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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 6

Our topic of the week was counting. Here's what you had to say...

Uncle Nick: Nope, never, and I never even thought to do that. I think it has more to do with caning than spanking and I prefer to put the recalcitrant over my knee to bring them to heel.

One thing I do is alternate the spanking with the lecture. I started doing this about seven years ago in Cuba, mainly because I was sweating. It gave me a chance to rest, but I must admit that I quite like it.

On Her Knee: Rarely. If I'm the one being spanked, it is annoying. I've been known to lose count if there are some particularly hard smacks. This becomes very frustrating with the automatic restart.

Six of the Best: For punishment spankings, I ask the naughty lady to count out the cane strokes. For romantic interludes, I count in the swats in silence, given with a paddle or hairbrush.

Hermione: Ron has counted silently on occasion, during my birthday spanking and the time we did 24/7 (twenty-four swats from each of seven implements). I have never had to count, and it isn't a part of our regular play, but that's not to say we may not try it some day.

Heather: I have had to count in the past, and sometimes J counts them out while delivering them. But it's not something that happens regularly. I don't particularly like it because I focus more on the count than the actual spanking. I find it harder to let go and really feel my emotions when I'm focused on anything besides the spanking.

Raven Red: Having to count the strokes aloud? Ye gods. Isn't corner time enough?

Fred Bloggs: I've never been a counter, as a top or bottom. I don't really see the point. It's about spanking, not maths!

Scunge: I HATE counting! Counting is usually done during discipline sessions. I think he does that so I will stay focused. But it's hard to go into subspace when you are counting.

There is one counting thing he does for fun. He says, “OK, you are getting 22.” Then he starts counting, “5, 2, 10, 9...” This totally cracks me up. Sometimes, he even says the right number at the right time, but not often. I count PROPERLY in my head. He rarely gets the right count this way, but it is fun. ;)

Xantu: I have never been directed to count. The only time I tried it, Master took it as a challenge to vary the frequency in order to deliberately mess me up. Obviously, counting was not part of his plan.

Indy: I never particularly mind counting. Sometimes I find that it makes the scene hotter. I particularly like to be made to count if I'm playing hard with a new partner or pushing my limits in some way. It gives me some control of the pace without feeling like I'm in control. It also gives my partner a good feel for how I'm doing. That makes it feel safer and makes me less likely to panic, a feeling I don't enjoy in spanking play.

Velvet: I've never been asked to count spanking or flogging, only caning. Usually, he tells me how many I am to receive and I count silently. Sometimes, he tests me by saying the wrong number. The count usually does not matter as there will be extras for making a sound, too much movement, a mis-landed stroke (hardly under my control!) or just because my bottom is too tempting or provocative.

Darling C: I've never been made to count strokes. I don't think I would enjoy it. Would I do it? If I were told to do so. But if I had a choice? NO WAY. I think it would be a distraction.

I had to do corner time once where every so often He would ask me how long I'd been in the corner or how long I had left in the corner. It was very distracting and I don't think I got the number right once. And I couldn't even remember why I was sent to the corner. I'd probably get distracted, lose count and have to start again.

Michelle Carlyle: I don't like counting. We've never done it. I like an organic, lusty, spontaneous spanking. And I never know how many strokes it will take to make me come. Sometimes it's a lot, sometimes one or two. But I think counting would distract me and make the thing more clinical or something.

Little Butterfly: He makes me count during discipline sessions. I don't much like it because I often lose track. Plus, it keeps me strictly in the here and now instead of letting me drift into sub-space... That is probably the point.

Make Mine Red: We've never tried counting. I'd be willing, but I really prefer a faster pace than that allows. One time for a birthday spanking, we both counted silently. I don't know which of us lost count, but I think I got more than my age! That was OK with me though. :)

Curtis: The only counting I've engaged in was part of birthday spankings. I have a friend with whom I meet twice a year to celebrate her birthday and mine. She likes me to hand spank her for the years she has lived and the current year, as in 2011 (doing that right takes a bit of counting). I have also given and received a factorial birthday spanking – that is one spank for one, two spanks for two, until you reach the correct age. This technique also requires a bit of overt counting.

Zelle: I hate counting! I lose my "I'm being spanked buzz." ROFL This is otherwise known as, "That headspace I'm getting into on my way to subspace-ville." LOL

On a side note, with my Top, as the spanking nears an end and since the progression has gone from hand to an array of implements, it seems that he always leaves one implement (belt, strap, or a wooden paddle I dread) until the very last. He's a teensy bit sadistic that way. LOL Anyhow, he says, "We will now be counting these ten swats, young lady." To which I say, "Hey? What's this "WE" stuff!" I am then told, "That will now be fifteen swats we'll be counting. Is there anything else you'd care to add?"

The moral of this story is that I don't mind counting at the end. THAT'S JUST HOT! (in more ways than one!) LOL

Annapurna: I'm usually the one to request the counting. It slows the pace and adds ceremony to the proceedings. But counting or not, I'm still able to reach subspace and speak at the same time. However, while counting, my voice has an other world, trance-like quality.

Lea: It's not often, but I've had to count strokes during a spanking. I have no strong feelings about doing it. If it's part of a discipline spanking, it keeps my mind engaged in what's happening and not wandering to "huh, I need to vacuum in here later." LOL

Our Bottoms Burn: We sometimes count the final paddle swats, but more often we don't. Bacall silently counts whenever I tell her how many I will be giving. I guess she wants to make sure they are all delivered. More often, however, there is no set number.

Prefectdt: I enjoy counting, especially cane strokes. It seems to add a nice slow metronomic element to the caning. I can also state that this is the most effective way to learn to count in another language.

Dana Wagner: My hubby and I don't count, because our spankings are always the fun/sexy kind. Previously, though, I have been spanked in a disciplinary setting. Then, I counted the final paddle swats after a thorough spanking. I had to ask for each one (“May I have the first one, Tim?”) and thank him after for each one. This formality served as a kind of a humiliation factor like corner time in the discipline setting.

Hobbes: I don't count aloud, but there is usually a stated number before the spanking begins and sometimes even a negotiated number. So we count, just not aloud. Sometimes, our silent counts seem not to agree. It's kind of like those little arithmetic errors in the check book. The differences seem to cancel out in the long run, so arguing the case would not be wise anyway.

DD: I'm amazed. There are so few countings!

During a punishment spanking, I am always expected to count. Not spanks or paddle strokes, but cane strokes. It focuses me, although sometimes he helps.

Anon: Now that my wife has started to spank me on a regular basis, she tends to get carried away. This is, of course, a good/bad thing as she paddles me very hard. However, by counting silently, I can deal with the fire in my buns much easier. I know that after about fifty blistering smacks, endorphins kick in and the target area gets numb. After this happens, I can "enjoy" the rest of the spanking.

Bonnie: My answer hasn't changed much over four years. We still employ counting occasionally to add to the ritualistic feeling of a spanking.

One in a while, Randy asks, “Would you like to count or shall I do it?” This is a no-win scenario, at least for me. If he counts, he routinely under-counts the swats. However, if I count, he makes certain that I mess up and earn extras. Either way, I get a whole bunch more than the advertised number.

Thanks to everyone who added their experience and insight to our brunch. I hope you'll join us again next weekend!

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