Saturday, June 30, 2012

MBS Spanko Brunch #337

Hi everyone! I missed you last week, but I'm glad that Hermione so ably continued our weekly tradition. This week's topic originated with a conversation I had with another blogger. We wondered about the motivation for the bizarre unsolicited e-mails and comments that female bloggers receive. You know the ones I mean.

wanna tap ur ass
Would you pretty please paddle my poor naked naughty bottom?
Ever do 3somes? Lets get 2gether
What colour are your knickers today?

There's seldom any sort of introduction, though I occasionally receive an e-mail that rambles on and on about unusual fetishes.

Our friend, Erica, has made ridiculing ill-conceived and poorly written messages a regular feature (and a very funny one).

But I am left with the question of why.

Why do these men send dopey messages?
  1. Does it give them a sexual thrill to annoy/confuse a woman?
  2. Are they completely inept socially and this is the best they can do?
  3. Is English perhaps not their first language?
  4. Are they actually teenage boys messing around?
  5. Is this a form of digital graffiti?
  6. Are they desperately seeking any sort of response?
  7. Are they searching for a target to stalk?
  8. Are they simply malevolent trolls?
I really don't know. Do you?


Kevan said...

As a man, I'm as baffled as you are. But I'll bet all of the above come into play.

Anonymous said...

All of the above. A good friend once gave me wise advice, "Hurt people, hurt people.". There are lots of sad lonely people who try to verbally hurt people.

Red said...

Any and all of the above, plus probably many other reasons... somewhat akin to a pretty woman walking by a construction site... wolf whistles and more..
Sadder yet, I never get women sending me emails or comments like this. :) Definitely a gender thing!!!
bottoms up

reneerose~closetgirl said...

I think completely inept socially. I haven't received one of those...I'm glad for this warning or I would've been SHOCKED if I did get one.

ronnie said...

To be honest I have no idea Bonnie but I should think all of the above.


Anonymous said...

I would venture to guess it's just a reflection of the general dumbing down of communication skills, combined with people feeling free to say anything in the anonymous world of on-line communications. In other words, dumb people feeling free to say whatever comes into their feeble minds. Take a look at the comments on any politically oriented news Article on Yahoo or any other internet news site. Stupid people saying vicious things in inarticulate ways.

Ana said...

I would put forth a small objection to the "English not being their first language" option...generally the completely illiterate (and ill-mannered) messages are very distinct from the ones that are written by someone who isn't a native speaker. I think that people writing in English as a foreign language are often (but not always) *more* careful because they know that they may not get the nuances of another language. At least that has been my experience.

Great question and good for us all to consider.

morningstar said...

i have to say i don't get emails - or comments - like that (hope i am not jinxing myself)

But i do believe they do it - simply because they can. The anonymity of the net allows people with no lives the freedom to display their questionable intelligence.

Fred Bloggs said...

The nudist club where I spend the Summer gets very similar emails, letters, phone calls and sometimes the person turns up on the doorstep. It's not just nudist clubs and spanking bloggers, a friend who looks after the local Quaker group's email says she gets some odd emails too. We have put it down to being socially incompetent, but all the items on that list apply.

spankingresource said...

I used to get them all the time!! Then I posted I was a man and it dried up. I was very sad :( they were great to read with my morning coffee.

Hermione said...

I don't get this kind of email. (Why not? What am I doing wrong or right?) I suspect it's a combination of being socially inept and oblivious to internet etiquette, and hoping for some kind of response, whether positive or negative.

Julia said...

I don't get this type of email or comments. At least not so far. I probably will now that I wrote that. I am pretty sure it is teenage boys and english as a second language!

Anonymous said...

As a school teacher, every year I get one male student who doesn't care what kind of attention I give him, as long as I give him a lot of it. This kind of child seems to thrive on being balled-out as much as praised. I try to change this over the course of the school year, usually with little results. I imagine they grow up to be this kind of blog-poster.
Jean Marie

R Humphries said...

Hi Guys ... of course I am not a female so I don't personally get such traffic with the exception of emails that make unpleasant observations about my wife ... more unusually I also get a lot of emails regarding strange fantasies about the characters of my books and the cartoon characters presented on my site ... I tend to agree with most of the guests ... spanking sites are not unique in being innundated with such wierd requests/comments etc ... just go on a soccer forum after England have just lost and then you will witness the truly bizarre ... Cheers ... RH

Rosie said...

Ah, I love this topic!

The reason is pretty simple... it doesn't just happen to bloggers. Any website with human interaction has these people, but there is a large number of them on spanko sites.

And there are a lot of women who respond to them.

Women who are so needy for attention that they throw themselves at anyone who approaches them. So the men keep trying because they do succeed sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Some of those messages may well be the product of spam bots. The big-time spammers and phishing artists have developed some very sophisticated algorithms to read text on a web site, correlate the words found there with other words found in similar contexts, and generate plausible-sounding text to use in spamming the site and any e-mail addresses found thereon. Finally some use for all those 1980s academic papers on artificial intelligence and artificial language theory. But unfortunately for those trying to run a web site (or just read e-mail) not a very nice use.

Midwest Reader

Daisychain said...

I also think, probably all of the above, along with the fact that their one brain cell died of loneliness.... xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Its social ineptness. If a man received such a message from a woman, he'd find it titillating (at least potentially).

These men don't realize that women are generally wired differently from them.

Also, as mentioned, female bloggers of vanilla sites get inappropriate emails now and then too.

Spanking Photo Blog said...

I think it's because many of the commenters are not properly informed about the topics published. I agree with others, that freedom of expression on the Internet makes it possible for anyone to comment what you want, when you want.

Spanking Tube said...

Most do not have a life! For this reason, they're trying to find a place in certain topics

Lea said...

Ha, we were of the same mind this week! I just wrote about something similar today. I'm going to guess that #2, 4, 6, and 8 are entirely possible. I think most of these people just spam the messages to a lot of people at once. I KNOW that some of them do because I've described some bizarre ones to friends and they'll reply "Omg, I got that one too!"

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