Thursday, February 23, 2012

News: Fuller Brush Declares Bankruptcy

Even the dedicated patronage of spankos may not be enough to save the venerable Fuller Brush Company. In a bankruptcy filing this week, the firm sought protection from creditors.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the older brushes still work fine and don't often wear out!


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

LOL. This is important information - to those of us who are "new" and have yet to obtain ours.

Anonymous said...

So that's where people buy those special bath brushes!


Hermione said...

What a sad day, when we can no longer choose our implements in the privacy of our homes.

I assume there will be stock liquidation, and brushes available at bargain prices.


senorrose4 said...

Perhaps this is a GOOD thing: this might spare the sciatic nerves of a few slender people. Just sayin'.


Riley said...

I've never had one, but have heard of them. Luckily they'll no longer be a threat to my behind. ;) Thanks for sharing, Bonnie!

sunnygirl said...

What a shame - another icon going away. Spankos of the world could unite and organize a "sit down"

Spanky said...

Sorry to hear about this. I remember the Fuller Brush men when I was a kid going door to door. Disney had a cartoon where the Big Bad Wolf disguised himself as a Fuller Brush Man. I think Warner Brothers used the Fuller Brush idea in cartoons too.

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