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Fiction: Suite Two

The following is a story that I promised not to publish. It was my contribution to a charity anthology organized by Abel and Haron. The book, know as The Spanking Collection, can still be obtained here and I still recommend it. Anyhow, I said I would not share this story for two years after the book's release. Time's up, so here's a semi-autobiographical spanking story. I hope you enjoy it.

- - - -

“I can't believe it.” Gayle mouthed the words again and again as if trying to convince herself this predicament was simply impossible.

“C'mon, hon. It'll be all right. We'll figure it out.” Roland shifted his attention from the highway just long enough to flash Gayle a confident smile.

“Just look where we are,” he continued. “It's so different from home.” Gayle paused to take in the majesty of the Sonoran Desert spread before them. As they drove north toward the Colorado Plateau, the giant Saguaro cacti began to thin out in favor of scrub and sagebrush. The broad afternoon sky above was brilliant blue and painted with just the faintest cirrus clouds.

“It is beautiful,” she conceded.

“You're going to love this, I promise,” Roland assured.

“But what about...?”

“The baggage guy said he'd send our suitcase up from Sky Harbor tomorrow afternoon.”

“Do you believe that?”

“Gayle, it does not much matter what I believe. We're headed for Sedona and our suitcase got sent to Newark. Either it will find its way here or it won't. Regardless, this is our vacation.”

“But it had all our...”

“Yes, and I can only imagine that the TSA in Newark is paddling suspected terrorists even as we speak.”

“That's not funny.”

“Especially for the terrorists...”

“I'm serious, Roland. What are we going to do?”

“We're going to take in all the glorious desert around us and imprint it on our memories. Just enjoy this red rock canyon we're driving into now.”

“Yes, sir.” Gayle's somber tone contradicted her acquiescent words.

“There's no need to feel dejected. We're going to have so much fun. Just you wait.”

- - - -

April was an ideal time to visit Oak Creek Canyon. The weather was clear and mild. Gayle couldn't help being impressed by the rugged Arizona landscape as she and Roland climbed the steep road to their resort.

“Look at that,” she exclaimed and pointed at a sign for the Sedona airport. “Why couldn't we...?”

“It's a general aviation airport. Unless we have a plane, it isn't much help.”

“But what about our suitcase?”

“We're not going to charter a plane for that dumb suitcase.”

“It's not dumb,” Gayle whined, “It holds every one of our favorite spanking and sex toys, plus my brand new bustier, garter belt, and panties.”

“All right. I'm sorry I said it was dumb. But we're almost there.”

On cue, Roland turned their rented silver Lincoln into the parking lot of the resort.

“Ooo, look at this place...” Gayle said. “Look. Look at that. It's a roadrunner, right here in the parking lot.”

Roland simply grinned.

Moments later, they strolled into the two-story lobby. Roland pulled their lone remaining suitcase behind him. They both froze just inside the entrance. The far wall of the lobby was almost entirely glass and exposed the expansive canyon and red sandstone towers beyond. Gayle admired the Hopi artwork adorning the walls.

“This is cool,” Gayle observed.

The couple checked in at the desk and received card keys for suite number two. “Have a nice visit,“ said the smiling young man behind the counter.

Their suite featured the same amazing canyon vista they had seen from the lobby. It was decorated in an Old West motif that seemed to ideally fit the setting.

“I feel like we just walked into a cowboy movie... A really luxurious one, that is.” Gayle was obviously pleased with the accommodations her partner had arranged.

After removing his shoes, Roland rolled in one continuous motion onto the spacious king sized bed. It had been a long trip – a two hop flight into Phoenix, negotiating with the airline's baggage manager, and the two hour drive up to Sedona. He was hungry as well, but fatigue won out.

Gayle was less tired so she decided to take her book out to the balcony. As soon as she sat down, she was distracted from her reading. The late afternoon air was alive with the sounds of birds and the fragrance of piñon and juniper. At this time of day, the aptly named Capitol Butte and Coffee Pot Rock stood like dark sentries on the far side of Oak Creek Canyon.

She instantly loved this place, but what of her real love? Her whole reason for being out here? He was dead to the world. There could be no play tonight because all of their toys were in Newark or buried on some equally filthy airport loading dock. Everything was ruined. Being in paradise and not being able to enjoy it seemed worse than sitting at home.

Gayle leafed through her novel, but it failed to hold her interest. She eventually decided to wake Roland. When she opened the patio door leading from the balcony, she saw him stretched out and relaxed. He looked very sexy in his khaki pants and forest green golf shirt.



“It's after six o'clock and I'm hungry. Can we maybe go and get some dinner in a little bit?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Roland slowly rose from the bed looking more dazed than rested.

After composing himself, he took Gayle to an upscale Mexican restaurant in town. Their meals arrived quickly and were artfully presented. Better still, the food was fresh, flavorful, and satisfying. They discussed whether travel makes everything taste better and decided that it does.

- - - -

The sun was descending as Roland and Gayle drove back up the airport road to their resort. Upon their return, they caught the last rays of the day while seated on the balcony. The massive rock formations across the canyon were now displayed in silhouette against the violet sky. Roland took Gayle's hand in his own.

“I love you, Gayle. I'm so glad we did this.”

