Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 11

Our topic this week was how we find, select, and read spanking-oriented blogs. Here are your thoughts.

Kevan: I have about 75 blogs in my RSS reader, categorized by high priority, couples, men, women, and lower priotity. I keep an eye on it, and I also click through when someone whose name I don't recognize makes an interesting comment anywhere. I add and drop a few blogs every week.

Curtis G: I bookmark many blogs. I return to a few often. I drop those where posts haven't been made for about six months. I follow up on leads that blogs provide. I don't do RSS.

Six of the Best: First, I sample my favorites. like MBS, Hermione, and Erica. Then, I choose from a variety of other spanking blogs whose subject matter looks interesting.

Joeyred: I follow many blogs, but there are several that I favor. Some are written by SCONY friends such as Lea and Margaret Davis. Others are just very interesting: MBS, Zelle, Hermione, Ronnie, and Ken. I read comments and will start following a blog after I have read the profile. Kitty's excellent blog is one I just started following because of her comments.

Hermione: The blogs on my own blogroll are ones I read whenever they are updated. I also have a few favourites bookmarked. When someone new comments on my blog, I usually visit that person's blog if they have one. I have all the blogs I follow in RSS feeds, but I haven't read any that way for some time; I prefer to pay an actual visit. I also visit blogs on the Kindred Spirits list to see what's happening on sites I don't regularly read. I'm usually pleasantly surprised and often find new friends that way.

Ana: I started with one or two blogs I liked, looked at blogs on those blogrolls, looked at blogs of commenters on the blogs I liked, and then (after starting my own blog) visited blogs of people who commented on mine. Now I always make sure to check blogs of people who regularly comment on mine (1st priority), my favorite blogs that are updated regularly (2nd priority), and explore other blogs when I have extra time (3rd priority).

Scunge: I have quite a few that I check daily (including yours), then others about every other day. ;)

Prefectdt: Mostly, I use my own blogrolls. I try to get around to other blogs as often as possible, but as my blogrolls get longer, it is becoming hard to find the time to do this. As for checking out new blogs, I tend to favour the blogs of people who I see regularly commenting on blogs that I visit.

Abby: I follow a few blogs regularly and they are bookmarked. There are others that I try to get to at least once a week, and when I notice a new blog listed, I try to at least visit and welcome them.

If there were only more time.

Dragon's Rose: I have a few blogs that I follow and read on a regular basis. When I delete a blog or postings slow, I'll go looking for something new to read. I'm still looking for a photo blog I like.

Joss: I follow 25 blogs and if life isn't too hectic, I try to read updates at least once a week. I use a RSS reader and usually read blogs by doms first, then subs, and then blogs by couples.

Jacquie: I'm kind of new to blogland and not sure of all the terms (like RSS). I bookmark a lot. I have a few blogs where I've been able to go back into archives and read and really get to know. I then add those to my 'follow' list. Others I'm still learning about. I tend to get lost on the net and have to watch my time. Otherwise, I'd be on here constantly and get nothing done. I look at others who are following and it usually leads me all over the place.

Here is Google's description of RSS feeds and how to use them. I know it sounds complicated at first, but it's a real time saver once you get acclimated.

KZ Roth: Wow, you all are so organized. I check out MBS semi-regularly. I enjoy checking out the ones you have listed along the side. I've started checking I Twitter on a regular basis and am kind of jumping from feed to recommended feed and finding some interesting stuff.

Once you listed me as an author my numbers shot up. Mostly coming from your blog. Very popular over here. :)

I'm pleased to be able to help spread the word.

A-Non: At first, I did a lot of searches. Now I tend to go to blogs I remember easily such as MBS or Finding Sara. I also used to like some of Doc Tsai's milder stuff. I like some of the picture sets on Red Charls, but I only go there a few times a year. I have a couple dozen sites listed in a password-protected app so that I can remember the URL. I hardly ever look at those. I also subscribe to two or three via Google Reader, but I only check that once on the weekend at the most. Every now and then, I sample a new one based on your recommendation or a blogroll or an interesting comment or reference on another website.

How do I check for this subject on Twitter?

Here is one way to search Twitter.

Daisy: I read all of the blogs I "follow" and those who have added a new post. I also visit blogs of new readers who comment on mine. If there is any time left, I go browsing!

Anon: I go to the favourites.

Conina: I keep a ton of blogs on feeds in my RSS reader, but I also try to explore and find new ones, mostly from comments on blogs that I read, or on my own blogs. I definitely try to keep up with reading/commenting on the blogs of people who comment on my own blog as a top priority, even when I have no time for other things. Sometimes when I have extra time I'll peruse the blogrolls of some of my favorites, and I often find wonderful new (to me) blogs.

Riley: I'm a mix! I always visit blogs of people who comment on my blog, as I enjoy discussion and interacting with people. In addition to those blogs (which I like very much!), I have a couple others that I read regularly. And finally, I explore new blogs. I wish I could read everyone's blogs, but of course, I'd be here all day and night and a girl has got to draw a line somewhere. So, I tend to read the familiar blogs and browse new ones as I stumble across them and have the time to read.

