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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jan 15

Our topic of the week was bottom massaging, before, during, and after a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

morningstar: I have a sneaking suspicion that the bottom massages I receive are not exactly what you are thinking of... But, yes, W does massage my bottom during a spanking session. It's mostly to check the temperature of the skin, to check for any deep tissue bruising, and to have some contact with me.

After a session, yes, W might massage again. But this time, it's mostly to see me jump wince and hear me whine. He is more sadistic than even he likes to admit. :)

Joeyred: During moderate to hard spankings, the top almost always rubs my bottom after it has been spanked. If the session is long and hard, the top may rub the bottom a few times. At spanking parties, sometimes a top will rub my bottom before a spanking if it is already red and sore from previous sessions.

Michael: In most of my spankings of Season, I massage her bottom during and after. We find it sexy and I like to break up the rhythm of the spanks so they don't become predictable. The after massage is also so she feels the "burn" more as I will squeeze a little harder. Also, when massaging I can't help but let my fingers roam to secret areas that lead to a very sexy conclusion to the spanking. We're two very happy and sated people. :-)

Bobbie Jo: My top rubs my bottom before she starts spanking me and sometimes during the spanking. It is a nice touch and helps me relax and feel more at ease.

Simon: My Mistress will sometimes massage my bottom prior to my beating. I find it a delightful moment of gentleness before the serious business of thrashing me begins. The only problem, I find, is that the oils make my bottom very sensitive. As she normally begins with a paddle, I find the initial strokes very painful. It is a very similar sensation to being punished on a wet bottom which, as anyone who has experienced it knows, is considerably more painful than on the dry.

Curtis G: I always massage the bottom during and after a spanking. It makes the spanking more pleasant and with a few special women, more intimate.

Sarah Thorne: Yes, massaging the bottom is part of our spanking. Sometimes it's done just simply because RG likes to touch my butt! :)

During spanking, in between spanks, it's done to help increase tolerance so I can take more for harder and longer. During casual play, I allow it for that reason, but only if it doesn't get too gratuitously touchy! After a spanking, it's to help soothe the pain away!

Daisy: Oh, YES! Before, during, and after, Davey loves the massage a bit more than the spanking, I suspect! He does it before to just appreciate my bottom, during to check how tender I am, and after to rub it in and check for any deep muscle soreness, and to enjoy my discomfort! LOL As has been said, this often leads to more intimate, enjoyable action!

Abby: Unless it is a punishment, he rubs before, during and after. For a punishment spanking, the after is eliminated. He wants me to "wear" it as long as possible. For other spankings, the after leads to wonderful fun!

Six of the Best: I give my loved one a bottom massage before and after a spanking, with some tender bottom smooch kisses as well.

Sublime Wifey: When I see the word "massage," I think of kneading muscles to relax or work out a kink (pardon the pun). In that case, no, my husband does nothing of the sort. He does do some light rubbing before, during, and after to gauge the temperature of the skin and check for welts, but I think it's more to admire his work. Sometimes, there is a sensual quality to it, a clear lead up to something more later. Other times, it really is just his fascination with the quality of his work. Either way, I enjoy it.

Sunny Girl: It's before, during and after for us. He likes my bum and loves to touch in every way. It is a sensual thing for both of us and always leads to other activities.

Hermione: If I ask nicely, I can have a bottom massage with scented lotion afterward.

Country Spanker: Rubbing or massaging is something I do so much that it should probably listed as a hobby. There is rubbing better after a punishment, mainly by me, but sometimes she does it herself.

Sara: Yep, it's before, during, and after as long as it is not a spanking for punishment! Then it's very straight forward and pleasure is not on the menu.

Kitty: Yes, I've had bottom massages for years, long before spankings. It's very erotic, I think.

Anon #1: I have received a "buffing" from time to time. That is a vigorous rubbing with a fairly rough towel. You might be amazed at how uncomfortable a buffing can be and how red you can get in just a couple of minutes. And that's even present the next day.

Meridith: I mostly just like the massage afterward. In between, she pinches, which I love... or hate... depending upon the situation. Massage before makes me antsy. Anticipation isn't my strong suit.

Make Mine Red: Most certainly! We like it before, during and after. It arouses both of us just as much as the spanking does, sometimes more.

Todd and Suzy: For us, most spankings include some massaging of the bottom. It can help with a warm-up for fun and playful spankings. It can be a big part of sensual/erotic spanking. It can serve as a break during harder play, and then it's an important part of aftercare. The exception to this pattern is discipline. There, there's no massage or rubbing until all the spanking is done.

While massage is a regular part of our routine, we have a few friends that aren't interested in any massage. It's either too personal/intimate for the dynamic or it's just not their thing in general. That's totally fine too. Whatever works.

Lea: The original question specifies "massage" which I take to mean more than a little rubbing. When I'm spanked, there is almost always a bit of rubbing. Often before switching implements or to break up a longer more intense spanking. Some tops seem to do it to check that everything is even. As far as a more extensive massage, that's something I'd only have my husband doing and does come up occasionally.

Prefectdt: I regard the spanking itself as a massage. It's a very deep muscle massage admittedly, :) but a massage that is as good for the mind as it is for the body.

Anon #2: My husband just gave me my first spanking. He massaged throughout it and sometimes used it as a change of pace. Although, he definitely rubbed before, during, and after. He said he's hooked and that I'll be expecting more in the future! :)

Ronnie: If it's a punishment, there's no massaging. But for all the others, yes - before, during and after. I particularly like the after massaging.

Dr. Ken: I always rub and knead a spankee's bottom during a spanking - unless, of course, the spankee has told me they don't like it or don't want me to.

It's not just a change of pace, but a change of sensation. And after many spanks that build in intensity, I think the Bottom appreciates the break and the care. It also seems to enable the spankee to recover a bit, and then they can get a longer spanking as a result. And then, of course, it's also done when the spanking is over as part of the aftercare.

To me, it's all part of being a good Top!

S.N.M.: Without exception. Any physical contact between hand and bottom is a good thing, and intermittent rubbing helps the sub last longer.

Disciplined Boyfriend: Isn't spanking just an extreme form of massage and stimulation? We generally leave massages out of spankings since they are usually punishments - a rub here and a touch there is far from massage.

Bonnie: Our answer is an unequivocal yes. Whether before, during, or after a spanking, Randy loves to run his hands over my bottom, hips and thighs. He rubs. He kneads. He pokes, prods, presses, and pats. He likes my curves and shows it through touching. He squeezes to draw out all of the residual ouch as we make love after a spanking. He rubs my bottom even when spanking is not on the agenda. He thinks this drives me wild. He's right.

Thanks, everyone, for joining our brunch conversation!

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