Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 14

Our topic this week was scheduled spankings. Here are your thoughts.

Loki Darksong: A regular scheduled spanking time for myself and my wife is something that I have been considering for some time. I have difficulty bringing it up because I am still fighting off that imagined stigma of a male top who receives a spanking.

Personally, I think that we both could benefit from a set schedule. We both could use the stress break!

Hermione: We also find routine is very important in our lives, and we have always set aside a specific day and time for intimate activities. Our regularly scheduled spanking happens on Saturday afternoon, and on that day I enjoy the anticipation of knowing what is in store for me later on. I like to be prepared, and knowing in advance helps me achieve the appropriate frame of mind.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy spontaneous spankings. I love surprises, and unexpected spankings are fun for both of us. Ron loves to see my reaction. But they are not as intense or as long as our scheduled ones.

Julia: We do have regularly scheduled spankings, but lately life has been interfering too much. So we have been squeezing them in whenever we can.

Reece Seever: We don't have a scheduled time now, but we did when we first got into DD and spanking. We did that because we felt that DD might be a really positive thing for our relationship, but it also was taking us both well out of our comfort zones. It might have become a very short term experiment if we had not build some structure and routine into it.

Lady Koregan: I've never really done maintenance spanking, which seems to me when a regular scheduled time would be most appropriate. So no, I never have scheduled regular times for spanking.

However, I have found that at bit of anticipation, whether it be a few hours or a few days, can strongly enhance the bottom's experience.

It's best to leave some mystery about exactly what is going to happen, but knowing they are going to "get it" and how badly does seem both to make the spanking have more of an impact and give them time to prepare.

I don't think I'd adopt a regular schedule. I believe discipline spankings need to happen as soon after the offense as possible, and I do believe maintenance spanking can sometimes lessen the impact of discipline spanking.

I prefer not to send crossed signals.

Sublime Wifey: I feel as though everything in our life is scheduled EXCEPT for time together (spanking, intimacy, chatting about the grocery list, etc.). I wish I could find a way to schedule regular spanking time, but then I feel that I might get resentful if life (aka kid) disrupted that schedule, and it probably wouldn't be good for me to resent her. I would probably also get angry with my husband if we had a scheduled spanking time and he didn't keep to it, and that anger would probably be cause for punishment that I wouldn't even get because we can't seem to schedule a spanking! ARGH! Okay, I guess it's best that we not have a schedule right now. (Sigh) She'll grow up and move out one day, right? :-)

Yes, they do indeed grow up, and faster than you think.

S: Living with D is definitely not like Bonnie's Friday nights. I never know when my bottom will be required for duty. Sometimes, it's weekly, sometimes daily and even twice daily! D commented here recently about how he surprised me leaning out of the window, which is typical.

What we do have is a regular Caning Night every three months, to mark the occasion when he first spanked me. He only uses a thin light cane, and I can wear one thin tight layer of clothing, and he means one - no knickers underneath. The evening gets closer with fear and excitement, for the caning is a big erotic turn-on. I change into a thin, clinging white dress. D inspects my rear view, approves, leads me over to our trestle, and taps the padded leather top with his cane. "Bend over Susan." I lay myself over the top, reaching right down. He fixes my wrists and ankles to each leg with soft leather straps. My bottom is perfectly presented for him, drum tight and vulnerable.

A pause, a swish, and the cane lands with a smart 'thwick' across the apex of my cheeks. I squeal. The first one always stings more than I remember. D canes on with a steady rhythm, spreading the strokes all over my rear end, but many down to my lower skin fold and underhang, the sitting area that I will feel later when I sit. The count is two dozen, and by the time he finishes, my bottom is blazing. I am gasping and yelping, but I am also very squelchy!

All is not finished yet. D pulls up my skirt, sits down with a drink to admire my well striped bottom, whilst I stay tied over the trestle, longing to grasp my throbbing smarting backside, but even more for him, to do something about the sexy need in the middle! At last, he gets up, and I sigh with relief as he penetrates me deeply and vigoursly between my well caned globes, his tummy rubbing against my sore cheeks.

The next day, my bottom is still well striped, and sitting down a problem. I prefer to lie on my tummy, but this offers a tempting target to D for a quick spank as he passes! By the end of the weekend, my cheeks are only faintly striped, and I can start counting down the days until my next caning in three months time.

Abby: M/M day. Monday maintenance spanking is a weekly occurrence. It's most always on Mondays. I find it comforting to know that Monday is a spanking day, and if I or Master are away, I miss it. It is not always the same spanking in terms of toys or positions. It is also a time when we make sure that we have time to talk and really connect.

Of course, spontaneous spankings are also a treat!

Bonnie: We have a number of rituals, but only one has a fixed place on our calendar. Every Friday evening is our spanking night. As Abby said, the details change considerably from one week to the next, but the date is fixed.

I find that my expectations grow as the week progresses. Sometimes, Randy will hint at what he has in mind. Other times, he keeps it a secret. Either way, my mind is focused on what might happen.

Thanks, everyone, for joining us. See you next week!

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