Lea: I started out reading four or five blogs. Then I started my own and also discovered more. Now I follow over 70. There's hardly enough hours in the day to keep up! LOL I tend to regularly read everything I follow but there are a few faves that I make sure not to miss. Since I have a blog, I just read them as they pop up in the Blogger "blogs I'm following" list to keep up with what's been updated.

D: I always visit MBS and Chross's blog, which lead to lots of other interesting ones.

I just found Spanking Tales and Toons. They have some very nicely written and convincing tales!

Kaelah: Running my own blog, it isn't always easy to keep up with other blogs as well. But if I manage to find the time, then I mainly use our own sidebars and your sidebars, Bonnie, to find out about new posts that might be of interest.

Of course, I have a number of favourite blogs that I check out regularly, no matter the title of the post. They are mostly text blogs and not pure picture blogs, preferably with some variety concerning topics and gender constellations for the spankings. Some of my favourite bloggers are also people whom I had the pleasure to meet in person, which makes the connection even stronger.

Sometimes, though, I also follow links to blogs which I don't already know or don't visit regularly if a certain topic is especially interesting or a certain picture catches my eye. And, of course, I check out the blogs of those who comment on our blog or who make interesting comments on other blogs. Last, but not least, if one of the bloggers whom I like refers to a post written by another blogger or recommends a new blog, I sometimes follow the link as well.

Sarah Thorne: The ones that I read regularly are in my bookmarks, and I check those out when I see they've updated. Sometimes, I can only devote one a day a week to make concentrated rounds on those blogs (if they're updated) as well as a few that I only follow sporadically. If I have time, I will randomly click on a new blog link on one of my regular bloggers' list. I have ended up adding a few blogs to my link list this way to easily follow them. I also check out the blogs of new people who comment on my blog, and often end up following them as well.

I try to read the ones on my blogroll every time I see they have updated. But I don't always have time to comment, as often I am reading from my cell phone while I am out about my day. My comments are often a few days later than the post has been published. LOL

I try very hard to comment regularly on the blogs I follow religiously, because I like them to know I've stopped by and read.

Ronnie: I have a few favourites I read on a regular basis. I try to read the blogs on my blogroll whenever they have updated. If I have a new follower, I see whether they have a blog. It's the same when someone new comments. I pop over to visit their blog.

C: I have a handful of blogs that I read regularly. I check out new blogs listed in the In with the New posts. I type your blog into my browser and then use your blogroll to access the other sites I read.

Country Spanker: The first place I go after my own is this one and scroll down the side and just read whoever is about with new posts.

Rod: I don't bookmark adult sites, just in case someone has to use my computers. This does make life a little complicated, so I use the blogroll on my blog as a substitute.

Dr. Ken: My answer would be, "Kind of all of the above." Usually, I get on-line with visiting a few favorites in mind, but I may follow a link or make a quick stop to a site I haven't been to in a while, or check out a new blog if it sounds interesting. I usually wind up typing in the address of the first site I visit, but most of the time I use bookmarks. A lot of times, I come to My Bottom Smarts and look at the most recent posts list, and then check out a few of those.

Hobbes: You are the only spanking oriented blog I ready regularly and you are bookmarked. Once in a while, I move around through links you provide. There's just not enough time to read, so I stick with the best and that is yours.

Wow. Thanks!

A. Lurker: I have a few favourites where I "lurk" regularly. If something in one of their blogrolls strikes my fancy, I may take a stroll over to check it out. I also lurk here regularly and amble around your blogroll, following the paths that strike my fancy. It all depends upon how much time and privacy I have that day.

Bonnie: I use all of the techniques described above, but none of them often enough. Maintaining a list of over 500 links often seems like a full time job. I am very grateful for the dedicated friends who assist, but it's still very time consuming.

I split my online time between blogging, visiting friends' blogs, answering mail, and searching for new blogs. It feels as though I'm always neglecting at least one of these. I think I have a pretty efficient system, just not the hours needed to make it work well.

Lest anyone feel sorry for me, I love reading spanking blogs and meeting spanking bloggers. If you keep writing, I'll keep linking!

Thanks, everyone, for joining us for brunch!


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Thanks to JoeyRed for the shout out. Love it... Sorry I missed commenting once again on Sunday Brunch.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Unless you meant the other Kitty, which would be fine, cause I follow her too!

Bonnie said...


I too wondered which Kitty Joey meant and made an educated guess. I hope I was right, but in any case, you've more or less set things right. We recommend all Kitties. :)


joeyred51 said...


I am sure that Kitty (The Submissive Wife) has a wonderful blog, but I was referring to Kitty of Sweet Surrender. However, I will be sure to read the other Kitty's site soon.


crankyspanker said...

Hi Bonnie

This was something I have been wondering for a while now. I have been tempted to take a long, very long break and visit all the blogs on you blogroll.


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