Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 20

Our topic this week was corner time. Here are your thoughts.

Sara: I read on others blogs that most people use corner time as part of a disciplinary process. Grant is adamantly opposed to that for numerous reasons. He feels it is not something he wants for me or us as part of DD. He does use it for submission and erotic 'play time.' So for me, it has a whole different meaning and I think it is a different sort of experience than most write about.

Our Bottoms Burn: We have no interest.

Abby: Corner time is not part of our punishment spankings. Master did try it early on, but it just didn't work. I may not get out of position until I have received permission. That is my thinking time.

Michael M: Yes, we use corner time. It is a good place to be whilst waiting for a punishment or maintenance spanking. It is used sometimes after a spanking. It is good thinking time.

Six of the Best: Yes, 'corner time' is an important part of corporal punishment for a naughty woman. Before a spanking, I make her stand there with her dress raised and showing her panties. After she has been punished, she returns with her panties down, showing her naked and spanked rear end. If it is a caning, the implement is left in the corner as well.

Prefectdt: I will only consider it either before the spanking starts or for very, very short periods during play. After all the attention, there is something about the feeling of isolation and abandonment that presses some very negative buttons in my head. I can't do too much corner time. I have never cried real tears as a result of a spanking, but I have blubbed like a little baby after being left in a corner too long.

Hermione: Our spankings are never disciplinary, so corner time has no place in our play or our relationship. We wouldn't consider doing it for several reasons, one being the lack of empty corners in our house.

MarQe: I often send my spankees to the corner once they have been warmed and warned that far worse is to come. Hands on head, red bottoms on show! It's essential, I think!

Jean Marie: Usually my spankings are erotic and sex ensues afterward, but every once in a blue moon (or should I say my red moon), I'm told to go stand in the corner and show off my glow and think about what just transpired. I always leave the corner as horny as hell.

Anon: I agree with Sara and MarQe. Corner time for my lady is very much erotic and disciplinary. I like checking out my work. She must stay in place, legs spread with hands on her head. This often leads to touching and massaging her, often starting the aftercare with some lotion for her sore bottom. She is often blindfolded and gagged, so she can neither see nor vocalize her feelings, although her moans are a very good indication of how she feels.

We both are very horny when this is finished. The rest I leave to your imagination. I think Jean Maire will have a very good idea.

Sunny Girl: Our spankings are only for fun. So the only thing our corners are used for is catching dust bunnies.

Make Mine Red: We have not, and most likely will not, add corner time. Our spankings are for "play time." They are part of foreplay and for sexual reasons only.

Lea: I have done it on a few occasions. It isn't ALWAYS a part of the process, but can work in some situations. I think the length of time spent in the corner is important because in my opinion, anything over maybe five minutes is just overkill. It defeats the purpose for me because my mind will wander to other things, like what I need to do the next day and who I think kidnapped Johnny on Days of our Lives. LOL

It can be effective though, more so when used with a disciplinary spanking. I experienced that this past week in fact. I had to be in the corner and was not able to see what he was doing behind me as he rummaged through his implements and God knows what else. It was maddening!

Dr. Ken: Ordinarily, no, I don't use corner time. I could see adding it into a scene with the right person. Even then, it would probably not be every time.

morningstar: I have never been told to go the corner... and your question today made me think about it.

I think one of two things might happen. I might get a terrible fit of the giggles (seeing in my mind's eye how silly I would look in the corner) OR (the most likely reaction) I would get a little pissy and probably stamp my foot.

Either way, I am afraid I wouldn't take it all that seriously.

Season: We sometimes incorporate corner time into the mix. We've used it both in disciplinary situations as well as in role-play. Michael wrote a post about corner time a few years ago (before I knew him) and it pushed a lot of buttons for me. I wrote a post about our first corner time experience together, and we eventually combined both our posts into one entitled Corner Time: He Said/She Said.

It always has the power to make me squirm and blush profusely.

Ronnie: Corner time has no part in our spanking. We did try it, but didn't work for us and we see no reason to try again.

Scunge: My first spanker was very much into corner time. R is not. He just doesn't see the value. I,, on the other hand would LOVE the break every now and then. ;-)

Kiwi Girlie Girl: I like the idea. I have suggested that we try it, but it's never happened. I once emailed him and asked him to send me to the corner. He read it and then told me to go stand in the corner and think about my actions. I didn't go and he didn't push it, so it didn't happen. I'd still like to try it some time.

Naughty Ney: We use corner time on occasion. Recently, OK yesterday, I was sent to the corner before a very serious punishment spanking. I was told to go there and think about what got me in trouble in the first place. I didn't think about that at all. I thought about what was about to happen, how it would happen, what implements would be used, etc. Corner time really doesn't seem to work for me. On the other hand, my husband enjoys it because he sees me with my panties down and he enjoys that. At least it's working for one of us. Oh yeah, and it did serve to put off the inevitable. LOL

Bonnie: We don't use corner time every time, but it's a part of our repertoire. It's not employed for discipline or to compel introspection, but rather as an occasional test of my level of submission.

By the end of a long spanking, I am often as pliable as modeling clay. So model I must. Randy will direct me to stand and display my reddened bottom for his enjoyment. Other times, he will ask me to assume some sort of revealing position and remain motionless while he “inspects” me. This activity never lasts too long because Randy is as eager as I am to progress to the next stage of the evening's entertainment.

Thanks, everyone, and I look forward to seeing you again next weekend!


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