Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 12

Our topic this week was spanking marks. Here are your thoughts.

Newports.sub: I especially enjoy marks left from a caning, those nice little purple stripes. Seeing them a day or two later is a nice reminder of the session. I saw a comment once where they were referred to as souvenirs.

Hermione: I love having residual marks, although they happen rarely. They are a nice remembrance of a successful spanking. It turns me on to see them on my own bottom, but I'd rather not see them on anyone else's.

Sam and HeiDDi: I also enjoy marks, but I think my partner enjoys seeing them more. It's like viewing their creation Sam says. LOL So it's more of turn-on for Sam than it is for me.

Simon(e): I enjoy having a visible reminder of my punishment, although I wouldn't want anyone other than my mistress and her friends to see them. Regrettably, my bottom doesn't mark much however severe the punishment. Except for an exceptionally punishing caning, the marks disappear very quickly. Based upon pictures of other people's punishments (both male and female), some bottoms seem to mark considerably more than others.

Joey Red: I enjoy viewing the marks from a hard spanking. It serves as a visual reminder of a hard session and that wonderful feeling of subspace. The black and blue bruises have sometimes lasted five or six days.

Bobbie Jo: I don't like to see marks on anyone and I would not want to be marked at all. A nice glowing red with no marks looks great. I realize that there are people that want to be marked and I have seen some pretty severe stuff. But it's not for me.

How about this for getting marked? I saw a picture years ago of a frat guy whose right cheek was totally purple. Nothing on the left. Just the right and I mean deep amethyst purple!

Scunge: I love getting "badges of courage" though I rarely get them these days. When I do, sitting down makes me smile remembering the spanking that caused them.

morningstar: This is a tough question for me to answer because I seldom mark from a spanking. I do get deep tissue bruising if the large wooden paddle is used and I HATE those. They don't show. When I am trying to prove to W that I do have a sore ass, he always pokes and prods the lumps making me do the "subbie dance" all over the room. YIKES, they hurt.

The odd time when I have had a small bruise or two, I am delighted and spend as much time as possible looking at them in the mirror. I think it makes W feel proud of the work he has done. In a weird way, it's as though he has "mastered it."

New Subbie: I love seeing the marks, though my HOH does not enjoy it. He tends to feel badly about bruising me. The truth is, I bruise quite easily and even the lightest of spankings leaves a bruise. I love seeing that reminder and feeling the love that comes from HOH stepping out of his comfort zone to lead me in this way.

Prefectdt: I love having marks, it is just a pity that they fade so fast these days. I wish that they would last as long as the memories that they leave behind.

This is She: I love marks. However, it's nearly impossible for me to wear them. They just don't stick!

Keiter & Jean Marie: We'd both like to respond...

As the top, I adore my lover's bottom. I would prefer to spank her playfully often and only punish her when she clearly needs it. The bruises blemish a perfect posterior, and it almost breaks my heart to mark her.

As his bottom, I need a sound thrashing periodically. My butt has weathered a lot of punishment over the years, and is no worse for the wear. I view bruises or cane welts as tangible evidence of our bond and who I am as a submissive. I get a thrill from feeling and looking at my marks afterward. I confess that I brat on purpose to make my man punish me harder than he'd like. I love him for giving me what I need. And the sex that follows is always so delicious!

Six of the Best: I've seen many a beautiful sight this world over. But one that gladdens the heart and mind for me is a rosy, well-striped female bare bottom.

Make Mine Red: I like red stripes, strap marks and welts that last briefly afterwards like for an hour or so. I don't care for bruises that last days or anything too severe though.

Little Missie: I love marks! Tiger stripes on my back after a party are sweet. Ditto marks on my backside after a punishment. The soreness lets me feel his loving touch for days to come. I don’t bruise very easy, so it takes a very hard spanking or flogging to leave the marks I love so much. But it leaves me purring for days. The hardest part is that he won’t spank again until all the marks have completely healed. Even if I beg, he won’t do it.

Adriane (Uber Brat): I love seeing marks after a either a "good girl" or "bad girl" spanking. It is either a reminder of a lesson learned, or a reminder of a great fun time, or both. I wouldn't say they alter the effectiveness of the spanking itself though.

