Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 30

Our topic this week was pets and their reactions to human spankings. Here are your insights.

Kendra: We have pets. The cats have learned to run and hide whenever any implement is taken out. Sometimes, they can just tell by the sound of Daddy's voice.

Our dog is a big big boy and on the few occasions when he was in the same room when I was being punished, he didn't react at all! Oh that puppy. It's just mommy getting a whipped. He can't be bothered with trying to defend her honor. Huh?

So, clearly all of my pets feel that I deserve the spankings I get, so they just ignore it or go to another room so that my cries will not disturb their rest!

MarQe: Bonnie, are you running short of questions? LOL

On the contrary, dear MarQe. I thought that many MBS readers would like this topic, and as you see from this fine response, they did.

Hermione: None of our pets actually object to my being spanked, but we have had our difficulties.

One dog refused to be crated while we were playing, and interrupted us with his loud protests. This put a hold on all spankings until he was sufficiently trained. Another dog, left uncrated, would try to join us in what he thought was a fun game, while a third was frightened by the loud noises. Then there was the wise one who simply got up and left the room at the first hint of any kind of sexual activity. I once had a cat who tried to defend me by whacking my husband several times with his paw.

My advice is that pets should be secured in a safe location out of earshot, to avoid causing them stress, especially if they might feel the need to protect the spankee.

Sara: Yep, it's been a problem! Our Border Collie used to scratch at the door when a spanking was in progress, and if not deterred, sometimes sat and whined and barked! I am sure she wanted to get in to protect me from big bad Grant! Unfortunately, she also alerted the entire household that something was going on.

Now the cat. If she sneaks in and we don't see her before things start, she will just sit and watch... relaxed, unfazed, the traitor! Grant does not appreciate the third wheel though, and always stops to put her out.

Faerie: We have a rather large dog whose favorite place to sleep is outside our bedroom door. Most of the time, it's not a problem. But a few times, he has started howling. I guess I got a little too loud.

Duality: We have a cat who will, on occasion, stare at Grace as I give her a spanking. There have been several intense sessions where Gracie is holding back laughter at the absurdity of the situation. We call the cat's stare the "Stare of Shame!" Shame! What the Hell are you people DOING?! I have to admit. It's pretty hilarious.

L.: Our cat looked up, startled, from his nap the first time my husband spanked me in his presence. Ever since then, he just goes on sleeping. I'm sure he thinks it's just one more of those inexplicable things humans do.

Sunny Girl: Our cats don't react at all, even though the older one doesn't like loud noises.

Prefectdt: Unfortunately, my lovely old lurcher died earlier this year and I have never played in the house where I am now living. But it was possible to play in the last house. My hound never seemed scared or freaked out by a spanking taking place, but he refused to stay in the same room. He usually trotted off into the kitchen or stood by the door and waited to be let out into the garden.

Make Mine Red: We have a very large dog and an elderly cat. Neither are in the room with us during "playtime." They don't react at all to the occasional playful swat though. The dog is extremely jealous when we hug!

Anabel Gray: We have two dogs. One is old and the other is a puppy. We live in an 18 wheeler traveling the country. Both dogs are given a special treat and restricted to the cab when Mommy gets a spanking. I think they probably look forward to it.

D.: Our Labradoodle has decided we're just flaky humans! She sleeps in our room, so when the kids are home, we use our closet for spankings. When the kids are out, we just leave the bedroom door open, and she comes and goes at will, completely unfazed. Some protector she is!

Alex Reynolds: LOL @anabelgray!

I don't get spanked in my apartment frequently, but two of my cats are freaked out by the sound of it. They're very skittish around J, whether or not a spanking is going on, because they associate him with loud noise, which they don't like. My eldest cat couldn't care less, but we keep him outside the room because he has interrupted spanking by trying to cuddle in the past.

Jean Marie: I adopted a precious dog from the pound while I was going through a celibate period. Gretchen would raise a ruckus whenever I did aerobics on the Wii. So the first time my boyfriend and I played in my apartment, Gretchen did the same thing. She barked incessantly while I was spanked. My boyfriend wanted to shut her away in the bathroom, but I put peanut butter in a rubber chew toy and coaxed Gretchen into her crate with it. It became a habit to prepare the Kong toy every time as a prelude to a spanking session. It's become kind of Pavlovian now for me. I get aroused and my butt tingles as I put Gretchen away in her kennel.

Scunge: Our miniature Border Collie gives us a look of disgust and leaves the room. The tropical fish don't seem to care at all! ;)

Lea: My dog doesn't like it at all. He barks at loud noises or just runs and hides, depending on his mood. J will just mess with him sometimes by playfully swatting me and laughs when the dog runs behind a chair and peeks out at us.

I'm never really spanked in front of an audience though, human or otherwise, so we retire to the bedroom and shut the door. That keeps the dog out of the way.

Ronnie: We have no pets now, but when we had our German Shepherd, she was very protective of me. As a result, we could never have a spanking session with her around. We locked her in another room with a couple of her favourite treats.

Kitty: Pets are not an issue. We have two dogs. One lives outdoors and the other one belongs to one of my daughters.

Dana Kane: My little kitty is highly offended by spankings. At every strike, he squeezes his eyes shut, turns his head, and makes that clicky noise usually reserved for lizards on the outside of a windowpane. Ever since I noticed this, I am convinced that he is seriously judging us, so I set him out of the room before the smacking begins.

Emi Jones: although I've not been spanked yet, I had to comment that my cat (who usually gets shoo'd out of the room for playful sexual encounters) LIKES to be spanked herself! It's quite amusing. She actually rubs up against me and I "spank" her bum and she will squint her eyes, I spank her in a little soft patting way, then a little harder to see if she gets mad. She never does! I think my cat is a spanko!

Molly: What an interesting question. I am rather delighted with the responses as I was wondering whether our pets were the only ones who react the way they do. It seems not.

The dog seems to hate it. If she in the house, she will always go and sit by the front door looking utterly miserable and upset. We try to remember to put her in the back corridor as she clearly doesn't like it. The cat, on the other hand, has the ability to come and go as she pleases. If she is fast asleep, she will usually remain that way. If not, she always gets up and leaves the room via her cat flap with some urgency. In a typical feline manner, she is able to convey much disapproval in this activity.

DD: We rarely spank in the same room as any of the animals. However, on those rare occasions, the cat princess curls up on the chair and ignores us. The toppy cat sits and watches with approval (I'm not sure about that, but definitely too interested). The hamsters are normally asleep and the fish take no notice. The rabbit is not in the same room and our sadly deceased dog, used to hide in his basket until it was over.

I've seen not the slightest bit of concern from any of them, despite the care I lavish on them. Hmph!

Daisy: When I had the house to myself, Davey used to make me self-spank while he watched on the computer cam and directed the spanking over the phone! The paddle was kept in a specific drawer in the room, hidden in case the kids visited. Whenever I went to that drawer, my border collie stood up and walked out of the room! One evening, during the spanking, he told me to go fetch a wooden spoon from the kitchen. As I walked out the room to get it, I saw my dog lying by the back door in the kitchen, with both paws over her ears!

Bonnie: We used to have a cat who was tremendously interested in all things spanking. Unless we deliberately locked her out, she would wander through the scene, walk over me, and basically see all the sights. If we did lock her out of the bedroom, she would scratch at the door and cry. She simply had to know what was happening.

Thank you all for telling us about your animals and what they think about this thing we do!

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