Saturday, September 25, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #245

Happy weekend! Thanks to everyone who stopped by for our anniversary celebration. I truly appreciate your support and kind words.

Befitting the occasion, this week's brunch question is a classic from 2006.

Do you employ stress relief spankings in your relationship? If so, how do they differ from other spankings and what benefits do you derive from them?

If you would like to participate (and I hope you will!), all you need to do is enter your response in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has had an opportunity to answer, I will post an edited summary.


Anonymous said...

Yes we do use spanking for stress relief. The main difference would be that I ask for it, rather than am 'sentenced' to it! lol. I also get to choose the implement and position which is never allowed when it is for discipline purposes. I can also say when it is enough. So I guess I have more power in the situation. There are times when my partner will tell me that I need a stress relief spanking - I usually agree.

Hermione said...

I like to be spanked when I am feeling stressed, and the benefit is either reduction or elimination of said stress.

The spanking itself isn't any different, although my mindset is. I am expecting to be purged of my inner turmoil, so that's usually the result. It also sometimes happens that I may request a stress-relief spanking during the week rather than wait for our regularly-scheduled weekend session.

spankedbywife said...

Oh Yes! We utilize a 'Notice of Discipline' form (much like a 'Detention Notice' still used in many schools) where my Lady can issue a Notice anytime she feels like I have earned a spanking.

However, I too, can fill one out and hand it to my Lady when I feel I need a 'stress-relief' spanking.

Its sort of a variation on the classic Dorthea Spencer Spanking Plan!

Not My Original Vows said...

I think stress reliever spankings rate with GG's. When I receive a stress reliever it helps release all that pent up crap I was storing away. All seems right again. It differs from the other spankings, because you usually ask for these types of your choice.


Anonymous said...

All of our spanking are stress relievers... I usually have to ask to be spanked as my wife is not into it as much as I. This weekend she did start the process by bringing the implements to our couch. So maybe she is getting the hang of this fun time...


I am not currently in a relationship but I would say that nearly all the spankings that I receive result in greater stress avoidance rather than relief. The spankings help me cope better with life, have a better chance of seeing a stressful situation coming before it arrives and can therefore plan for it and reduce the stress that any situation can cause.


Bonnie said...

For Randy and me, stress relief spankings are somewhat distinct in purpose and execution. Often, he decides that a stress relief spanking is necessary. I almost always comply because history has demonstrated that he is usually correct. Occasionally, I will ask.

I am usually positioned over furniture like the back of the couch. Sometimes, I will lie on the bed over a pile of pillows. In any case, it's not OTK. I associate that position with connection and ultimately, with erotic spankings. For stress relief, I want to be alone in my own head for a while. The spanking itself is always on my bare skin from the beginning. There may be a warm-up, but it doesn't last very long. Randy typically employs a heavy percussive implement like a wooden paddle or brush.

I need this sort of spanking to hurt. The immediate, intense pain is what it takes to reboot my emotions. The actual spanking can be fairly brief in duration (though it may seem endless to me while it's happening). When Randy determined the harsh medicine has had the desired effect, he gathers me up and embraces me. We usually make love, but sometimes not until later.

After a stress relief spanking, I feel light and energetic for at least the next day. I smile easily and aggravate slowly. Given the option, I'll gladly choose a throbbing backside over a worried head every time!

Anonymous said...

Though I am new, I have found that almost any spanking helps relieve some sort of stress. I don't sure I understand the "why's" yet, but I know some of what I feel.
Wolfsmate said...

I feel amazing after a stress-relief spanking, all purged and cleansed and ready to take on more for the week.

It doesn't differ much from a "good girl" spanking except that he stops when he senses my complete relaxation. It sometimes lasts longer or shorter, depending on what's on my mind.

The funny thing is, I usually don't recognize that a spanking is what's needed. Dr. D prescribes and administers them as he sees fit -- and he hasn't been wrong so far!

Loki said...

Stress Relief Spankings are something that I would like to do with my wife and my housemate. There are many times when that would be needed, as we three are at most times pretty stressed out due to our jobs and such.

Marie said...

In my current relationship, stress relief is the only form of spanking, aside from foreplay, we engage in. The difference between the two is that foreplay leads to more and stress relief are rather stand alone, although often lead to cuddling. Their goal is a release though. My partner doesn't feel comfortable with the punishment aspects of things but that's ok, because I have someone to take care of that :)

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