Saturday, February 19, 2011

MBS Spanko Brunch #266

Happy weekend and welcome back, everyone!

Several years ago, our good friend Hermione adopted this motto:

          From there to here,
          From here to there,
          Spanking things are everywhere!

If you follow her blog, as I think most MBS readers do, you will encounter a bountiful supply of spanko references in otherwise vanilla contexts.

This raises an intriguing question suggested by RosieBee.

Are there really spanking references everywhere or is this simply a reflection of our biased perspective?

To join our conversation, please enter your answer in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has had their chance to respond, I will post an edited summary of our discussion.


xantu said...

Hmmm... I don't know if it was always there, is really there or if I wear spanking colored glasses these days. But now just about anything with a handle is looked at speculatively and assessed for spanking potential. (And, at times, embarrassingly 'tested out' in the store aisle.) Other people's relationships are analyzed for relative power exchange. Scenes from movies where the uppity female protagonist is tipped over a lap and swatted soundly is met with new appreciation and applause.

lunaKM said...

I think innuendo is everywhere depending on your frame of mind and life experiences. That's why kinky people can pick up kinky references, spankos can pick up spanking references and they sexually obsessed see and hear sex everywhere.

We always take our own experiences and use those to interpret the world around us, so if we are a spanko, we'll see these things around us; even if they really are unrelated.

Raven Red said...

In the period where I was trying to ignore the spanking side of my personality, I was still very aware of spanking references around me. Leather belts, wooden spoons, rulers - these were things that I was very "uncomfortable" to be around with.

Currently however, after embracing that part of me, spanking references are everywhere. I even attended a lecture and landed up wondering if the man is a spanker!

However, I do think that what is important to us on a personal and intimate level, is what we inevitably will be seeing and subconsiously will be looking for in the world around us.

Rayne said...

My friends see a low wall to sit on, I see something at the perfect height for bending over... My family sees a kitchen-ware store, I see a veritable smorgasbord of delightful implements... My non-spanko lovers of the past have seen a sexual advance, while I was communicating a need for a spanking...

I think it is absolutely true that these things are always here, and that our own personal frames of reference shape them into what we see.

This is true of most of our observed and imagined world -- not just when pertaining to spanking references. When I am hungry, I look at an orange and see something potentially good to eat, while someone who is angry may look at the same orange and see something potentially good to throw. :D The world is ours to create! :D

Thank you for this thought-provoking post!

Daisychain said...

Yes, all these things are always around us; but, only those who are so oriented will see them, as others have said. People have always worn belts; used wooden spoons etc in the kitchen, had trees/bushes (full of switches!) in their gardens, used bathbrushes to wash and hairbrushes to brush hair... but to vanillas, that is their us spankos, there is another purpose entirely!!!
So, the question isn't really an either/or; it is more of a statement of fact.
They are always there; we see them BECAUSE of our spanking biased perspective, that doesn't make them any LESS there just because others don't recognise the references!! xxxxxx

Uncle Nick said...

Well, I managed to put a spanking reference in a newspaper just today. I left a comment on the Daily Telegraph's website in which I said that a woman in the story needed to be taken in hand. My meaning was clear, and if it wasn't my Twitter silhouette should have made it so. At the timer of writing six people have recommended my comment!

Hermione said...

Bonnie, I'm flabbergasted! Thank you for the shout-out! Yes indeed, many of my readers arrive via MBS.

I think it's all a matter of perspective. If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you're a spanko, and especially if you are under pressure to create daily spanking-related posts, then you wear your spanking filters and see spanking possibilities everywhere. It's so much fun!


sixofthebest said...

How many times have you heard people use the word phrase 'spanking new', in conversations. Such as I just bought a 'spanking' new car. a A 'spanking' new dishwasher. My wife just delivered the family a 'spanking' new baby boy, or girl. Etc, etc, etc.

Emanuele Lombardi said...

I do think that spanko references are everywhere but having spanko colored glasses myself I can see the more subtle ones put there by like minded creative people.


Anonymous said...

Spanking references are everywhere to some just as bondage references are everywhere to others. It's all viewed an individuals perception and personally I love the view!

OnHerKnee said...

There are references and pervertables everywhere. Funny, it didn't seem to be that way until I became a card carrying spanko.

Without any attempt to eavesdrop, and with basic poor hearing in one of my ears I still manage to pickup keywords in a crowd.

My fine lady and I went out for an hour or so on Valentines Day, I heard a woman laughing as she commented "...But he won't let me whip him..." Now, she could have been talking about games of chess, but somehow I supect their games aren't quite so boring. As we were leaving I asked her "Did you say he won't let you whip him?" Her reply was "Yeah, he won't let me cuff and whip him..." I laughed and said "Well then put on the heels and garter belt, he'' come around".

MarQe's Study said...

I certainly think people even with the faintest interest in Spanking will often drop a reference into an otherwise vanilla conversation. I must admit I do it myself with my Vanilla friends. I threatened to take my mates wife across my kneein jest once & her eyes sparkled and she asked, "Is that a promise?" .... I'm sure she was more than curious, sadly I never did find out !

Mark1959 said...

Just envision the scene: every man around you whipping off his belt, then doubling it over in his hands... and loop it back through afterwards, once having gone through with "it."
"It" is security stuff at your friendly airport, of course, what did you think?.
However, are you wired to feel faint and then aroused when seing a male do that with his belt, or have you read it stated somewhere that there are those who do?
Well then, that shows the answer is somewhere between Yes and No.
Yes, for when you filter it through your kink.
No, because there are just too many opportunities for random associations around us.
How about the sports commentators' vocabulary: "whip," "beat," "spank," "flog," "thrash" - just some of their pronouncements. Do you think that if they were all spankos, would they be so free with placing these words? Then again, I don't hear women sportscasters use the same words, so who knows?!
Another thought - maybe Yes, there are signs everywhere: I mean, 2/3 of the cooking implements at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond cannot possibly be used for cooking, but only for striking soft defenseless surfaces, so who knows...

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