Monday, September 05, 2011

Late Bloomer by Erica Scott

Erica Scott is sort of like...


Erica stands apart from anyone else to whom she might be compared. And she probably likes it that way.

I wanted to plug Erica's new autobiography, Late Bloomer, as soon as it came out. But I knew I couldn't provide a fair review without first having read it. I just finished Late Bloomer and it was even better than I anticipated. Once I began, I could hardly put it down.

Many people know Erica Scott as a leading spanking model, popular blogger, and talented writer. She's beautiful, clever, funny, resourceful, and to her numerous fans, a familiar ambassador for our community. In Late Bloomer, we discover another facet of Erica, an independent woman, tested by life, who dares to define success on her own terms.

The story is not entirely cheery, in fact some portions are quite dark, but Erica's wonderful humor and indomitable spirit carry the day. The book begins by tracing Erica's progression from quiet child to troubled teen to unhappy adult. Gradually, however, she overcomes a series of obstacles and transforms her life for the better. The second half of the book describes the completion of her metamorphosis from timid, worried Erica to Erica Scott, international spanko superstar.

Although I was familiar with some of the stories from Erica's blog, never were they so much in context. Late Bloomer is a portrait of a life still evolving. Erica acknowledges her limitations and fears, even as she ably navigates past them. Celebrating her catalog of triumphs reinforces the considerable admiration I have long felt for Erica.

I probably wouldn't choose to pursue some of the activities that Erica has tried. But her courageous example inspires me to move beyond my comfort zone and be more adventurous both in kink and in life. Thank you, dear friend, for that gift.

For anyone who enjoys Erica's videos, reads her blog, or considers themselves a spanking enthusiast, Late Bloomer is a must-have book. You can learn how to buy it here.

I hope Spielberg produces the film adaptation.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful review. I also very much enjoyed her book. She is so very kind and warm as a person.

Poppy said...

A great review. You reminded me I must read this book, I am going to buy it this very second

Dana Kane said...


I'm halfway through my second reading, and also fully endorse Erica's book - not just for spankos, but for anyone who enjoys memoir. Erica's a top-shelf author, and I'm hoping that there's more where this came from.

Thanks for a great review!


sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, such a review on Erica's book "Late Bloomer", would befit the New York Times. Bravo, Erica, Bravo, Bonnie. Wow!, I'm pleased we have such two gifted 'spanko', writers.

Christina said...

I'd never heard of the book but after your well-written and thought provoking review, going to have to have a look at it!!

kiwigirliegirl said...

gret review...ill be looking out to purchase that :) thanks Bonnie - and thanks to Erica for writing it - it sounds awesome :)

Erica said...


Just home from Shadow Lane, logging in for the first time since Friday morning, taking a quick look around before I crash for a nap (got three hours of sleep last night). I came to look at "Good and Hot" and found this.

What can I say, Bonnie. I am quite speechless. (Enjoy it, folks -- it doesn't happen often.) Thank you, so very much. I'm honored that you liked it. xox

Lea said...

I'm about halfway through right now and it is quite a mesmerizing story. Great review, Bonnie.

ronnie said...

Good review Bonnie. Haven't started mine yet.


Hermione said...

Bonnie, that was a glowing endorsement of a great lady's book. I can't wait to read it. Amazon still hasn't shipped my copy; what are they waiting for?

Impatiently waiting,

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