Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keyword Chaos: Mowing the Lawn Edition

Keyword Chaos is a feature where we examine some of the search words that readers use to find MBS.
  • bdsm vacation destinations - I picture a genuine Eastern European dungeon

  • best spanking implent - I read that Kim Kardashian has those

  • bonnie luv lap dance - Yeah, but I do my lap dancing face down

  • bought new underwear for spanking - I've done it more than once

  • captain lightfoot over his knee - That's what happens when you wreck the boat

  • controlling teen wife spanking - Who stole the batteries from the remote?

  • daisy rock being spanked - Dwayne Johnson's sister perhaps?

  • did husbands spank their wives? - Those bottoms didn't get pink all on their own

  • first time Russian spanking - I think your cane smells like cabbage

  • flaming bottom paddle - Hey, why else would it be sitting right next to the fireplace?

  • food old fashioned bare bottom spanking - Ow, not rubarb!

  • girl spanked in dieper position - I've changed a few like that one before

  • good spank safewords - Avoid “ow,” “no,” “stop,” and “you bastard”

  • granny panties spanked - You say that like it's a bad thing...

  • I just got a bare bottom spanking am a 10yro girl ow - Except when you're the tooth fairy

  • I like having my butt - As opposed to having a random stranger's butt, or perhaps no butt at all?

  • I love my thick round rump plump thick bubble butt butted round - How do you get all that into one pair of pants?

  • I take my bikini off - You have to wash it sometime

  • I'm pretty happy with who I am - Hooray for pharmaceuticals

  • Kailee spanking temperature - Warm, I'm sure

  • marriage romance hairbrush - Though not necessarily in that order

  • metalbound - How on Earth did this word bring someone to my blog?

  • my husband loves my big butt - And he cannot lie

  • my pc won't run eliss9 - Huh?

  • naught nude wife spanking - Spanking naught is naught spanking

  • ow to become a male spanking model - Yes, that's precisely how it works

  • pine spanking paddles - Pine paddles break. Go for the hardwoods

  • Pixie a real spanko - She's definitely one of us

  • prefer to be spanked - Yeah, me too

  • prepare for sexual spanking class - I can't wait to see the midterm

  • puritan wife spanking - Her scarlet letter was a double O

  • quotes for freshman spanking paddle - It's not hazing if you enjoy it

  • random urge #1.254.854 - Sure, why not?

  • remaining composed during a spanking - Good luck with that plan

  • sex with a doll psychiatry - Quackery I say!

  • she inserts the butt plug and continues to cane my sore bottom - I wonder if it affects her follow through?

  • spank me - I don't think a search engine can do that

  • spanking letters poker - Are we talking about the card game or the fireplace tool?

  • spanking paddle sayings - “The hard way”

  • spanking posicions - Those can be dangerous if disturbed

  • spanking tutotorial - Tuto too?

  • spankings hurt a lot - So how long have you worked as a detective?

  • spankink 101 - I like that word!

  • speeding machine law public spanking wheel curtain paddle crowd tickets - Yes, I'd pay to see that

  • strapon spank husband - There must be an easier way

  • teenage tongue depressor - This wood doesn't come from trees

  • whipple implement for spanking - OK, OK, I won't squeeze the Charmin

  • why do girls become spanking models? - Because it's something they want to try

  • why do I want to be spanked? - If you have no idea, how can we possibly know?


Hermione said...

"Ow, not rubarb!" LOL We never thought of using it for that purpose. Great idea.

Congratulations for being Chrossed this week!


Anonymous said...

Bonniiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! These Keyword Chaos columns must cease. I'm disturbing my neighbors again with my howls of laughter! :-D

Anonymous said...

These cracked me up~thanks for the laugh!

"Make Mine Red"

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Don't you other readers think Bonnie would be a hoot hosting a late night talk show? Wicked humor. I would watch.

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