Saturday, April 28, 2012

MBS Spanko Brunch #328

I like to find new topics and approaches for brunch. I don't want to ask the same questions again and again. So in that spirit, let's share some tales.

Please tell us a short spanking story. It can be real or fictional. It can be about you or someone else or no one in particular. 100 words or so will be fine. Let your imagination be your guide.

To participate in our brunch celebration, enter your story below in the form of a comment. Later in the weekend, I will post an edited summary.


Ana said...

Once upon a time, a sweet and lovely girl named Ana was trying to do her homework. Her head ached, she was tired from too many all-nighters, and she was annoyed with all of the demands of school. She decided to go out and play instead. Unfortunately, the next day her teacher chose to give a surprise quiz based on the homework. Ana failed miserably, she got a sound spanking when she arrived back home, and she swore to herself never to get caught without her homework completed again...or at least to learn how to cheat. But that's a story for another day.

The very well-spanked, bright-red end. :)

joeyred51 said...

My naked body shivers in the corner of the cool room as my mind wanders to the events of the morning that put me in this place. How could I oversleep on such an important day? Her surprised and stern look when I awoke her a mere 20 minutes late made me shutter, but not as much as the text message that arrived telling me she had missed her meeting or the next message for me to be in position when she returned with the heavy cane on the bed.

She enters the room and commands me to bend over. I hear her heavy breathing and the swish of the cane. Stroke after burning stroke burns my skin; my legs begin to shake from the searing pain. Perspiration drips from my brow and burns my eyes as the relentless stinging swats find their mark. I hear the cane drop and she leaves without a word.

xantu said...

I meet him at the door, in my knees, forhead pressed firmly to the floor; as is the daily requirement. But... today is different, today it is his birthday and I have been busy; flowers, wrapped presents, gourmet dinner, his favorite dress pooling around my knees.

He leaves me there, kneeling, silent but quivering with pent up excitement. He rumbles with pleasure.

He returns and stands over me. I shiver as he slowly lifts up my skirt and slides my panties down.

As his first blow lands, he begins to count.

I remember the surprise. "Hey, its your birthday, not mine!"

Hermione said...

The path curved through the woods, deeper and deeper, stopping at a clearing where moss covered the ground. Sunshine spilled through the branches onto a grey stone bench, lichen-covered and weather-beaten. Mist descended, swirled and parted to reveal a young man in uniform seated on the bench, holding a girl by the hand. He guided her over his lap; printed skirt raised, panties lowered in an instant. Sounds of slaps mingled with laughter and murmured endearments. Red bottom, red cheeks, red painted nails gripping the stone. Then red lips pressed together urgently as teardrops stained the moss.

“Remember me when I am gone.”

The mist swirled again and vanished. The bench stood empty in the sunlight.

joeyred51 said...

@ Hermione Brilliant.

Grace said...

When I close my eyes I still picture the evening you made me stand with my hands entwined above my head facing the wall, a mirror there to reflect upon, watching my face as your hand slapped my bottom, a forceful caress, your remonstrations each time your palm connected with my naked flesh. I remember observing my detached reflection, my lips in a silent circle of ouch and ahh, the frown on my forehead as my bottom bounced under your firm hand. The tears cascading over my eyelids coursing a track down my cheeks to drip from my chin. My gentle sobs as I promised to change my ways. But we know I never will, because I also know you so well my love, there is a deception, a slight of hand, you are cross with me but my instincts tell me more, I see the smile behind your eyes, your kind and gentle nature betrays you and you fall under my spell so easily when I silently ask, in my secret way. We keep our secret selves locked away so tightly in a Pandora’s box that calls to me in the darkness and the light and I am driven to open it. And so I remember our eyes meeting in the mirrored reflection, a fleeting glimpse, my shy smile confirming our complicity in the knowledge that I will always return to that secret Pandora ’s Box of ecstasy. said...

That was beautiful Hermione!

Daisychain said...

