Saturday, May 28, 2011

MBS Spanko Brunch #280

Hello again, and welcome to our weekly gathering. Here in the US, it's the long Memorial Day weekend and the traditional start of summer (never mind that it's 46F and still raining at our house!). I hope all of your backyard barbecues, family picnics, parades, and outdoor spanking plans are a wonderful success.

This week, our topic was suggested by Beth. She wonders about people's thoughts regarding different spanking media.

There are more types of spanking-oriented content today than ever before:

                Audio podcasts
                Fictional stories
                Full length videos
                Pictorial sets
                Short video vignettes
                Written real life accounts

Of these choices, which do you most enjoy? Which would you like to consume more frequently. Which is the least effective for you? Which do you think is most helpful to people who are learning about adult consensual spanking? Which would you be most likely to create and share with others

To join our discussion, please enter your responses as a comment below. Once everyone has had their chance to speak, I will post an edited summary.


Bonnie said...

Voila! We have comments...

Michelle Carlyle said...

Tried earlier, but to no avail. Yay, you're back!!!

Um, here's my reply: All of the above.

And of course, I am partial to spanking fiction. Can't imagine why.

sixofthebest said...

The audio portion would not be an interest to me. All those other's are 'GO".

Anonymous said...

I enjoy written real life accounts the most.

bree512 said...

I enjoy pictorial sets the most only because I do not have enough time to do the others too much, it is quick and gets the job done. I feel like I get a quick emotional wallop and feelings I never know I had are brought to the surface often leaving me to ponder why, when, where and what about those feelings.

I would like to consume more writeen real life stories, but not enough time. sigh

The audio podcasts I think are most helpful to people who are learning about adult consensual spanking. These audio podcasts are actually helpful to all no matter what stage of experience you are in the spanking world, in my opinion. It has helped me tremendously. It's been there when I have needed to be set straight a few times or to be reassured.

Actually semi-biographical spanking stories would be what I most likely would create and share with others. The fiction stories have to come from some part of you, so to me that is part real. The real life spanking stories sometimes have to be spruced up a bit in my opinion. I think no one totally remembers every little detail before, during or after being spanked. Not only that you have to also be inside the head of the other characters to make a good story. So yeah....Semi-biographical spanking stories is what I like to call it...would be my forte. I am working on a book right now. Do not know if I will have the time to do this ever. Maybe, when I have writer's block for the other story, I might try it.

Spanking Blogs...what about spanking blogs. It seems so time consuming and too much of a responsiblity to me. If I could do it without having to worry about answering people or worring about snakes in the grass maybe I would do it. Not sure. Maybe sometime in the future. Who knows.

I love all the other items on the list also....but I like being spanked in person the best. Nothing can replace that.

Sorry, I always expound too much. Blah!

Seems to me I was the only one so far to snswer all you questions. Just thought I would point that out. See this is another reason I would hesitate on doing a blog. That would frustrate me. Not enough patience.

Sorry I do not mean to offend anyone. I would delete it, but it just goes to show some of the reasons of why I hesitate on doing a blog. That includes me having bad manners.


Mockingbird said...

Guess I prefer the written word: I love real life accounts and fictional stories. Although I do enjoy the artsy kind of bondage/spanking photos.

Lea said...

Which do you most enjoy? Which would you like to consume more frequently?

I love reading blogs and real life accounts as well as fictional stories. It's always interesting to hear another take on things.

Which is the least effective for you?

I don't watch videos or look at pics much. I've never listened to a podcast before, not sure where to even find one.

Which do you think is most helpful to people who are learning about adult consensual spanking?

I don't know that any one thing is more helpful, but I've learned a lot in reading blogs on other's stories and spanking forums about various subjects.

Which would you be most likely to create and share with others?

You won't be seeing any pics/videos of me so I'd say r/l as well as fictional stories. I've shared a few on my blog already.


I vote for audio podcasts.

I would like to do more reading but limited time to spend at a computer every day reduces my ability to commit to too much on screen literary indulgence.

I've been a fan of the spoken word, since I discovered BBC radio four, when I was a child. Being a bit of an outdoorsy type it is convenient to put some podcasts on my MP3 player and listen to them when I am out and about doing other things. The Masocast does some very good interviews.

The downside of this is that there is often a time gap between podcasts being available and getting to listen to them and it is a bit pointless leaving comments for the pod casters by then. I do hope that pod casters are not put off by the lack of reaction to their work.


Daisychain said...

Written real life accounts are my absolute favourite.
Fictional stories would come second; but I like the ones which COULD be real life; that is, I can fantasise them actually happening....I find stories that could not be real, eg are way ott or ridiculous or are gratuitous and make no sense, just irritate me! Instead of enjoying reading, my mind picks holes in the content!!!
Full length videos... I like these again to be believable; see above. One in particular sticks in my mind as an amazing vid, it was pixie in "the anxiety of the girl waiting".
I also don't like to see intimate parts on show, or excessive force/marks/bruising...fussy wotsit, aren't I??!
Pictorial sets don't really do it for me. Unless they are very tastefully done.
Short video vignettes... OK, I look at youtube occasionally, haha, but again they have to follow my strict codes above(!) or I switch them off feeling more annoyed than inspired!!
Artwork... sometimes great, but again, I like the tasteful ones that leave most to the imagination... and the cute, fun ones. Ronnie always finds great artwork, as does Hermione!
Audio podcasts.. have to be last on my list as I have never experienced these!
Glad you managed to sort the "comments" section, Bonnie, couldn't get it to work earlier, it seems I was not alone and a Bonnie's Brunch with no comments would have been so sad!!!

