Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 22

Our topic of the week was spanking lore. Here's what you had to say.

Hermione: Spanking was originally associated with fertility. In ancient Greece, women who were unable to conceive went to the temple of Juno where the priests of the Greek god Pan spanked them with goat hide whips in an effort to increase their fertility by exciting them sexually.

That could actually work...

Kitty: I've heard it said that the cane is the worst type of spanking, but I haven't had it done, so I can't say.

Ana: Some nuns, and I think monks as well, used a cord across their own backs as a symbolic (or in some cases, maybe more than symbolic) penance. I've always used this to respond to criticisms that spanking conflicts with Christian beliefs.

Joeyred: @Ana. You can read about how they tortured themselves in the book The Lives of the Saints. The brothers would read it to us during detention.

Spankings hurt more on a cold bottom. I can attest to the truth of this one.

Loki_Darksong: The Roman holiday known as The Lupercalia is my favorite lore. Taking place on February 15th, and being the main reason for the creation, this Roman fertility holiday is famous for the run of The Lupercal Priest. They would carry the skins of sacrificed goats as thongs to strike the palms of women who were looking for luck with childbirth, as well as to ease the pains associated with it.

Legend has it that the women became dissatisfied with only their palms being struck and wanted more intimate parts tended to.

Dr. Ken: Uh... “If you spank it, they will come?”

No, wait a minute...

S: Spanking on a wet bottom definitely stings more as it also does also over wet clothing. My lore, is that the most sensitive part of a lady's derriere is that crease where thigh meets bottom cheek, and the underhang of bottom above it. Not only does the spanking sting much more, but it is just the spot one has to sit on afterward! D likes me really well bent over so that my crease is readily available for him.

Jayden: Wow! That's interesting, Hermione! That being the case, I'm glad I stayed a closet spanko until after my tubes were tied, because I was OVERLY fertile!

Jim: Something that I have noticed over the years is the number of spanko tops who are left handed. Have others noticed this? Or is it just a false impression on my part?

Kitty: Jim, it's anecdotal, I know, but Daddy is left handed!. :)

Sunnygirl: My hubby is left handed too. Maybe it's a trend.

Ronnie: Rattan is considered the best for caning because of its flexibility and durability.

A-Non: Whether it's truly lore or just a custom, what comes to mind for me is the idea that the person being spanked should count and "thank" the spanker for each spank. I guess this comes from spanking fiction where it provides something to read to keep one engaged other than "ooooh" and "ouch!" Now this idea has taken on a life of its own and shows up in way too many stories and videos. Spankers think it is something they should demand, but it really ruins the whole thing. It is a "tradition" of sorts, but one that I wish would go away.

R Humphries: My favorite piece of lore might actually be better defined as a myth and it dates back to my schooldays. A rather tomboyish girl in my class had performed an extremely reckless act on a piece of apparatus in the gymnasium resulting in one of the very rare incidents of a girl being publicly spanked (slippered to be more precise) . When interrogated about her experience, she was partly belligerent and I suspect somewhat embarrassed. She defiantly announced that she was fine because, “Well, everybody knows the loud ones don’t hurt!” After thirty-five active years, I have yet to meet a spankette who subscribes to this school of thinking. So, yes, it probably is myth rather than lore.

Hobbes: The old gangster movies of the forties and fifties had cops using the rubber hose on juvenile delinquents because it did not leave telltale damage or marks. It's not true. The rubber hose does work well without significant damage, but it leaves parallel dark purple traces like a cane without raised welts or deep bruising.

Riley: It's so funny you bring up the example that being spanked on a wet bottom hurts more. I just had to explain this to my boyfriend this morning! He started spanking me in the shower and I kept telling him it hurt more. He didn't understand until he tried it on himself. Then he was proud that he found himself a new tool for me. Hmff!

Back to the question, I'd say that over-the-knee is the most traditional method of spanking. It just seems so "classic." It reminds me of those "I Love Lucy" episodes where her husband throws her over.

Ana: @A-Non: LOL I have to agree with you about the counting in every story/video, and it gets a bit old. It actually gets more tedious to listen to than "oww" and "ouch!"

Bonnie: Besides the wet spanking, my favorite bit of spanking lore is the (primarily US) birthday tradition. Recalling the slap supposedly given to encourage newborns to breathe, the celebrant is ritualistically given one swat for each year they are old. After puberty, this innocent childhood tradition becomes a superb opportunity for otherwise vanilla people to discover and explore their kinky sides. Whether in public or in private, the arrival of a birthday is all the excuse required for a fun spanking.

Thanks, everyone, for joining our brunch conversation!

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