Saturday, November 13, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #252

Welcome back, everyone! The artwork above was created by the wonderful Kami Tora and appeared at the Cherry Red Report. For me, it depicts a perfect moment. All of the world's troubles are, for that instant, simply gone. I've been that girl and I love all of the emotions and sensations captured here.

Have you experienced a perfect moment through spanking? If so, what made it special? If not, how do you envision your perfect moment?

I hope you will share your thoughts and experiences by entering them as a comment below. One everyone has had their chance to speak, I will post an edited summary.


Michael said...

Bonnie, that drawing by the amazing Kami Tora does capture the perfect moment, and Season and I have had similar moments. They are perfect because I am holding my well-spanked girl on my lap forgiving her, kissing her, caressing her. We are serene and all our troubles have flowed away leaving two happy and content people with an ever growing love.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie - the perfect moment for me came the first time I cried openly during a spanking, and B accepted and encouraged my tears. I've not been the same man since, nor the same partner and lover, for her acceptance of my sharing such raw emotions deepened my love for her immensely.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I've had that perfect moment. I keep going back, in my mind, to the punishment spanking turned play with M a few weeks ago. There was so much that needed to be 'addressed' so he decided to give me one long strapping and paddling that would serve as both punishment and maintenance. It was hard, and I struggled to take it, but I did. And at the end I had that "just give up and cry" kind of feeling. I was still sobbing into the pillow when I heard him put the paddle down and felt him reach between my legs ... tears streaming down my face and him completely manipulating my "lady parts." *blush* I've never had THAT experience before. It was hot, and it was kind of hard for my mind to process, so I just let go.
And then I ASKED for the big, bad wooden paddle. I NEVER do that. Ever. Like take NEVER and multiply that by infinity and that's how often I ask for that implement. He was paddling me with it and simultaneously rubbing me *there* (for a sex/spanking blogger I sure can't say THAT word, huh?), and I wanted him to keep going but he finally said, "Baby, if I don't stop you're going to bleed." I was FLOORED. I was in such a beautiful, blissed out state that I had no idea I had even *marked* much less had bruises/welts.
The way we laid together afterwards - both of us totally spent - and my bottom FINALLY hurting again (lol) -- I felt completely at peace with the world, and totally connected to this man who protects, cares for and punishes me. I have never felt more lucky.
Sorry this is so long, Bonnie. Guess I'm still a little over-the-moon. :)


Season said...

Michael captured our perfect moment in his comment - pure bliss! There is one other moment that I think comes close to this for me. It is when he is still holding me over his lap, but the spanking has stopped and he is just resting his hand on my bottom. Something about that feeling gets me every time.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

There is often a perfect moment for me while a spanking is underway. I am enveloped in physical sensations that occupy my attention and make me forget the cares of life. My mind is filled with the joyful realization that my partner and I are both actively engaged in doing what we love: spanking and being spanked. There is a beautiful oneness about it that persists after the activity ends.


Marie Haynes said...

I've rather given up on submissiveness, but still enjoy a good spanking. Once during a pleasure spanking I lost myself. Truly lost myself and all the stress and worry and trauma of daily life. I zoned and floated and felt free. All that existed was my ass beneath his hand and all I wanted was more.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, what a great question this week, I love reading everyone's answers!

I've experienced two spanking moments that I would call perfect. I've described them both on my blog, in a depth I couldn't go into here. One being this: and the other:

Both were very different, but I think for me the key is a proper mental build-up followed by a spanking which is quite firm, but also slow enough and careful enough not to push me too far too fast.

I imagine it sort of like a line graph charting strength vs. speed. Too light and slow and you fall under the line of the graph, too hard and too fast and you're thrown over it. Just the right combination and you float along it.


Ms. Betty said...

We've definitely had a spanking-related perfect moment.

pc really ought to be telling this but as he doesn't do the 'web thing' I'll try to relate it.

Early in our relationship he went on an afternoon golf outing. He doesn't play very often and by his own admission he's not much of a golfer. In his terms, he has a hook that could catch sharks. :)

He hit the ball and then watched in horror as it turned in the air, heading straight for a nearby house. (Please tell me why people think it's a good idea to live actually ON golf courses.)

As it flew, his thought was not how embarrassing this shot was, not how much his associates would tease him, not even the cost of the window he was sure he was about to break. What he thought was "if I break that window I am going to be in for a very serious spanking."

It was the first time he realized this was all "real", that his actions out there in the world were going to have consequences. He would answer for things.

It still took us awhile from there, but that was the moment when he started thinking ahead and the possible consequences of an at began to influence his behavior.

Ms. Betty

Mistress160 said...

It's funny, I often achieve that moment when my hand gives out and I can neither spank with it, nor get my fingers to curl around anything to continue.... *grin*

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