Saturday, May 11, 2013

MBS Spanko Brunch #382

Welcome back, my friends. This is the weekend when we celebrate mothers. To all of our moms, Happy Mother's Day. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, our question is all about making Mom happy.

Can you describe a good girl spanking that would really make the mom in your life (or you!) purr with pleasure? We'd love to hear (and perhaps test) your great ideas.

As always, you can participate in our brunch conversation by entering your response below in the form of a comment. At the conclusion of the weekend, I will post an edited summary.


MrBBSpanker said...

Fun topic Bonnie :)

I'll just say Happy Mothers Day to everyone!


Michael M said...

The recipe most likely to succeed, if my wife was to take a good girl spanking on Mothers Day, would be something along the following lines.
The children suggest taking "Mom" and I out for a lunch and I suggest a place where we can stay overnight - say a hotel in the country. We check in, the children arrive and because she is in a good mood I easily get her tipsy on sparkling white wine.
The children leave the hotel after lunch and we go upstairs.
In the bedroom I slowly peel off her dress and tell her she has been very naughty for drinking too much. To my intense pleasure she agrees with me and I sit on the bed and pull her over my lap, but not too roughly.

I caress her bottom gently and pull her knickers up and in-between her cheeks. She starts to say that she is sorry for having been so naughty and I spank her gently. She continues to stay in position which is a signal that I can spank harder.

When she is toasted but not roasted I run the outstretched fingers of one hand between her legs and rub gently over her silk covered clit, whilst smacking her lightly with the other hand.

After a few minutes she wiggles and comes to orgasm. I help her off my lap and she goes on to her back on the bed. I kneel down on the carpet and slowly peel her panties down and then bury my mouth on her lips.

She wraps her thighs tightly around my head and I lick and lick and lick. She shudders to orgasm and releases her hold on me. I help her wriggle further up the bed and cover her with the bedclothes.
She falls asleep quickly and I leave the room to go for a swim in the hotel pool to cool off.

Anonymous said...

My g.g.s. starts with a long hot bath( see last week's) , and a couple of glasses of wine. Then I get out; D pats me dry, then lies me naked on a huge fluffy towel on the bed, a pillow under my hips to arch my rear up; another glass of wine is within reach. He parts my cheeks, and a small buzzing vibrator is slid into my bottom. Then he starts to spank me with both hands, fast stingy slaps with both his hands, playing my ample bottom cheeks like a pair of bongo drums, He goes on for some time, the glowing smart building up to an intense sexy glow, until I gasp," Now , please now", and his spanking hands are replaced with something long and firm, which brings me to a shattering climax . S.

Enzo said...

I don't have recipe or how-to per say for a good girl spanking, but I do have a bad girl spanking story of how to deal with a young Mom. Perhaps that qualifies under the Mothers Day category?

As always, thanks for all YOU do!

Anonymous said...

Kurt... Cari and I have been spanking for 36 years, and have used about everything to spank with. The reigning favorites, at present, are a homemade paddle ( 2 layers of fan blades), a 2 layer belt/strap, and a well used ping-pong paddle. We spank for fun, excitement, a little maintenance and as a relationship enhancer. We have a great relationship, and the spanking has really helped. For fun, like a good girl spanking, we sometimes use a leather paddle with fleece on one side, and play "Guess which side comes next?".
We've been very private about our spanking, as we're busy health professionals, but have always loved Bonnie's MBS site and are excited about maybe sharing some of our thoughts, etc. with like minded others. Thanks!

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