Saturday, May 25, 2013

MBS Spanko Brunch #384

Happy weekend and welcome back! For readers in the US, this long holiday weekend marks the traditional beginning of the summer travel season. In keeping with this theme, our topic this week was donated by our esteemed colleague, Hermione.

What preparations would you have to make if you were expecting vanilla house guests for the weekend? Variations in routine? Hiding the evidence?

To join the conversation, just enter your thoughts in the form of a comment below. At the conclusion of the weekend, I will post an edited summary.


sunnygirl said...

The routine doesn't change, but the implements get hidden.

Dragon's Rose said...

None. The toys and tools of torture stay hidden. We have 3 teens in the house. They don't want to know what mom and dad do in the bedroom.

Red said...

All implements without a primary non-spanking use, are always hidden...
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I have my implements hidden. I also ensure that my electronics are all password protected. I would not want someone picking up my iPad and finding a spanking site.

Mona Lisa said...

No arangemang needed. My husband always has his spanking implements with him ... his hand .. lol ..

ronnie said...

Our implements are always hidden. If children are visiting I do remove my laptop just in case.


Anonymous said...

I don't live with my boyfriend nor do we currently have spanking as a part of our dynamic, but when people come over to my place, I hide the folder on my iPad where I keep all the (tame) spanky art that I've drawn over the past couple of years.

Strangely, I show this art to people pretty freely online but I assume if they saw it all in the same folder it would raise some eyebrows, lol. It's definitely something I do if I have anyone come over because otherwise I don't feel comfortable letting them browse stuff on my iPad.

As an aside, whenever I am dating someone and spanking/DD is part of the equation, being in the company of vanilla friends or family turns me into the most obnoxious bratty pest in the world so long as those people are present! Lol. So having "normal" people come over would be a lot of fun for me in that regard... ;)

kim b. said...

We have 3 teens our Tools of the Trade are tucked away and the ones that are out blend in example in my hall by the coat rack we have an umbrella stand in there are two canes for that "I can't wait to get you home' Spanking if we make it that far! In he kitchen we have a few display wooden spoons! We do what we do and when the occasional oops happens they are the ones either embarrassed or curious!

Anonymous said...

My hubby told me I would need to stay away from my HoH if vanilla guests were around. He likes to goose me from behind with a few well placed playful pops!


Anonymous said...

1) Hide the toys - easy in our case, since they can fit into one wide but fairly shallow locking drawer.

2) Take out to the garage the platform that I built for her to stand on during "Hands on the knees, wee lassie!" and "Over the rail you go, girl!" and "Grab your ankles, Honey!" sessions. It can easily pass as a height-booster for her getting things up onto garage shelves. It even has locking casters and indoor-outdoor carpet that make it look boringly vanilla. The rail can be detached and concealed behind the workbench.

3) Clear Internet history from computer, especially if the company includes curious kids. Also, make sure that all adult materials on the hard drive, including both her stories and mine, are hidden within multiply nested folders with password protection.

4) Plan to make hay if/when the sun shines during the visit - e.g., if the guests decide to spend an afternoon (or better, night!) at the beach, with other friends or relatives (a likely possibility, given that we live in a large city), etc.

That's about it. I do wish the rest of life were that simple and straightforward.

Bea said...

What do I do when vanilla company is in the house?

Anonymous said...

Well, we often have to hide our canes, whips and paddles when his daughter visits us, and I would make sure to be decently dressed. I also won't wear my collar like I often do after work hours.

Anonymous said...

I give S a sound spanking the day before our guests arrive, so that when they do, she does not have to squirm and fidget as she sits with them, allthough she is still getting a mild reminder that she is lucky that her nice bottom is nor bared and bent over, for a demonstration of wifely discipline in front of them. D.

Hermione said...

If we are expecting company on our scheduled spanking day, it's usually postponed, in case someone arrives early and finds us engaged in activities we'd rather they didn't know about.

Our toybox is safely hidden under the bed, and I hang a calendar over the spanking plaque on the wall. I replace the larger implements on the wall rack with necklaces, and place the implements in a drawer.

I don't expect anyone to use our computers, but I always remove the iPad from sight and plug it in to recharge, in case someone snoops and finds my eBooks.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

May I suggest that if you have teenagers and your toys are not locked away, they have already found them.

MrBBSpanker said...

Not too much changes actually.

There's a subtle unspoken language and the implements stay in their designated place tucked away from sight.
The hairbrush on the dresser does get to stay as a reminder to behave though ;)

# MrBBSpanker

abby williams said...

When my mom-in-law came to visit in March, we had intended to do a better job of "cover up," but we ended up just throwing a blanket over the umbrella stand that holds our canes, and everything else was in my nightstand drawer. We intentionally don't have together-time when guests are staying with us. It makes the first night alone together so much better!

This holiday weekend is our 6th anniverary, plus Mr. W's birthday weekend. When I came home on Thursday, ready for a long 4-day weekend with him (I took Friday off), I found that our bedroom wall now features many of our toys hanging from hooks on the wall. It's something we've talked about doing for years, but Mr. W finally had the chance to make it happen. I'll get a picture up on the blog soon. So I guess in lieu of having guests, we ended up making our home even *more* spanking-friendly.

Our little dog is acting up with the amount of noise we're making and closed doors we're requiring this weekend. But it's one of the best weekends ever. :-) Happy Memorial Day!

Abby W.


I run around looking in all the nooks and crannies for implements and spanking DVDs etc. Then I forget to put my head up to see the whole of my house and do things like leave a large flogger on the coat hooks.

My vanilla friends think that I go to a lot of fancy dress parties. My standard excuse.


Anonymous said...

Kurt: After the obvious implements of discipline/ fun are secreted away, prior to the guests arrival, there are still a number of Fannie warming tools in plain sight, if the occasion presents itself!

There is the Harry and David's laminated bamboo "paddle", which can also be used for cheese and crackers, the two ping-pong paddles ( with, oddly enough no rubber on one side) ready for a game of ping- pong?, the Pampered Chef bamboo spoon/ spatula display on the counter, a wooden hairbrush on the bathroom counter, a laminated leather strap next to the knife sharpening outfit, and the dreaded Vermont Country store backbrush in the shower. And, of course, the ever ready, all-time favorite , the willing hand, artfully sculpted by God to fit the curve of the bottom. Cheers!

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