I had really tried. I was respectful, loving, attentive, really I was.
But..well... something was missing. Fun? Banter? I couldn't work it out.
Then after breakfast one morning, he hugged me close and led me to the couch. Sitting down, he gently pulled me over his lap. I was surprised, and said, "What have I done?"
"Nothing, my love, you have been wonderful..." he replied, ..."and now I am going to give you a good girl spanking!"
He began spanking me with his hand. Stinging, but not unbearable swats... all the while telling me how much he loved me and appreciated my attitude, behaviour, my efforts to make him comfortable.... I loved it! It was like a reward for being good and it brought back THE SPARK, yes, the sexual tension, was back in full force. I felt sexy and alive and excited, and as the spanking finished we moved on to other equally delightful activities....

Kat said...

“It sounds like you were” – spank – “forgetting” – spank – “who’s” – spank – “in” – spank – “charge.”

The spanks he’s delivering now no longer feel playful. And he’s going on:

“It sounds like you were telling me what to do.” Wow. This is a first. Fire on my behind, every slap.

“No, James.” I answer him because I know I have to, but every part of me screams out not to say a word that might make him stop. I finally feel like I’m getting spanked now! My bottom is burning with every smack, and I’m getting so hot from it I can’t breathe.

A'marie said...

I love this idea, Bonnie. I loved reading all these little stories. Perfect, and so much fun! :)

I did my best, hah, and considering my frame of mine it's relatively appropriate. ;)

There's a tipping point, a moment in time when I know I've gone too far, but I can't stem the cascade of words tumbling out of my mouth. Your pursed lips are an unheeded warning; the momentary satisfaction of my tirade has me throwing common sense out the window.

You say nothing, but your hands move to your waist and I hear the rustle of a slender leather belt being pulled from its loops. Some days, this might leave me instantly penitent. Today, my penitence comes at a price.

My smile is tinged with defiance as I shimmy out of my jeans, leaving them in a heap on the floor. Your silence continues as I drape myself across the bed.

Moving to the side of the bed, your hand snakes into my hair, pulling my head back. I turn my face slightly to meet your gaze.

"That little display of petulance was uncalled for."

I sense the backwards movement of your hand, and a moment later the belt cracks across my bottom with an intensity that surprises me. It is followed by a dozen or more quick, hard strokes. I remember why I hate this belt, the thin, whippy feel of it. I grit my teeth and bury my face in the covers. Penitence is still several dozen strokes away.

sixofthebest said...

There was my wife, my daughter, and mother-in -law, all standing in the corner, with their red blushing bare bottom's on view. For I had just given all three of them a good spanking on their naked rear ends, for coming home late, and each consuming to much liquor, at a party.

Bonnie said...

Oh nine thirty... Mark

Load and initialize Jennifer subroutine F


Set level three

Level three, sir

Confirm physical positioning and restraint


Engage standard warm up sequence

Sequence initiated

“Ow! What kind of warm-up is that? Yeow!”

Proceed with ramp up to level three with 120 second logarithmic phase in

Ramping now

“Ach! That really hurts...”

Approaching level three... Mark

Sustain at level three for 180 seconds

Sustaining, sir

“Oooo. Aaaeeeee! Ow!”

180 seconds... Mark

Bypass standard ramp out and go to full shutdown

Shutting down, sir

Disarm and release all restraints

Disarmed now. Restraints are open.

“Stupid robots. You take the fun out of everything!”

Anonymous said...