I'd say the level of lasting soreness has a greater impact (LOL, impact) on the effectiveness of a punishment. The spanking that left me the most marked was, surprisingly, not the one that left me the most sore. The one that left me sorest, however, had me feeling the most remorseful for my uber bratty behavior.

For a funishment, or "good girl" spanking, there are other things that would either alter or show what type of effect it was having. ;-)

Lasting marks are more like playful souvenirs to me than anything else. They're something neat to see the next day. It's also fun to count how long they take to fade.

Michelle Carlyle: Marks are rather alarming because we normally don't play that heavy. However, when I receive them, they remind me of the good time I had. I think I bruise too easily because the last time I had marks, I hadn't thought he'd spanked me that hard. But I was rather drunk at the time. :)

Daisy: Davey loves to see my bottom glowing like a stop light, but he is not so keen on bruising me, unless it is for a very very good reason. He got quite upset when he accidentally caused bruising during a birthday spanking. However, when I had an awesome bruise on one cheek from a very bad girl spanking, I think he was quite satisfied it was there! It was lovely to be able to feel that dull ache for a couple of days.

I prefer to have an odd bruise as opposed to that red glow which always fades minutes later and considerably sooner than the soreness fades! He sees it has gone, and starts over, but I STILL HURT!

I do not like seeing severe bruising. I think it looks awful, and photographs of people with cane marks really upset me, as do pictures and videos of really harsh spanking. Whatever floats your boat. I'm just saying that sort of thing sinks mine!

Ms. Betty: It depends on the marks. I don't like the look of bruises. It's my own odd quirk, but to my mind a bruise is an injury and I feel I've done something wrong if I leave one. And I just don't find their colors or shapes pleasing to the eye.

Welts, on the other hand, I quite like the look of. There's just something thrilling about all those lovely parallel lines.

Of course, a nice deep red that fades slowly is always nice, too.

Lea: Pictures of badly marked bottoms make me cringe. I don't like it on myself, but I'm a magic marker and turn colors easily. I wish I was someone who could get a lasting redness and soreness instead, but it's never been that way. I don't think leaving marks makes the spanking any more or less effective. I remember it either way. I've found that for a lot of tops, it is a turn-off to spank an already bruised bottom.

Alice: I do like to see marks on occasion, although they usually seem to disappear fairly quickly. I'm not exactly sure what feeling the marks produce in me - reminders of my vulnerability, His power, how it all felt? Whatever the feeling represents, it is very rewarding to see those marks in the mirror and I wish it could happen more often.

Just a Girl: I adore the marks and bruises. The boy was wary of them at first and concerned, but he's become comfortable with them and now looks for them. We both seem to want lasting evidence, so that I'll remember and carry that memory while we are apart. I don't mark easily, so it takes quite a bit to get there.

I will admit to quite often looking in the mirror to check the status of my marks and bruises! He also has a habit of checking my bottom the morning after to see what he's created.

JW: Since I don't have much time to look at my behind, it doesn't much matter to me whether I have marks or not. I don't mark easily and if I do, it fades quickly. One time after a spanking, I ended up with a strange pattern of small round bruises that were arranged in such a way around the edges that it literally looked like my bottom was encased in a pair of parentheses. We took a picture because it was so cool looking. We took another of an interesting pattern of welts from a switching. Hmmmm... I guess I do like a cool, interesting or pretty pattern.

Ronnie: I love having the reminder of marks after a spanking especially those lovely little cane lines. I don't like to see severe bruising.

Anon: I do not like to see bruising, and neither does he. A nice red glow is great though!

Beth: I love, love, love marks. It doesn't matter what kind of play they are from as long as they stay for at least a few days. I keep peeking at them every chance I get, and I'm sad when they finally go away.

Michael: I love to make my Season's bottom dark pink, and then rosy red, but I don't like leaving marks or bruises. I know lots of people like giving and receiving marks, but that does nothing for me and is actually a turn-off.

Bonnie: I don't know whether it's Randy's expert spanking technique or my tough old hide, but I very seldom mark. When marks do arise, we enjoy them while they last.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us. I hope to see you all again next weekend!

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