Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Favorite Spanking Photo Meme

I guess I've been tagged, so I might as well play along. I've been asked to post my favorite spanking photo. All-time favorite, that is.

So what's my very favorite? At first thought, I had no idea. Words are more my preferred medium, but I enjoy a photograph or drawing that tells an interesting story. This one also has a special significance for me.

The woman walking toward the camera is Kiri Kelly, arguably the best known spanking model in the 1980s. This still was taken from the Nu-West video Revenge is Sweet. I know this because Randy and I owned this video on VHS tape. If it wasn't the first commercial spanking video we purchased, it was among the first.

I love this picture. Young Miss Kelly has just been spanked by her boss for a second time in an office setting. But she is still indignant as evidenced by her clenched fist and tight jaw. Having seen the video, I can tell you that her bottom is even redder than her face. I love her expression. It just screams, "You spanked me!"

In an era when many of the spanking videos on the market were obviously fake, senselessly extreme, or very poorly made, this was a good one. The spankings were real and you could tell that they hurt. We could also see that Kiri Kelly was a genuine spanko, like us, and not just some porn star looking to pick up a few extra dollars.

While we more often preferred a M/F pairing, these early videos provided a lot of inspiration for us, and I'm sure for many others.


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

The words you added to explain the picture made it meaningful as an after-spanking photo.

I wish we could have found VHS spanking videos, but unfortunately they were prohibited here.


Michael said...

Love this picture, Bonnie, and your explanation sets it up so well. I never saw this video but have seen the legendary Kiri Kelly before. Love her expression and body language. If this were a cartoon steam would be coming out of her ears...and probably rising off her well heated bottom.

kiwigirliegirl said...

im so glad that you explained the picture - it made it perfect :) thanks for sharing. I love her expression :)
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Season said...

Fabulous choice, Bonnie! Very cool back story. :-)

Dave said...

A most interesting and unusual choice!

As there is no cherry reddening otk action occurring or even visible, but apparently the after-effects are, well, in full effect.

A-non said...

I have a couple of favorite spanking pics, too. It would be fun to share and disscuss them.

Alex said...

We need more genuine and original stuff indeed :)
It's easy to tell when models are just there for money

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you about her facial expression. At the same time she is embarrassed, angry, and wanting to cry from the pain of the spanking - but she'll be damned if she'll give them the satisfaction, and she will get out of the room before she loses it. I guess that's what they call "acting". Wonderful!

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