“I love you too, dear, but what do we do now? We don't have any of our toys?”

“I believe we can make do. Let's go give it a try.” With that, Roland tightened his grip on his partner's hand and led her back into the room.

After securing the sliding door, Roland suggested that they test the double shower. Intrigued but wary, Gayle pulled her dress over her head.

“But what about...?”

“I said we will manage.” Roland's voice registered frustration for the first time on a day filled with complications. “Go turn on the shower and I will be right in.”

Now naked, Gayle scurried into the well-equipped bathroom. She didn't want Roland to be upset with her. And yet, they had no implements, no vibrators, no restraints, and worst of all, no condoms. She saw nothing but unfulfilled promise in this night. She had no idea what Roland had in mind, but he didn't have much with which to work.

“I don't hear any water...” This was all the encouragement Gayle needed. She turned on both sides of the double shower and selected a pleasant temperature. After feeling slightly chilled from the desert evening air, the warm water tumbling over her body was like a soothing caress. She closed her eyes as she placed her head beneath the delightful cascade.

Suddenly, Gayle became aware of another presence. Roland had slipped into the shower beside her. His firm, strong body tantalized her. He was now just inches away. She gasped softly as his hands traced her slippery curves. They embraced as water fell upon them like precious rain in the desert. She held him tightly. Her inhibitions rinsed down the drain with the grime from a thousand mile journey.

She washed her lover using her delicate hands to distribute the suds. His solid frame felt like sculpted steel under her fingertips. He bent down so she could shampoo his wavy auburn scalp. The tactile and olfactory sensations of being so close to her clean, handsome man excited Gayle.

When Roland returned the favor, he did so with great vigor. Where Gayle's washing style had been meticulous and gentle, her lover spread the soap using broad, sweeping motions. Gayle let out an involuntary moan as he brushed her nipples. Her utterance dropped in pitch when his attention dropped to her crotch. He knew her well. He knew just how to drive her libido right off the cliff and into the sky. She wanted her man and she wanted him right away.

But how?

Gayle dropped to her knees, deciding that Roland had one appendage that could benefit from additional cleansing. Roland placed his hands beside her face as she demonstrated her affection. She lovingly kissed and lapped her lover to satisfaction. His growl testified to the effectiveness of her technique.

But what of Gayle?

After another sweet embrace, the couple decided to finish their shower. They dried each other using extra large, white, fluffy terrycloth towels. It was wonderful to be warm, comfortable, and together.

Yet, Gayle ached for more. Yes, she was the submissive in this relationship, but her needs had to count for something.

“Will you spank me?” she inquired.

“Why, of course, my dear! You didn't think we were going to skip that part, did you?”

“Well, I didn't know. All of our fun stuff is lost in New Jersey.”

“Stuff? What stuff? I can take care of you with this stuff right here.” With that, he turned on the television and selected a noisy action movie. “There's no sense asking for interruptions.”

Still naked, Roland sat at the edge of the bed. He beckoned his woman to join him. Without further invitation, she lowered her still slightly damp torso onto his thighs. Roland was the first man to ever spank her in earnest and she couldn't imagine anyone else doing it better.

And yet, he had no paddles, no straps, no canes, and no hairbrushes.

“Ow! Ow! OW! What is that?”

“That, naughty girl, is my belt. How dare you think I wouldn't spank you!”

The braided leather scorched Gayle's soft skin, but the resulting burn was one she welcomed. The doubled belt cleansed her soul as even the double shower could not. Before long, she was greedily raising her bottom to meet each impact. Over and over, Roland laid crimson stripes one upon another. Gayle's entire body shook with pain, thrill, and lust. Whether erotic punishment or punishing eroticism, she drank in each fiery sensation.

“Ouch! I'm sorry!” She wasn't entirely sure she was sorry or why exactly she should feel sorry, but it seemed like an appropriate sentiment when being spanked.

“Sorry? Let me tell you. You're going to be sorry tomorrow every time you sit.”

Gayle found this dire pronouncement oddly exciting.

Roland then slipped his left hand beneath his partner until he made contact with her nexus. The arousal the spanking had generated was immediately evident. Stroking as he swatted, Roland soon lifted Gayle to a shivering, bucking completion. The intensity of the moment and the elevation left her panting for oxygen.

Gayle felt a little wobbly as she raised herself from her man's lap. They found each other again moments later beneath the bed covers. He kissed her lips tenderly.

“That was good... Really good.”

“Didn't I tell you?”

“Do you wish we could make love now?”

Roland smiled. “Of course I do.”

“But we don't have...”


Roland jumped from the bed and pulled a long strip of condoms from his carry-on bag. “There are some things that are too important to be entrusted to baggage handlers.”

“But you didn't...”

“I told you not to worry. Had we really been out of condoms, I would have stopped in town.”

“OK, I've stopped worrying.”

“Good. Turn out that light.”

© Bonnie 2011


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Terrific story Bonnie. As they say Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Roland must have been a Boy Scout because he was prepared. lol

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Great story!! Thank you!

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Hi Bonnie,

I loved the story when I first read it two years ago, and it's just as entertaining the second time around.


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I enjoyed reading this story. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie.

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Good Read, Flowed, I Enjoyed it! Bravo

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