I had never been spanked until....My boy friend and were arguing about some trivia. I said, "I know I'm right"," So do I" he said,"All right bet you fifty pounds I';m right ?" "I can't afford that much"."All right then, if you're right you get the fifty, but if you're wrong, you get a good spanking". I gasped in surprise, "Ok then, but I know my bottom's quite safe". We went back to the house, where a book quickly proved that he was right. He grinned happily, my rear end tingle nervously. He sat down, patted his lap."Over you go then, love". I tried to delay matters , but got a firm "Now !" I laid myself across his strong thighs, my thin stretch jeans hugging my ample bottom. I felt his hand on their zip. "No, no not on the bare, it's my first spanking"."All right then, but I'll have to spank harder". He gripped me firmly, pushing my upper part down, so that my jeans were even tighter; they weren't going to be much help, with only my tiny thong beneath. Then a broad male palm landed with a resounding thwack across my upturned bum. Wow, it stung, but he held me tight, and went on to apply my first spanking with gusto. I squealed and wriggled, but there was nothing I could do, until I don't know how many spanks later, he stopped, and helped me to my feet. I clutched my burning, smarting cheeks. "There honour satisfied", he laughed, "I really enjoyed that, next time it will be on the bare", "I can see that", looking down at the bulge in the front of his jeans, , and I undid mine, peeling them off."So did I, so let's do something about it", and I sank my now bare red bottom on to him.

Loki_Darksong said...

Ten Minutes (M/F)by Loki_Darksong

She was a Black woman, looking far younger than her forty-two years. She had a thick build but was not fat. Her years of weight loss still toning down her body paid off.

She was tied over a padded bench and was wearing the uniform of an Edwardian period maid. Her skirt was pulled up and her bloomers pulled down. The air felt cool on her brown colored rear.

He, her husband, also was dressed in period attire. The clothing, that of a gentleman of means, looked sharp on his dark brown skin, his dreadlocks adding more flare to the image.

In his hand he held a martinet, a French spanking implement made of many laces of leather. On the table was a small hour glass shaped sand time that was ten minutes in length.

She did not believe that a martinet was that fearsome an implement. That a handful of strokes with it was not too much of a threat.

He had said that it was how long you used it rather than a set number that really mattered with the martinet. And he only needed ten minutes to prove his case.

The first minute reminded her of a birching. The leather held the same sting as a birch with less chance of splinters.

The second minute she wished that it was made of wood. By now it would have been time to stop and get a fresh birch, giving her a few moments breather instead of this constant lashing across her rear.

The third minute she was unable to keep still in her bonds. She flinched and jerked about constantly, little gasps escaping past her clenched teeth.

The fourth minute and she was tugging at her bonds trying to get free of the constant sting, her own dreadlocks dancing about with her head’s motions.

The fifth minute was when she admitted to herself that he was right! The martinet WAS an effective implement of punishment, when used properly. She did not say that aloud, keeping it to herself for the moment. And she did not safeword, choosing instead to see where this ride went. Crazy, Yes. But why not?

The sixth minute made her question that decision. Her husband had changed the strokes, slowing the tempo while upping his strength. Now she was really jumping on the bench!

The seventh minute and she wished she had chosen to be nude for this scene. It would have been so much cooler! The rest of her body, within the maid’s uniform, was almost as hot as her rear.

The eighth minute past and she was almost done. She had run through her entire repertoire of sounds, cries, yells and words of distress. But her husband never ceased in helping her find newer ways of squirming under the strokes.

The ninth minute surprised her. Her husband had yet again ramped up the strokes, this time to a whole new level. She found herself now with renewed vigor in her actions and voice.

The tenth and final minute found her spending the energy of that second wind pulling off some fantastic writhing and leaps, restrained by the bonds that held her to the bench. It was true poetry in motion. Later, as they watched the footage, they would both be glad that they had decided to film the scene. It was very hot!

By the time the last grain of sand fell, her backside felt thoroughly roasted. Contrary to the beliefs of some, colors of a spanking, red and otherwise, do appear on dark brown skin. The many, many dark red lines etched across her brown skin could be seen quite clearly. Her bottom in general was now a darker shade of red as well.

In all it was a fun session. After retiring to their bedroom, and after a bout of post spanking…fun, she reflected on her new respect for the martinet. She could not wait for the opportunity to use it herself. Perhaps in concert with what she was going to use on her husband with their next playtime.

She had come up with such a nice image while over the bench. It would be so much fun to bring it to life!

Anonymous said...

Re: previous comment: So much for "100 words" eh?

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