topics that do not posit an ongoing partnership. I might want one again some day, but I'd rather join in the discussion based on where I am now not where I was.

So, good luck on the next 400.

houston_switch said...

Thank you Bonnie for the past 400 brunches. While I rarely post, I get here to lurk nearly every week. The information and charitable sharing has provided much insight on the kink we all share. I hope we all can continue to come together often for many years to come.
G-d bless Bonnie, this site, and all who visit.

ronnie said...


400 brunches, congratulations.

I've enjoyed all of them. So hard to pick just one.

Thanks for all you do.


Anonymous said...

My beloved and I just started this journey a little over a year ago...and baby, we have come a long ways! Bonnie, thank you for being an encouragement along the road. Your blog has been a great source of information and inspiration, reflecting varied approaches philosophies, and mmmmmm...flavors.

My favorite brunch is about the words/phrases/sentences used during spankings. In fact, I think there have been two brunches on that topic, and I lvoed both. There was one comment on the more recent discussion of words during spankings that really stuck with me that goes something like this: "You'll remember this every time you sit down tomorrow."


Congrats on the 400.

I can't remember when it was but I enjoyed the brunch about being spanked to tears. It's something that has never happened to me so all the replies where fascinating.


findingsara said...

Wow! 400! Your the best Bonnie! I'd add to the chorus of thank you's for what you do !


Jenny said...

I like the ones that get the most comments. Which ones were those, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the very impressive milestone! Your brunches have been an invaluable source of information and interaction.

My favorite topics have been the ones that, when I first read them, make me worry about the direction the conversation may go as they seem to be particularly sensitive and/or controversial topics. Despite any initial concern I may have, I've always found that your commenters present multiple viewpoints and tend to provide very balanced and level-headed coverage of many sides of the topic. A example that sticks out in my mind is the question about paying for spanking posed about a year ago.

Thanks for all that you do in encouraging these discussions and providing a safe and welcoming place to exchange ideas.

Bethie said...

Congrats, Bonnie! 400 is quite an accomplishment. Wow!

I think these brunches are a wonderful way for people to share thoughts and ideas. Thank you for that! Because there have been so many good ones, I don't have a favorite topic, participant, or comment. That's a good thing, right? :-D


Anonymous said...

I have lurked for many years, but wanted to say thank you for hosting the brunches. I've learned so much from you all on quite a range of topics. Best of all, you helped me start my married life as a spanko rather than quietly hoping for more. My husband saw me reading this blog one day shortly after the honeymoon, and was happy to oblige. :)
- AD

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