Velvet said...

I enjoy short real life accounts and stories. I also love erotic art and pictures. We are all individuals so I think it's important for there to be a variety of genres out there. Personally, long wordy blogs lose my interest fast unless they are very well written. My blog is generally real life events and erotic black and white photos, but I try to steer away from being overly graphic.

Velvet <3

Anonymous said...

Most enjoyable: Velvet's blog is a great example: Real life events told brilliantly and illustrated with art gallery quality erotic photos.
Least: spanking videos, except those of Zelle demonstrating London Tanner products.
To learn about spanking, I find this blog and Lea's Corner to be excellent sources of information. For example, Lea's blog post on safe words was exceptionally well done.
Zelle's blog is also very informative and often so hilarious.
Fortunately, there are a wide variety of blog styles and intelligent and clever bloggers.
Thanks to all of you.

KayLynn/ExMoWife said...

Time's a commodity I lack these daze! But I love blogs and need the wisdom/commiseration. Next is fiction w complex characters & plots. Evoking artwork is great (deviant art's a great venue). Least fav are vids - most lack complexity (likely due to production cash - taking up collections anyone? ;) Thanks for tip on podcasts. Any "graphica" loses me. Btw good creative question.

Here's hoping you have an improved weather Bonnie! Head south, the sun misses you.

Raven Red said...

Artwork - definitely yes. Lots of creative and talented people out there that can portray in an image more than what words can.

Audio podcasts - have listened to a couple, and did find them enjoyable, however, I am not the biggest fan of audio podcasts.

Fictional stories - Definitely love this. A Voice in the Corner and Michelle Carlyle's blogs are some of my favourite visiting places.

Full length videos - not really a fan or enjoy them. Same thing over and over most of the time.

Pictorial sets - if it is good photography, definitely yes.

Short video vignettes - Prefer this over the full lenght videos.

Written real life accounts - Most definitely love this.

To the share and create question - I am very honest in my blog about what happens to me, my emotions etc. I love using images and even did try once or twice to write some fiction. Video, some serious consideration has been given to that...(GRIN)



Hermione said...

From the available choices, I most enjoy written real-life accounts, with fiction a close second. I also like artwork like cartoons and sketches.

I would like to read more real-life accounts by my favourite blogger.

For me, the least effective are audio podcasts and videos. When a blogger I visit regularly does one - for a special reason or on an occasional basis - then I will listen or watch. But as a general rule I avoid them. They are time-consuming to download, and because of limited privacy I have to keep the sound turned off on my computer most of the time. Pictorial sets are of no interest to me when they are the only means of communication on a blog.

As for choosing a useful learning tool, that would be determined on the learning style of the audience. It might be any of the methods mentioned, depending on personal preference. For beginners, some of the videos and pictures might b too extreme or frightening.

Personally, I am most likely to create real-life accounts and the odd piece of fiction, because writing is the medium I am comfortable with.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I enjoy all forms. The media is not what makes it for me, it's the content of the media. Some creative types merge two or more media to make excellent presentations.

What makes it special for me, is when it's personalized. We have all seen spanked bottoms. I like to know a little about them.

I just watched the audio clip of Zelle. Very cute and more than audio.

New to me is this couple who share things about themselves in addition to some tasteful pictures.

Waiting for Trantino's spanking movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm only interested in videos.
Unfortunately very little realistic stuff is being produced.
They all use the same fake hairbrush!

Jane said...

I love real life stories. I remember first discovering My Bottom Smarts, and after I figured out how the whole blog thing worked (archives, etc.), eagerly reading all the real life stories! occasionally Bonnie drops a hint that another may be coming up, that makes me happy.

Season said...

Real life accounts and fictional stories top the list for me. Reading draws me in and I can really feel the experience of it all - physically, emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even spiritually.

Even in the vanilla world I always enjoy the book better than the movie. :-)

ronnie said...

For me it's the written word, reading about real accounts followed by fictional stories. I do like tasteful artwork.

My least the audio podcasts and videos.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I've tried to comment here a few times over the past few months and have had troubles. Glad this time I can comment.

I am especially fond of erotic artwork blogs and I like real life accounts also and these are the blogs I read frequently. I think that if one is limited to online learning, the best way to learn about spanking is a combination of all of these though. I have a preference for having a workshop at a kink event when it comes to learning kinky skills though. Its an experiential way of learning and that usually is the best way.

Uncle Nick said...

What do I like the most? The interviews that I conduct are right up there at the top of my list. I love to record a real girl talking about a real experience, like this one that I did just the other day, and then run it on my blog.

In second place would be the newspaper reports that I turn up from time to time.

Pink said...

I'm a fan of real-life accounts, delivered in a short, concise (yet eloquent) manner. There are so many blogs that I count as "favorites" and I have limited reading time with my full-time job and other responsibilities.

I wish I had more time to read spanking fiction. I very rarely read lengthy stories online; if I am reading anything of length, it's a book that is non-spanking related ('cuz a girl has to have balance).

I do like videos, if they are realistic and not too harsh. I don't enjoy excessive humiliation or marks in videos.

I am a visual person, so love photos and artwork. I spend a lot of time looking for photos to use on my blog and have a huge collection on my computer. We joke that I'm a pornographer -- but most of the photos are tasteful (some are super raunchy for days when I need more dirt).

As far as video vignettes and audio, I typically don't watch or listen to these. I much rather leave it to my imagination.

I sometimes wish I had a clone that could spend all day online reading, watching, and listening. Until we get that technology, though, I unfortunately must be selective.

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